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The Ed Show for Wednesday,November 19th, 2014

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November 19, 2014

Guest: Luis Gutierrez, Annette Taddeo, Nelson Dias, Emanuel Cleaver,
Shelton Whitehouse, Jean Kleeb


going to be announcing here from the White House some steps I can take to
start fixing our broken immigration system.

REP. SCOTT WALKER, (R) WISCONSIN: The President talked years ago about the
audacity of hope to the audacity of the power grab.

SEN. HARRY REID, (D-NY) MAJORITY LEADER: Reagan, Bush and Bush they`ve
done it and we didn`t hear a single word come from the Republican.

OBAMA: Everybody knows they`re there. We`re not going to deport all of

saying he`s not emperor.

OBAMA: My position hasn`t change.

KELLY: That of 2014 and the President could be just days if not hours away
from executive action...

OBAMA: ... as I continued to work with Congress and encourage them to get
a bipartisan comprehensive bill...


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching.

Well the President said he was he was going to do it, now he`s going to do
it. We start to night with major news on immigration. Earlier today
President Obama said that he will announce executive action on immigration


OBAMA: Tomorrow night, I`m going to be announcing here from the White
House some steps I can take to start fixing our broken immigration system.

Everyone agrees that our immigration system is broken. Unfortunately,
Washington has allowed the problem to fester for too long. And so what I`m
going to be laying out are the things that I can do with my lawful
authority as president to make the system work better, even as I continue
to work with Congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan comprehensive
bill that can solve the entire problem.


SCHULTZ: The President will make his announcement tomorrow night at 8:00
P.M. we`ll have coverage here on MSNBC.

Then on Friday, the President is going to hold a news conference at a rally
in Las Vegas with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. On Tuesday, Senator
Reid told reports he wants the President to do everything he can on


REID: When the President decides to do his executive order, he should go
big, as big as he can. And there`s precedent for him going back to the
Eisenhower administration to do something just like this.


SCHULTZ: So bulk of what the President is going to do in his executive
action, he is expected to allow up to 5 million undocumented immigrants to
stay and work in the United States legally.

House Speaker John Boehner released a statement ahead of the President`s
announcement saying, "If Emperor Obama ignores the American people and
announces an amnesty plan that he himself has said over and over again
exceeds constitutional authority. He will cement his legacy of lawlessness
and ruin the changes for Congressional action on this issue and many

Well, what is that mean? John Boehner I think has made it clear that he
will use all options available to stop President Obama on this action.


REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH) HOUSE SPEAKER: This is the wrong way to govern.
This is exactly what the American people said on Election Day they didn`t
want. And so, all the options are on the table. We`re having discussions
with out members and there are no discussions that made as to how we will
fight this if he proceeds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A government funding bill could have that strict
language, you`re leaving that option opened?

BOEHNER: All options are on the table. We`re going to have conversation
with our members, and when we have a decision we`ll let you know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You said before, though, a government shutdown should
be off the table. A government shutdown is not good for the party. Why
not take it off the table now?

BOEHNER: Our goal here is to stop the President from violating his own
oath of office and violating the constitution. It`s not to shutdown the


SCHULTZ: It sounds to me like a government shutdown is on the table over
immigration. Many House Republicans are already using the threat,
Louisiana Congressman John Fleming told the Associated Press. He`s sick of
people criticizing shutdowns rather than saying, "Hey, this could be a good
way of holding the President`s feet to the fire".

Fleming went on to say, his constituents, "Want us to use every tool
available to us stop, or in some way limit, executive amnesty." They think
it`s unlawful, it`s unconstitutional, to them it`s shocking.

He`s not alone, Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland said, "I don`t think
anybody wants a shutdown, but you`ve got to play the cards you`re dealt. I
don`t think that is off the table at all". Texas Congressman Lamar Smith
told the Associated Press, "If the government is shutdown, it will be
because the President perhaps vetoes a bill. But that will be the
President shutting it down not congress."

So it sounds to me like a shutdown is on the table for certain House
Republicans. Meanwhile Canadian Senator Ted Cruz who resides in Texas is
already playing the shutdown game blame game. Cruz wrote in op-ed today,
"President Obama will no doubt threaten a shutdown. That seems to be the
one card he repeatedly plays. But Congress can authorize funding for
agencies of government one at a time."

So what is that mean? Democrats are already returning fire on offense.
Harry Reid had no problem calling our Republicans on their radical threats.


REID: It remains to be seen whether the Republican leaders, both in the
Senate and in the House will stand up to their own caucus members who are
threatening to shut down the government if President Obama does this or
does that. Namely, the last 25 hours has been on immigration. Immigration
should not prevent Senator McConnell and Boehner from working with me to
fund the government.


SCHULTZ: Give Republicans a big win in the midterms and they immediately
overstep their bounds. That`s how I think liberals are viewing this.
These guys will do anything to trash the President. That`s still a number
one on the list, even if it means hurting our country again with another
costly shutdown. Let`s not forget a year ago the last shutdown cost this
economy $24 billion. What could we do with that?

Republicans could care less as long as they can ruin President Obama`s
legacy on immigration. He`s already done health care, already fixed the
economy, replaced every job we had from the Great Recession, saved the
automobile industry.

I know its things that have been thrown out there before, but now it`s
immigration and now it`s shutdown talk again, and who knows, it could take
us to the I-word.

Get you cellphone out. I want to know what you think tonight on this
issue. Do you think there will be a government shutdown?

Text A for yes, text B for to 67622, you can always go to our blog at We encourage you to leave a comment there. We`ll bring you
the results later on in the show.

For more let me bring in Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Congressman
good to have you with us tonight. This is...


SCHULTZ: ... a moment that -- you bet. This is a moment that lot of
Americans have been waiting for suspenseful. Will the President really do
it? Is this going...

GUTIERREZ: Oh his going to do it.

SCHULTZ: ... far enough in -- he`s going to do it. And this is the right
move in your opinion?

GUTIERREZ: Oh I think the President is going to act in a bold generous
manner and we`ve been urging him to be quick and his kind of -- he already
told us. Tomorrow tune the T.V. in the evening and he`s going to make his

I`ll be going in a couple of hours over to the White House with a group of
delegation of House Democrats and the Senate Democrats and dining with the
President so he can give us a briefing. I`m looking forward to that --
what anticipation, what historical moment that we can say to millions of
American citizen children, "You`re going to be OK. Your mom and dad, we`re
going to protect them so they can raise you."

That we can say to thousands of American citizen who marry to undocumented
men and women. "You know what? We`re going to protect that marriage."
Members of Armed Services no longer have to worry that when they get
deployment order, that they get a deportation order against their spouse.
What a wonderful time to protect so many million -- millions of American

SCHULTZ: Congressman, the right-wing and you just read in our lead in
tonight. Some Congressional members on the right are saying that this is
amnesty. What`s your response to that?

GUTIERREZ: Well look, the President is going to act within the powers
granted him by the Congress of the United States. Let`s remember that
President from Eisenhower on down (ph) have used prosecutorial discretion
when it comes to certain groups of people. As a matter of fact, Ronald
Reagan in 1986 helped pass amnesty because -- let`s face it, the last
immigration reform bill was amnesty bill, in which three million people
simply signed up with the government to get a green card.

And when he saw a million and a half children and spouses, specifically
excluded from the 1986 bill he said, "I don`t care if that was express will
of the Congress of the United States. I`m going to protect them, Bush
protected them and...


GUTIERREZ: ... let me see, 1991 they fix the `86s legislation and included
the very people that Reagan and Bush protected." That`s what the President
in doing now. Look, we have given the Republicans many chances. I think
they should stop crying and whining and start legislating.

They have a majority. And today we can past a bill and the President won`t
have to take a single action if they well simply allow the House of
Representatives to vote its will.

SCHULTZ: OK. Congressman the latest NBC News Wall Street Journal poll
shows that 48 percent of Americans disapprove of the President acting alone


SCHULTZ: ... immigration, only 38 percent approve. What do make in these

GUTIERREZ: Well first of all, the American people have not been explained
what kind of executive authority and what the implications are for tens of
millions of American families across the nation. I think once the
President has an opportunity to explain it. Those numbers are going to go

And plus, let`s remember this takes courage, it took courage for President
Truman in 1948 to say we beat bossism (ph) in Europe and we beat bossism
(ph) in Asia and now it is time to desegregate the Armed Forces of the
United States. But as we look back at the decision of President Truman, we
only think about the courage and...


GUTIERREZ: ... thankfulness we have in our heart that he showed the
courage. And that is the same -- the same exact way this decision of the
President is going to be seen.

SCHULTZ: And finally Congressman, conservatives are threatening another
government shutdown. The last one costs $24 billion.


SCHULTZ: Is this worth a government shutdown? Is this worth that risk, is
it -- do you think the Republicans will do it?

GUTIERREZ: Let me give you -- let me just say we shutdown the government
October 2013. How did we avoid a second Ed? Either Republicans send their
best man Paul Ryan and the Democrats send Senator Mary, and they both
figure out a budget.

I voted for the Ryan budget when it came up in the House so did most
Democrats, so did most Republicans. There is a way to figure it out. If
you let men and women do the will of the American people and allow a vote.
The only problem here is that Mr. Boehner and the Republican Party, they`re
trap. They`re cactus (ph) of a small group in their own party that


GUTIERREZ: ... wanted to see -- here`s what unites Republicans, being
against Obama. Immigration doesn`t unite them and they`d rather put their
party interest ahead of what`s good for the American people.

SCHULTZ: So your advice to the President would be ignore the shutdown
conversation and go ahead and move this?

GUTIERREZ: We need to stop having political partisan considerations and do
what`s fair and what just.


GUTIERREZ: American citizen children`s futures are at stake. And, you
know, justice and equality is at stake, let`s move forward, it takes time -
- it courage do this...


GUTIERREZ: ... but I know President has it.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Luis Gutierrez, good to have you with us tonight.

GUTIERREZ: Thank you, thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate your time thanks so much. You bet.

Let me bring in Annette Taddeo, Vice Chair of the Florida Democratic Party
and also with us tonight Nelson Dias who is the Chairman of the Miami-Dade
Republican Party. Mr. Dias good to have you with us tonight, Annette has
been with us many times on this issue...


SCHULTZ: I appreciate you`re being part of -- I appreciate you`re being
part of the mix tonight. What`s your response to the possibility of a
government shutdown from a conservative is it worth that risk?

DIAZ: Well, I`m not sure that we`ll have a government shutdown and I
certainly would not want to see a government shutdown. What I would like
to see is an executive order that the President issue that is legal and
that does not exceed his authority under the constitution of the United
States. He has to remember that we do have Congress.

And in January if you recall, he stood before that Congress and
unilaterally declared that if the Congress doesn`t do what he wants, he`s
going to do it by himself because he`s got a pen and a cellphone. Well,
I`ve got a pen and a cellphone. That doesn`t give me the authority to do
whatever I want or pass whatever law as I want. So all I`m hoping is that
the President got (ph) something that`s legal.

SCHULTZ: OK, so you think the President is over extending his legal
boundaries here?

DIAZ: I don`t know what the President is going to say tomorrow so I can`t
say that for sure. But, I sounds like he might and I hope he doesn`t.

SCHULTZ: OK. Annette, how will the President`s announcement go over in
Florida which is a hotbed of immigration issues?

Florida and I think we`re all going to be celebrating or most of us are
going to be celebrating. And I did certainly want to make sure to remind
the viewers and my friend Nelson Diaz that Reagan did this and Bush did
this. And, certainly the Republican weren`t saying that was illegal or
outside the boundaries of the constitution.

Presidents have used their pen many times, and sadly he wouldn`t have to do
this if they just call a vote, if Boehner would just call a vote. It
already passed in a bipartisan fashion in the Senate and all we need is a
vote on a bill that`s already there but Boehner more worried about him and
the extremism in his party and him keeping his job. Then about job he was
-- he`s there to do which is to legislate...


TADDEO: ... to call a vote. The votes are there.

SCHULTZ: Nelson, respond to that. Nelson I want to respond to that. Why
have the Republican moved on this?

DIAZ: Well Annette maybe privy to more than what I`m privy to. Because I
have not heard details on what the President is going to announce tomorrow.
So, I can`t say that what his going to announce is legal or that other
presidents have done it before him. His not announce it yet.

All we`re saying is that whatever he does decide to do that we really hope
that it`s within the law and it doesn`t exceed the law as he`s essentially
threatening to do in the past.

TADDEO: But that`s not what his party his saying.

SCHULTZ: Why haven`t...

TADDEO: What his party is saying is that they`re going to actually
shutdown the government or...

DIAZ: We`ve not said that.

TADDEO: ... Ted Cruz is going out -- well Ted Cruz is certainly saying all
kinds of things about what they think they should do.

DIAZ: Well, Ted Cruz is one person in the Senate. What ultimate -- what
the Republican Party, what the Republican leadership in the House and now
in the Senate ultimately do, is yet to be seen as is what the President --
as is the President`s executive order.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Diaz why haven`t the Republicans, when they had the power in
the House done something on the immigration. What`s been the holdup in
your eyes?

DIAZ: I think the holdup is a lack of trust with the President. The
President has said that he would be willing to work with the Republican
leadership and then ultimately not work with them. He`s made it clear that
he doesn`t really want to seat down at the same table with the Republican
leadership in the House. And I think that`s -- I think that`s part of the
problem is that -- they just don`t trust him to be -- to deal fairly with

SCHULTZ: Do you think, Mr. Diaz that the majority of Floridians want the
President to do this?

DIAZ: I don`t think the majority of Floridian want the President to act
without the Congress. I think we have a constitution, it establishes a
execute branch, a legislative branch and both branches have to work
together and I think something Washington really needs to learn how to do.

TADDEO: All right and I would agree with Nelson on that...

SCHULTZ: What do you think...

TADDEO: I think that we need to -- they need to work together but
unfortunately the Republican have shown that they have no intention of
working with the President. And the President has held off on doing this
executive action because they have the opportunity to vote and they still
do by the way...

DIAZ: Yeah, but Ed let me...

TADDEO: ... even he does it.

DIAZ: And let me...

TADDEO: Even if he does that he`ll be able to do -- they still can vote on
it and then all of these is mute (ph).

DIAZ: Let me make a clear, I mean, just because -- if the Congress decides
not to act on something. The constitution says that the President can just
go and do it on his own, that`s not how this works. If Congress makes a
decision not to do something that`s Congress`s decision, and on the
constitution the President can`t just say, "Well they didn`t do it, so I`m
just going to do it by myself." That`s not how this works. It`s not a --
it isn`t, you know -- go ahead.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Mr. Diaz, you can react to what has been reported, that
their will some 5 million people that will be given work permits not
citizenship but work permit so they will not be deported. Do you think
that`s exceeding his constitution authority?

DIAZ: I don`t know what exact -- probably not, I don`t suspect that that
exceeds his authority. Now, if he decides to give them some sort of
legalized status here or do something like that then I do think that would
be -- that would exceed his authority under the constitution.

SCHULTZ: So, if it`s work permits and then they`re temporary and they
don`t get deported, do you think that Republican should go along with that?

DIAZ: I think the Republicans should consider it in a bill and consider it
in Congress. I think now that the Republicans have control of the Senate
and of the House, I think that the Republican Party (inaudible) is on the
Republican leadership of both chambers to produce an immigration reform

TADDEO: But there is one already. It`s already bipartisan it`s already

SCHULTZ: All right, Nelson Diaz, Annette Taddeo great to have both of you
with us tonight and of course we`ll have special coverage on the evening if
the President announces his executive action here on MSNBC.

Remember to answer tonight`s questions there at bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter@edshow and on Facebook. Always want
to know what you thinking and appreciate it.

Coming up, Ferguson official are gearing up for the worst. This maybe
spreading across America, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver joins me next.

Plus Republicans got a taste of there own medicine on Keystone. Now they
want to do it all over again. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is coming up.

Stick around. We`ll be right back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Ferguson, Missouri remains on edge
today. Residents are waiting for a decision on whether Police Officer
Darren Wilson will be indicted.

The nine-member grand jury is considering a range of potential charges.

Wilson shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown back in August.
The shooting led to months of protest.

The governor has already called out the National Guard ahead of the
announcement on the decision.


GOV. JAY NIXON, (D) MISSOURI: The choices we make in troubled times are
the true expression of our humanity.


SCHULTZ: Many people are afraid, additional police the National Guard
troops could trigger the same kind of violence sparked in August days after
Michael Brown was killed.

Back then, many area schools were close for six days. This time, educators
are planning online courses while residents are stacking up.

NBCs Jay Gray has the latest.


JAY GRAY, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: The waiting and wondering continues in
Ferguson right now.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a panic attack or something. I don`t know,
I`ve never witnessed anything like this my lifetime.

GRAY: More than 100 days after Michael Brown was shot and killed, this
fractured community still doesn`t know if Officer Darren Wilson will face
charges as they prepare for a decision from the grand jury in the case
businesses look like they`re bracing for a storm

Plywood covers most of the windows and doors but can`t hide the concern

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, it`s very, very stressful.

GRAY: Teachers at many area schools are giving students extra homework now
just in case they`re closed out and parents are making sure they`re ready.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`ve done water (ph), we`ve done -- we try to make
sure that our gas if filled up, blankets in car.

This -- I mean this -- you just never know. You know, if they`re going to
block our streets and we`re going to be stranded, so we`re trying to do as
much as we can.

GRAY: Protesters and police say they have plans in place and the Governor
has cleared the way for the National Guard to move in supporting police in
Ferguson just like they did in August. Plus, there`ll be an additional 400
troops stationed with officers at 45 locations across the area away from
protesters and working 12-hours shifts to keep the peace.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think that it`s too much high, that is like, "OK
prepare for war not prepare for peace and I don`t (inaudible) that."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just about 100 percent of people being saved and 100
percent of people who want to speak, having the right to speak.

GRAY: While the group that so many want to hear from here, the grand jury
in the case is yet to say a word.


SCHULTZ: NBCs Jay Gray reporting from Missouri. Prosecutors are still
hearing evidence in the case. Charges against Officer Wilson range from
first or second degree murder to involuntary manslaughter, self-defense or
no charges at all.

Joining me now is Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, also Trymaine Lee,
MSNBC National Reporter, gentlemen good to have you with us.

Congressman, you first. Is it necessary what the Governor did, bring forth
the presence of the National Guard? What do you think of that decision?
Was it the right to do?

REP. EMANUEL CLEVER, (D) MISSOURI: Well, I have some ambivalence on it
because -- while I think that the National Guard stationed at and down the
streets of Ferguson and there`s not that many -- through streets.

It makes some kind of an intimidating statement to the protesters. On the
other hand, I know the Governor is trying to make sure that if things get
out of control that they`re maybe able to restore order quickly. But, I
think, you know, we cannot have Ferguson looking like some rocky village
that is under attack.

If that happens, I think that in of itself is going to infuriate the
protesters. About 98 to 99 percent of whom are good, decent, hardworking
Americans who are upset to what happened to Michael Brown and deserve the
opportunity to exercise their (inaudible) right.

SCHULTZ: Congressman, are you concern that if there is no indictment and
there is some trouble in Ferguson, Missouri that it could spillover on
other cities in America?

CLEAVER: Well, I think that is a possibility at the Congressional Black
Caucus meeting today. We were all discussing this issue and what could we
do. And I think that it is the belief that depending on how the police in
Ferguson -- and the National Guard for that matter handle what`s going on
in Ferguson could ignite something around the country.

Or, if things -- if they`re able to maintain order in a way without making
it look like (inaudible), then I think we might be able to avoid any, you
know, friction to the point where people are getting injured.

The protest probably will occur around the country. I think the police in
Ferguson can determine what`s going to happen around the country.

SCHULTZ: OK. Well, I have to follow up another question on that. If
you`re talking about it in a Congressional Black Caucus, what role does the
Congressional Black Caucus see that it might have when it comes to
influence to keep the peace?

CLEAVER: I`m not sure that we have any influence. I think -- and this is
important Ed. I`m glad you asked this question. Understand that I`ve met
with the -- a number of young African-American leaders, but this is a new
group of folk. They are different than the John Lewis and the Julian Bonds
of the 1960s and `70s.

These young people are not going to be redirected by ministers or by
members of Congress or the Missouri General Assembly. I mean these folks
are angry because they`ve seen many people in their age group shot and --
for no reason and the sense that they were unarmed. And I think this is
the like -- their last stand is like, we`ve got to stand up at some place
and say this is enough and it just happens to be Ferguson.

So, you know, we`re not going to be able to -- as a Black Caucus go in and
say, "OK, let`s hold it down." Now what we can do and what we plan to do
is after -- when the spring comes, we`re going to do massive voter
registration so that we can change the whole nature of Ferguson municipal


Trymaine Lee, respond to what the Congressman just said. Are people angry?
Are they on the edge? Could this explode?

TRYMAINE LEE, MSNBC NATIONAL REPORTER: I think since August we`ve been
kind of tethered in on the brink of, "Will it explode or will not?"

Now the Congressman is definitely correct. These are young generation of
activist and protesters activated by the death of Michael Brown. Like one
said a couple months ago, this is not your father`s and your grandfather`s
civil rights movement. And so it`s kind of tethering between, you know,
going one direction and being more radical while others still say they want
an access to the process.

There want to take part in electoral politics. They want to get into this
system to kind of work from inside while they`re still putting pressure on
the outside. But as of right now the issue is, "Will there be a
spontaneous combustion of anger, will it be directed? Will they be able
build in all the organizing organization that they`ve been building upon
since Michael Brown`s death?"

And so that`s the question as we wait for this grand jury announcement.

SCHULTZ: Trymaine, what are you hearing from business owners in the area

LEE: Certainly, we talked about this kind of blanket of fear and anxiety
that`s come across this region felt precisely in those businesses.
Remember early on from police activity to the protesters, you know,
blocking their businesses, some were damaged, access to their businesses
where constant (ph) shutdown for weeks at a time.

So the concern about property damage is real, the concern of their revenue
stream will be cutoff is very real. And again, you know, if there`s going
to be a throwback to August, those are pretty troubling days for area

SCHULTZ: Congressman, would it be appropriate for the President of the
United States to make a statement before the results of this grand jury are

CLEAVER: No, I don`t think so. I don`t think we have to do that to the
President of the United States because this President has been accused of
being some kind of African-American militant when he just says that word --
he could say that car is black and he`s in troubled.


CLEAVER: So, I don`t think he had to get involved in it -- now, we had a
meeting scheduled over at the White House. Congressman Lacy Clay and I and
a few others to talk about Ferguson today, it was canceled until, I think
tomorrow or later because of the immigration issues which we understand.

But the President is in concern about this. He gets reports from the
Attorney General. And I think he is as anxious as anybody in the country,
perhaps more so.

So, I think this is going to be a situation that the President can address,
you know, after it`s over. But to come in now, I`m not sure that I would
be wonder or advice him to do so.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, Trymaine Lee, I appreciate your time
tonight. Thank you gentlemen for being on the Ed Show.

Coming up, Keystone failed last night in the Senate but the fight is far
from over.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will tell us if the President will hold firm.

Plus, snow is just hammering upstate New York. Get a shovel. You won`t
believe these pictures.

But next, your questions. Ask Ed Live coming up.

Stay with us. We`ll be right back.

It`s not even thanksgiving yet.


SCHULTZ: All right. Welcome back to the Ed Show.

I appreciate all the questions. In our Ask Ed Live Segment our first
question tonight comes from Pat. She wants to know, "Why aren`t more
Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?"

Well Pat that is the $64 question because everything those two Senators
talk about poll in the majority in favor of the American people. I wish
more were like them. We`d have a different country.

Our next question is from Jimmy. "Do you think we`ve passed the point of
no return when it comes to climate change?" No, I don`t. But I think
we`ve got to take some serious measures now on quit denying so in 20 years
we`re not at that point.

A lot more coming up here on the Ed Show. Stay with us. We`ll be right

Market Wrap.

Modest losses for stocks. The Dow falls 2 points, the S&P drops 3, the
NASDAQ sheds 26 points.

Target was a winner today with shares rising more than 7 percent on better
than expected earnings. Meanwhile, JetBlue is reducing legroom and adding
baggage fees unleashing a rush of criticism on social media but investors
seem to like the idea. The stock gain 4 percent.

And minutes from the fed meeting show policy makers worried about
stubbornly low inflation.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business world wide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. He needs 60 not 59.

Last night, Senate Democrats managed to stop legislation to approve the
construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline by just a single vote.

Even if the legislation passed, many are speculating President Obama is
prepared to veto the legislation. However, within hours of the bill`s
defeat, Republicans were already vowing to resurrect the Keystone fight in
January when they take control of the Senate.


REP. MITCH MCCONNELL, (R) KENTUCKY: This will be an early item on the
agenda in the next Congress and I`m very confident that Senator Hoeven`s
bill will succeed and we`ll be able to get it down to the President.

REP. LISA MURKOWSKI, (R) ALASKA: Will be back at the first of the year as
later McConnell has said.

SEN. JOHN HOEVEN, (R) NORTH DAKOTA: All along as we`ve said we know would
be new Congress on this issue because the President made a clear is kind of
veto this bill.

SEN. JOHN THUNE, (R) SOUTH DAKOTA: We`ll revisit this issue in the new
Congress and have an opportunity with some new people for a new vote.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This issue will be back as soon as we get back next


SCHULTZ: This is all about the new Republican majority manufacturing a
confrontation with President Obama right off the bat in the new legislative

Now if the Republicans backed the President into a corner, some are
concerned he might use Keystone as a bargaining chip instead of vetoing.

According to the New York Times, people familiar with the President`s
thinking says it`s possible he would offer Republicans approval of Keystone
and exchange for approval of one of his policies or dealing with yet
another issue.

I think it was a good move that the Democrats held the vote last night
because now everybody is on record who wants to do something about climate
change. This is the energy policy of the Republicans, their stated policy,
more oil to market and denying climate change.

Joining me tonight, Senator Shelton Whitehouse of Rhode Island and also
with us tonight Jean Kleeb, Executive Director of Bold Nebraska, great to
have both of you with us.

Senator, the vote last night, was it important from the standpoint of
getting party people on the record about climate change? Your thoughts.

SEN. SHELDON WHITEHOUSE, (D) RHODE ISLAND: Yes I think it was an important
vote. I think it`s going to be another important vote in January, both
demonstrating that the Republican Party will then be more or less
completely in towed to the fossil fuel industry. And giving President
Obama a chance to veto this measure and force a sensible energy discussion
rather than just getting stampeded by a fossil fuel interest.

SCHULTZ: So, I think we all get a sense that the President would veto
standalone legislation. But are you -- do you fear Senator that he would
use it as a bargaining chip to get something else that he believes the
country needs?

WHITEHOUSE: Well, that`s not necessarily a bad thing if the total sum of
the deal is actually a very significant reduction in carbon and six million
cars worth that Keystone Pipeline will produce and somehow very
considerably offset. I think that`s a conversation that we ought to have.

Our goal should ultimately be to reduce carbon if we got a significant
carbon fee out of this. If we got absolute clearance on the existing plant
rule in return for something. I`m willing to have the President pitch us
on a reasonable deal.

What I`m not willing to have him do is take something that`s completely
unrelated to climate and trade it away, and send the signal to both the
Republicans and the fossil fuel industry that it`s now giving them
direction that he is ready to be rolled on this issue because they will not
backed down once they feel it`s rolling.

They will just keep rolling him and rolling him and rolling him.

SCHULTZ: What`s you response to that Jean Kleeb that there might be
something on the table that would negotiate a way Keystone.

JEAN KLEEB, BOLD NEBRASKA: I mean our families aren`t bargaining chips and
our clean water and the Ogallala Aquifer are not bargaining chips, and our
property rights are not bargaining chips. And, I don`t think the President
is going to allow the Republicans to bully him into approving the pipeline.
And you can`t continue to play on the Republican`s terms.

And so, if I were in the White House which I`m not but if I were, I would
be advising the President to reject the Keystone XL during Christmas and
New Years. It completely takes the issue off the table. It`s the right
thing to do. He has all the information he needs to make that decision.

SCHULTZ: Well, they say they`re going to bring it back. This is Senator
Hoeven of North Dakota he had this to say about other Republican options
moving forward.


HOEVEN: We`re either going to have to get to 67 or we`re going to have to
attach this legislation to a broader energy package or maybe an
appropriation`s bill.


SCHULTZ: What about that Jean Kleeb? I mean they clearly have a strategy
to get Keystone bill.

KLEEB: I think that they`re going to do everything they can. I think he
could also see them trying to attach this to the budget bill in December
and having another showdown, you know, around December 10th, December 11th
when they have to make that vote. And that`s why I think the President has
to draw the line. I think he needs to get his pen out and I think he needs
to reject the pipeline.

He knows that this is bad for energy policy. He knows it`s bad for our
families and heartland. He knows it`s bad for tribes. And so, I don`t
quite understand why the President just not rejecting now. And he simply -
- we know he can`t approve, right? We know because of the Supreme Court
and TransCanada...


KLEEB: ... construction person in South Dakota, he can`t approve it. But
he certainly has all the information he needs to reject it.

SCHULTZ: Senator Whitehouse, you unveiled new carbon fee legislation
today, would this be a model for coming to a deal on Keystone?

WHITEHOUSE: I don`t know about coming to a deal on Keystone. Certainly, a
$40 per ton carbon fee that was 100 percent return to the American people
through rebates against their payroll taxes, through corporate tax
reductions, through increases to social security and another devices. We
(ph) saw that all of the money went back to the American people.

I think we`d have a -- actually explosive effect on our economy. We`ve
suddenly be taxing something that we don`t want which is carbon pollution.
We`d be freeing up income to our corporate sector and to individuals. It
would explode innovation and research in green energy which is a huge jobs
growth area.

I think that there`s a lot for Republican to liking this in terms of
economic development. In terms of lower taxes and they`ve got to realize
that they can`t just keep goofing off...


WHITEHOUSE: ... about carbon pollution. That`s just unacceptable. They
know it.

SCHULTZ: Senator, you`re the only representative, the only senator from
the United State Senate that went to Nebraska to meet with people on the
ground. If you come to a deal or if the Democrats come to a deal that
would go along with the President given up Keystone for some other issues,
it still doesn`t change the risk that the Aquifer would be faced if there
were a leak and pipelines do leak. Does a deal outweigh that risk?

WHITEHOUSE: It would have to be one hell of a deal because I really admire
Jean and what she and her group have done. They`re up against very
powerful and very wealthy interest and they have fought very hard and they
fought fair and they fought smart. And I think the President should listen
to them and the best solution would indeed be to get rid of this pipeline.

But, if you can trade it for a full on cap and trade, for full on carbon
fee, for a solution to our carbon problem and to put this fight behind us
and move on and grow the economy that`s something that anybody would have
to take a serious look at.

SCHULTZ: Jean Kleeb, I`ll give you the final word on that.

KLEEB: I just think if you expand tar sands and I know Senator Whitehouse
knows this, and I know he deeply believes it. If you expand tar sands,
what the Keystone XL would do, you`re going to expand the carbon pollution.
And so there`s no deal on a table for our family`s livelihood.

And there is no deal on table that is going to erase the damage that would
do to people`s livelihoods and the culture that we deeply hold on our
farms, in our ranches, and our tribal communities. And so there is no deal
for Keystone XL. None.

SCHULTZ: Jean Kleeb, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, good to have you with us
tonight both of you.

WHITEHOUSE: Thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate the work you`re doing on this. You bet. Thank you
very much.

We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Coming up, the big chill. We`ve got the latest on the record
snow fall hitting Buffalo, New York. Another storm could be on the way.
Keep it here, we`ll be right back.


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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The number three trender, Tiger beat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was supposed to be funny.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Dan Jenkins` article is entitled "MY FAKE INTERVIEW
WITH TIGER", or how it plays out in my mind.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tiger Woods isn`t laughing in Golf Digest`s
(inaudible) interview.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He brings up the sex scandal that rocked the golfer`s

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jenkins write, "What`s the moral of your story?" The
fake Tiger respond that`s easy, "Don`t get caught."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This story is funny.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Tiger is fighting back writing his own article
and demanding on apology.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It sheer nastiness of this attack. The photos and how
it put false words in my mouth just has to be confronted.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The number two trender, masterpiece theater.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you think it was a good idea?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It seemed to be a good idea at that time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Two kids give face painting a new meaning.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who gets to pay now?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nobody likes to snitch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I didn`t do it. Nobody saw me do it. There`s no way
you can prove anything.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s funny like I`m a clown (inaudible)...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you guys in trouble?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t make mistakes. We have had the accidents.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And today`s top trender, snowed in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here in Western New York, we are measuring the snow
in feet.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Buffalo all of it buried...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We feel like Eskimos.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Some places can expect to see upward of 70 inches of

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Buffalo gets blasted by lake-effect snow.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Conditions are so bad the National Guard has been

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are about thigh high deep...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And no way this dog is getting to the doorway.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hundreds of vehicles were stranded including a bus
carrying Niagara women`s basketball team stuck for than 20 hours.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re basically shoveling now for a day and half.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To some parts of our community that they are going to
receive the equivalent of a whole year`s worth of snow fall in three days.


SCHULTZ: And joining me tonight, NBC Meteorologist Dominica Davis,
Domenica good to have you with us tonight. That board behind you is filled
with all kinds of color and it is snow. What is the latest in Buffalo

DOMENICA DAVIS, NBC METEOROLOGIST: Yeah, hi Ed, it is a little nuts. They
are actually getting ready for round two of their second significant lake-
effect snowfall. It is actually quite right now. They are looking at
light showers, really not a whole lot going on, but overnight this is going
to start to ramp up once again.

So we are looking a line that goes really South of Buffalo that will be
this heavy snowbelt where we got that 60 inches of snow, where we heard
that it is a year`s worth of snowfall and really just a couple of days.
They will add likely to that another foot and a half to two feet. That
will start tonight and then end by Friday afternoon all of this lake-effect
snow will wind down.

So I think the big question is the Bills they have a home game on Sunday.
Will they be able to clear out that snow? I think they probably will but
it is definitely going to be a challenge.

We`re not only dealing with the lake-effect snow. We`re still dealing with
the cold for much of the country. It`s 15 for the high tomorrow in
Minneapolis, 22 in Chicago, we`ll have 30s and 20s right in that snowbelt
where we`re looking a significant snow for tomorrow. 54 in Atlanta,
temperatures do start to rebound around the east coast.

So we are seeing an end to this cold spell and the snow spell, hang in
there we have about at least 36 hours before we can finally say this is all
done, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Well, I would call it Buffalo luck. That means they`re probably
going to get two feet. They should prepare for that.


SCHULTZ: You`re talking about the Buffalo Bills in Ralph Wilson Stadium
there, actually going to be paying the fans to be shoveling the snow but
where you going to put it?

DAVIS: Exactly.

SCHULTZ: Shovel it out off you seat and put it on the guy next to you or
how is that all going to work?

DAVIS: Exactly because by...

SCHULTZ: You know...

DAVIS: ... by Friday they could really could be looking at an additional
two feet around there. So, yes, they`re deep but...

SCHULTZ: And of course in that middle part of the country in the upper
Midwest we`ve had some really cold temperatures. It`s about a month ahead
the schedule, isn`t it?

DAVIS: Oh a lot ahead of schedule. These are January temperatures that
we`re seeing in November so yes, the old man winter is certainly coming
early, but it will be a quick exit by the end of the week. And then,
actually for the thanksgiving week ahead, we are looking at temperatures
being near normal.

So, we`ll get back up into 50s and everything but these are certainly
January temperatures and January snowfall in fact.

SCHULTZ: All right, Domenica Davis, I appreciate your time tonight here on
the Ed Show.

DAVIS: Good seeing you.

SCHULTZ: Good luck to Buffalo. And that is the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.


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