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The Ed Show for Friday, November 21st, 2014

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Date: November 21, 2014

Guest: Raul Grijalva, Henry Fernandez, Annette Taddeo, Jim McDermott,
Traci Blackmon, John Fugelsang

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Let`s get to work.


It`s not the only step.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH), HOUSE SPEAKER: He`s not a king and he`s not an

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Emperor-in-Chief Obama...

BOEHNER: And sure acting like one.

that executive pen and slapping it right across the face...

OBAMA: Pass of bill...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They pick their fight.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN, (R) MINNESOTA: Asking your viewers to join us this
high noon...

Let`s love people.

OBAMA: Scripture tells us...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is outrageous.

OBAMA: We shall not oppress a stranger.

TUCKER CARLSON, "FOX & FRIENDS" CO-HOST: This is the Christian left at
work, and it`s repugnant.

OBAMA: Pass a bill...

BOEHNER: ... he`s damaging the Presidency itself.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching.

Isn`t this the perfect time, the perfect time for the Republicans to step
up and say, "We`re going to show President Obama what legislative power is
all about". This is the perfect time, everything is inline for the
Republicans to step up and say, "We can do better than the President, we
have the legislative power, we`re going to pass a bill and we`re going to
show this country that we are concerned about immigration in this county
and we`re going to do something about it because we`re the Republican Party
and the party of the people."

I though for sure that`s what we`re going to here today from the
Republicans. This is their chance. Mitch McConnell can signature
something better than Harry Reid did in the Senate and he`ll get his buddy
John Boehner to pass it. But as I have maintained on this program for
years, the Republicans have never been serious and they well never be
serious about immigration reform in America.

Bottom-line is, now they have a political target and it`s the same old guy,
it`s the President of the United States.

We start tonight with the heated topic of immigration. President Obama
reeling just wrapped up an event in Las Vegas highlighting his new
executive order, his action on immigration. The President said, it`s well
past time we fix our broken immigration system.


OBAMA: Our immigration system has been broken for a very long time and
everybody knows it.

You`ve got families who try to come here the right way but sometimes gets
separate or stuck in line for years. You`ve got business owners who are
doing the right thing by their workers, offering good wages and benefits,
and then you`ve got companies that are ignoring minimum wage laws or
overtime laws, taking advantage of undocumented immigrants, and as a
consequence, undercutting the employers who are doing the right thing.

All of us take offense to the idea that anybody can reap the rewards of
living in America without its responsibilities. And folks like Astrid and
Astrid`s parents, who desperately want to make amends, embrace the
responsibilities of living here -- they`re forced to either live in the
shadows or risk having their families torn apart.

We`ve known about this for years. And we`ve known we can do better. And
for years, we haven`t done much about it. Well, today, we`re doing
something about it.


SCHULTZ: This is no time for the liberals in this country to lose their
cool on this issue. The President there is showing a tremendous amount of
passion. And I`m really surprised that no one on the Republican side is as
passionate about it as the President of the United States.

Now certainly in that sound byte if you verbate (ph) it and go back and see
what the President said. You would think that the Republicans would come
out and say, "You know what? We can address those things and we`re serious
about it and we`re going to do better than the President, we`re going to
show American who we are."

Here are the details of President Obama executive action. First, the
President will continue to do deploy more resources to strengthen border
enforcement. And hold it right there, this President, the man you`re
looking at right there has done threefold what the last administrated did
when it comes to resources on the border, when it comes to surveillance,
when it comes overtime, when it comes to manpower. He did that, now he`s
going to up some more.

The White House will also focus on deporting undocumented immigrants who
recently crossed the boarder. The plan will allow up 4 million
undocumented workers in this country to stay in this country legally by
granting them work permits.

So, there are some guidelines for this too, it`s not a freebie. What they
got to do is they must have been in this country for over five years.
That`s a guideline. They must pass a background check. That`s a
guideline. And they got to pay their taxes. That`s a guideline. It`s not
a freebie.

This plan does not mean citizenship for these undocumented workers. The
President`s plan focuses on the deporting felons not families. Meanwhile
President Obama is still asking Congress for help. He`s saying, "Come on
McConnell let`s get it on, do something, up what I`ve done."

The bipartisan bill passed in the Senate would do what? Well, it would
strengthen the border security by adding over 20,000 more border patrol
agents. That`s a good thing. It would crack down on companies you hire
undocumented immigrants. That`s a good thing. And provide a pathway to
earn citizenship for undocumented immigrants, who pay a fine, paid taxes,
passed a background check and learned English.

Bipartisan they agreed on that, can`t get it done in the House. This
afternoon President Obama called out House Republicans for failing to vote
on the bill.


It has now been 512 days, a year and a half in which the only thing
standing in the way of that bipartisan bill and my desk so that I can sign
that bill, the only thing that`s been standing in the way is a simple yes
or not vote in the House of Representatives. Just a yes or no vote. If
they had allowed a vote on that kind of bill, it would have passed. I
would have signed it. It would be the law right now.

The party leadership in the House of Representatives would not let it come
forward. And I cajoled and I called and I met. I told John Boehner, I`ll
wash your car, I`ll walk your dog whatever you need to do, just call the
bill. That`s how democracy is supposed to work. And if the votes hadn`t
been there, then we would have had to start over. But at least give it a
shot and he didn`t do it.


SCHULTZ: Well, there`s one thing for sure if President Obama and John
Boehner ever play a golf again they certainly got something to talk about
on the tee box don`t they?

Republicans have failed to act on immigration. It was in their court they
didn`t do it. That`s why President Obama is taken the commonsense steps to
fix our broken immigration system on his own. Now, I wasn`t sure the
President was doing the right thing here because you can do a lot with
legislative power, you can call them out in front of the American people
and it`s not a political move what the President did.

Because if he wanted to play politics he would have done it maybe about a
week the Midterm election which a lot of progressive in this country wanted
him to do. But no, he left the Democrats go out on their own. He listened
to the people in the Senate and said, "OK, I won`t do any executive action
on immigration until after the election, well play it your way".

The President is out patients and now he`s moved on it and now its
McConnell chance to step up. But all we hear from the Republicans is
constant criticism. We`ll get to that in a moment.

For more let me bring in Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona. Congressman
good to have with us tonight I appreciate you time. Did the President go
far enough? Is this the right fix in your opinion?

REP. RAUL GRIJALVA, (D) ARIZONA: He -- it is an urgent and necessary fix.
Did he go far enough? He went as far as legally defensible and
constitutionally defensible. More could be done but the -- the real long-
term solution is reforming the immigration law.

That`s what`s been sitting on Boehner`s desk now for a year and a half,
that`s the solution. What the President did is provide relief. What the
President did is both humanitarian and good for the economy. A lot of
bravery on his part and, like he said every effort from pleading, to
compromise, to asking and making public opinion within the side of Boehner
doing something, nothing move.

And as a consequence the President has moved. Now I hope this prods the
Republican leadership in Congress to do something. It`s -- the ball has
been in their court, it remains in their court and for them to blame the
President that he had somehow poisoned the well in terms of getting
something done or any other legislation this next session, I think is --
it`s just an excuse. We`ve heard nothing but excuses.

Immigration has been political cannon fodder for them. They haven`t wanted
to deal with the issue because they could take advantage of it politically.
I`m sorry the leadership in the House dropped the ball. It`s still in
their court.

SCHULTZ: Is this the perfect time for the Republicans to prove that they
are serious about immigration reform because anything they pass or send to
the President and the President signed it is going to wipeout what the
President has done on an executive action. I mean, it`s almost as if the
Republicans are perfectly position to take on this subject right now, your
thoughts on that.

GRIJALVA: I agree, the control of the Senate and the House. There are no
more excuses. And the President has indicated. The President showed some
great deal of patience, more patience than many of us felt was necessary on
the issue. But the fact remains that it`s their turn and they have the
power, the legislative power, they control the process.

And it is their opportunity to craft a bill that responds to what the
President was doing and expands the protections and the partisanship for
million and million of other Americans and families. He -- they can do
that, it`s up to them.

And -- because the excuses are just that, excuses there is no factual
backing those, no legal backing to them and the threats of impeachment are
false. The threats of shutting down the government are false. They can
rattle (ph) all they want but at the end of the day the American people are
going to recognize the lack of leadership and the fact -- on this issue,
they don`t -- they can`t seem to find their way.

SCHULTZ: And finally Congressman, do you think this will work, do you
think that this really will affect families that they will come out, be
identified, workers will come out be identified, go to the background
check, pay the taxes, be straight up with the law. Do you think this will

GRIJALVA: We could only look at the example of deck up (ph) for the
deferred action for young people, for the dreamers, the response, the
courage of those young people. I`m absolutely convinced. The people that
we know that come to our office for help in this process are honest,
hardworking people. Want to keep the families together, decent human
beings. It`s going to work and people are going to come forward because
they`ve been waiting this opportunity for more than a decade.

SCHULTZ: OK, Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona. Good to have you with
us tonight. I appreciate your time.

GRIJALVA: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: And congratulation to you. Thank you sir, you bet.

Republican reaction to President`s Obama`s immigration action has been
beyond disturbing I think. Every time President Obama does something
Republicans don`t like. Well, here`s comes the name calling. Here is how
speaker John Boehner at his finest earlier today.


BOEHNER: The President has taken actions that he himself has said are
those of a king or an emperor, not an American President.

With this action the President has chosen to deliberately sabotage any
chance of acting bipartisan reforms that he claims to seek. And as I told
the President yesterday, he`s damaging the Presidency itself.


SCHULTZ: The Speaker made clear, Republicans will fight President Obama on
this issue.


BOEHNER: We`re working with our members and looking at the options that
are available to us. But I will say to you the House will, in fact, act.


SCHULTZ: The future Senate Majority Leader is making similar threats on
the Senate floor.


defiance of the people and imposes his will on the country, Congress will
act. We`re considering a variety of options. But make no mistake. Make
no mistake, when the newly elected representatives of people take their
seats they will act.


SCHULTZ: Republican leaders haven`t said what actions they plan to take.
But other Republicans are already talking about a government shutdown and
possible impeachment. Out going Congressman Michele Backmann made some
disturbing remarks about the President`s plan.

She said "The social cost will be profound on the U.S. taxpayer. Millions
of unskilled illiterate foreign nationals coming into the United States who
can`t speak the English language, even though the President say they won`t
be able to vote. We all know that many, in all likelihood, will vote".

Last night Michele Bachmann said Congress needs to defund amnesty.


BACHMANN: And we can defund this President`s illegal amnesty, that`s what
we must do. We can`t do it along. So it`s a very quick three-step plan
that you`re viewers need to help us with, we can`t do it alone we need your
viewers. Congress will be back December 1st through December 11th. This
will be decided in that period of time.

We need to have you viewers melt the phone lines, Congress isn`t here
they`re gone from Washington tonight. But from December 1st to the 11th we
need them to melt the phone lines and say defund amnesty.


SCHULTZ: Congressman Steve King of Iowa had no problem telling America how
we felt about the President plan last night.


REP. STEVE KING, (R) IOWA: I just have this sinking feeling in my stomach
about whether the -- that situation that the President has thrown his
nation into. Now we have fresh feeling coming off an election. The
President knows what he`s doing 22 times he said that he doesn`t have the
power to do this and yet he stepped out and did this anyway.

It`s hard to make a clear, concise constitutional argument on this given
what the President had given us because they`re just vague descriptions.


SCHULTZ: Earlier today Bachmann and Congressman Steve King went to the
United States-Mexico border to meet with border officials. It`s not clear
what exactly they found out. Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas is also
jumping into the fray. He thinks the President`s plan is offensive to
Black Americans.


REP. LOUIE GOHMERT, (R) TEXAS: It is so offensive to the African Americans
and Hispanic Americans who have an enormously high unemployment rate. This
President has come in and said, "You know what? For political gain, I`m
going to give five million people the authority to work here, even though
that`s illegal. I`m going to do it." And that`s going to leave five
million people out in the cold.


SCHULTZ: And it gets worst. Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks. He thinks
President Obama could face jail time for his executive action and his quote
is this, "At some point, you have to evaluate whether the President`s
conduct aids or abets encourages, or entices foreigners to unlawfully cross
into the United States of America. That has a five-year in-jail penalty
associated with it."

So the rhetoric in the comments are outrageous. Republican reaction to
President Obama`s immigration order is petty and childish, name calling,
threats, and talk of government shutdown or impeachment. It does
absolutely nothing to help his country. So America, it`s going to be fun
to sit back in the lazy boy and watch the Republicans reel and run this
country legislatively.

It`s easier for them to target President Obama as a political enemy of the
country and try to tear down everything he`s done. Evidence today by the
lawsuit they filed on health care.

But this is also an opportunity as I said to step forward. Show us your
leadership McConnell. Show us your leadership Mr. Boehner. Tell us how
you can do better. Show us how you can do better.

Get your cellphone out I want to know what you think. Tonight`s question,
"Has President Obama boxed Republicans in on immigration?"

Text A for yes, text B for no to 676222, go to our blog at and
we will bring you the results later on in the show.

For more let me bring in Henry Fernandez, Senior Fellow of the Center for
American Progress. Also with us tonight Annette Taddeo Vice Chair of the
Florida Democratic party, great to have both of you with us.

Annette I know last night that you were with a lot of people who were
watching the speech and the action. What was the reaction and where do you
think this is going to go?

applause to lots of the things the President said. And I think everybody
was just very a relieved that we were finally seeing some leadership from
either side, honestly. What we need was that and we got it from the
President, he spoke very passionately both yesterday and today about how he
feels about those and why he`s acting and having to act because the
Republicans have failed to act.

He said 512 days we`ve waited for them to vote on a bill that passed on a
bipartisan fashion in the Senate. So, this crowed which was obviously very
eager to hear what he have to say was very, very happy.

SCHULTZ: Annette you just got out a very tight race for the lieutenant
governorship in Florida and Rick Scott won reelection. It was a tight race
in the Senate in Colorado and also in North Carolina. I think the
President proved that it was not political gain because if he had done this
before the election I`ll ask you. Do you think it would add impact on
elections in the midterms?

TADDEO: Certainly here in Florida I think I would have -- had an impact,
we barely lost by one percent. So, honestly I think all of us Hispanics
definitely wanted to see that leadership from the President before. And I
was one of the ones that was willing to criticize him for not doing it

But I am so happy he did it, he`s done it and now you are right. The cards
are on the table, it`s time for the Republicans to show us if they really
do care about Hispanics and about immigration.

SCHULTZ: Henry they`re talking about a government shutdown, they`re
talking impeachment. The comments from the other side or clearly
outrageous, everything from legal action, I mean it`s across the board. Is
this going to work?

going to work? Absolutely. Is the Republican approach going to work?
Absolutely not.

I think, what we`re hearing now from Republicans is really unfortunate.
And, I`ve even heard member of Congress justifying violence as a response
to that. And let`s be clear, any elected official who justifies violence
isn`t fit to serve.

Michele Bachmann is call for a rally on December 3rd. I think, the only
question with regard to her rally in Washington D.C. would be, will the
number of people who attend be able to fit in a phone booth or a school
bus. This is an amazing opportunity, a great civil rights victory. I`m so
proud of our President.

Millions of families went to sleep last night knowing for the first time
that their mothers or grandmothers are not going to be deported. Think
about what that means. This is the kind of thing is going to be written
about in history books and history does not look fondly upon those who are
on the wrong side of civil rights struggles.

SCHULTZ: Henry, we still have a long way to go. This isn`t about
citizenship. This is about work permits. What about that?

FERNANDEZ: Yeah. This is a step in the right direction but this has to be
resolved legislatively. This is the opportunity for Congress to act.

They haven`t acted for 18 months. That`s a mistake. The Senate did act
with an incredible bipartisan bill. It was really the only major piece of
bipartisan complicated legislation that was passed through Senate.

But the House just sat on it and the reason they sat on it was because it
would have passed and that would have created problems inside the
Republican coalition in the House.

This is an opportunity. It`s an opportunity for American families. It`s
economic opportunity. We`re talking about huge economic growth. We`re
going to see about $20 billion in new taxes that are going to be paid as a
result of this over the next five years.

I do wish the Republicans would act. Unfortunately, the extremist side of
their party is the one that`s speaking out. And we`re not hearing from
mainstream Republicans saying that we need immigration for this country to

SCHULTZ: You know, when the folks come out of the woodwork and say they
want to be the next President in the United States over on the Republican
side. They are all going to be asked in debates coming up.

Would you repeal what President Obama has done with executive action? And
that`s going to put him even further into the corner on immigration reform.
I mean, the Republicans are going to have to do something to help out their
candidate in 2016.

Annette, tell me if I`m wrong on that. Your thoughts.

TADDEO: Actually you`re right. Jeb Bush from right here in Florida
already came out and said that he believes this was a mistake by the
President, which is really disappointing because, you know, I mean, I
thought he was one of the ones that was pro-immigration but I guess, when
you`re running...


TADDEO: ... for President all of a sudden you`re not anymore. I don`t
know. It`s so sad, so sad.

SCHULTZ: We`ll have you both back. Henry Fernandez and also Annette
Taddeo, great to you with us. It`s a big for America, no question about

And this is a real opportunity now for the Republicans to prove that they
deserved that votes that they got.

Coming up, we are closer to a decision from the grand jury in Ferguson,
Missouri. We`ll bring you the latest.

But first, empty suit, we have breaking details about John Boehner`s
lawsuit against the President.

Keep it here.



BOEHNER: Are you willing to let any president choose what was to execute
and what laws to change? Are you willing to let anyone tear apart what our
founders have built?


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. The Republican attack on Obamacare
is now headed to the courts.

Today, the House filed its lawsuit against the administration of the
implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The suit alleges
unconstitutional and unlawful actions taken by the administration.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell and Treasury Secretary
Jacob Lew and their departments are named as the defendants not the

Lawsuit takes on the President`s move to postpone the employer mandate.
Parts of the mandate are delayed a year and others two years.

Republicans are calling a cost-sharing program in the ACA an unlawful
giveaway. It will provide $175 billion to insurance companies over the
next 10 years.

That suits says, "Congress has not appropriated funds for the program and
the administration is using a separate treasury account for the payments."

White House Spokesperson responded to today`s action saying, "Instead of
passing legislation to help expand the middle class and grow the economy,
Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are spending hundreds of thousands of
taxpayer dollars pursuing a lawsuit that is without any sound legal basis."

The latest attack on the law that`s provided more than 10 million people
with health care coverage in this country is going to be heard at the D.C.
District Court.

Joining me tonight, Congressman Jim McDermott of Washington. Congressman,
good to have you with us tonight. What do you make...


SCHULTZ: ... of this lawsuit now that -- you bet, number one the timing of
it and the specifics of it? What jumps at you?

MCDERMOTT: Well, first of all Ed, it`s round three of attacks on the
President in the courts. And this one is about as weak as they could be.

When you bring a lawsuit, you bring a lawsuit because someone has done
something to damage you. And that means you already have standing (ph),
you`ve been damaged.

The speaker has not in damaged. The American people have not been damaged.
The President has been trying to provide health care for all Americans.
And the fact that he delayed it for a year which is what John Boehner said
he wanted.

Now, John Boehner is attacking him for doing exactly what he asked the
President to do. It`s nonsensical when you look at it. If you know the
details, you know they`re just making another wild swing at the President.
They won`t even have it taken up by the court, I don`t think.

SCHULTZ: I find it ironic that the very industry that the Republicans cozy
up to the insurance industry, they`re concerned about $175 billion to
insurance companies and then they call it an unlawful giveaway.

It`s really ironic to say the least but, it`s almost as if they`ll write
anything and try any angle at this point. Do you think that the President
overstepped his authority in this case?

MCDERMOTT: Absolutely not. The President had the opportunity to take
comment from people and people said, "We`ll if an employer has less than 50
employees, it`s going to be a lot of problem for us to do it right away.
Could you give us another year?" So he did give them another year which is
what John Boehner wanted him to do. I mean, there`s nothing in that that
is wrong.

The other issue of whether or not he`s given subsidies to people buying
insurance because they got it through a federal government. Exchange is
really twisting the whole meaning of the law.

We want individuals to have responsibility to buy their own insurance. We
know that some people can`t and you have to give them some subsidies,
people up to 400 percent of poverty. So, if you do that, you are really
helping them buy insurance and be responsible citizens.

And John Boehner says he shouldn`t have done it because they lived in a
state where the Governor was unwilling to be a participant in the program.
It`s done by the federal government. It`s another nonsensical kind of
attack on the President`s attempt to do what`s right for the American

SCHULTZ: Crazy things happen in a court room. What if this lawsuit is
successful, then what?

MCDERMOTT: Well, the law will come down. I mean, there`s no question, if
you start taking away the subsidies for people making between $20,000 and
$56,000 a year. They`re not going to be able to afford their health
insurance so they`re not going to be able to get their own policy,
therefore, they would have to pay a fine. And the fines are going to go up
this year.

I mean, there is pressure. We want everyone to pay their fair share. We
don`t believe that Americans should be free riders. If you`re sick today
Ed, they`ll take you down to the hospital and take care of you no matter
whether you have money or not. And -- the President says...


MCDERMOTT: ... "Let`s try and fix that by getting everybody with

And these guys on the other side, they believe in responsibility but they
simply don`t want to help the average citizen, the middle class pay for
their insurance, its nuts.

SCHULTZ: And that is the way it is. Congressman Jim McDermott, good to
have you with us tonight my friend. Thanks so much.

We have new details coming out at Ferguson, Missouri. How the holiday week
ahead could play a role on how things play out.

But next, your question Ask Ed Live coming up on the Ed Show.

We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. I appreciate all your questions.

Tonight in our Ask Ed Live, our first question is from Mike. He wants to
know, "Have you ever seen as much snow in a short time in Minnesota as we
had in Buffalo this week?"

The short answer is no, and the only thing that really comes to mind is a
storm that hit Eastern North Dakota and West Central Minnesota back in
1984. The storm just kind of came out at nowhere.

And the blowing and drifting caused all kinds of problems. I`m not quite
sure how much snow has actually fell on us then but it had to be at least a
foot. And there were fatalities there because people weren`t expecting it
the snow and it just kind of came out at nowhere.

That was bad but nothing like what we`ve seeing in Buffalo. No question
about it.

Lots more coming up on the Ed Show. Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is

Market Wrap.

Investors cheer, a surprise rate cut by China Central Bank. The Dow gains
91 points to close at a new record. The S&P also hits a new high up 10 and
NASDAQ adding 11 points.

GAP was not a part of today`s rally. Share sunk more than 4 percent after
the retailer cut its full-year earnings forecast and its sales fell.

As for the economy unemployment dropped in most U.S. States last month. It
rose in 5, it remains unchanged in 11.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Three protesters were arrested
overnight in Ferguson, Missouri.

Demonstrations continue in the St. Louis area. We`re still waiting to see
what the grand jury is going to do, what their decision is going to be as
to whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

Wilson has not been seen in public since fatally shooting an 18-year-old
unarmed teenager back in August. Rumors are circulating about Darren
Wilson`s resignation following a report on CNN.

The Jennings School District in Ferguson is bracing for an announcement.
Schools will be -- remained closed Monday and Tuesday due to a potential

Not even the Thanksgiving holiday could keep Best Buy from closing its
doors nationwide, protest will -- a spokesperson from the electronics
retailer said they plan to close at least one of their stores when the
grand jury decision comes out.

Today Eric Holder released a video statement calling for restraint.


ERIC HOLDER, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: Demonstrations like these have the
potential to spark a sustained and positive national dialogue, to provide
momentum to a necessary conversation and to bring about critical reform.
But history has also shown us that the most successful and enduring
movements for change are those that adhere to nonaggression and
nonviolence. And so I ask all those who seek to lend their voice to
important causes and discussion...


SCHULTZ: Our Rapid Response Panel is Reverent Traci Blackmon also he is a
Ferguson Commission appointee, also with us tonight Trymaine Lee who is a
MSNBC reporter, great to have both of you with us tonight. Traci, you

The emotion it seems to be bottled up right now Reverent. What`s being
done on the ground to promote peaceful demonstrations in the aftermath of
whatever decision is made?

protests have been peaceful all along. We`ve made some efforts to make
sure that that continues throughout the announcement. We expect that
people will flood into the streets, that`s really doesn`t have anything to
do with what the announcement might be. They`re going to flood into the
streets to celebrate or they`re going to flood into the streets to mourn.

We have designated churches as safe spaces for those who don`t want to be
in the midst of the crowd. They can go there with family members. They
can go there if they don`t want to be alone, to be in places where people
would gather to pray, or just to spend time together. We also have what
we`re calling safe sanctuaries that will places where should there be the
unfortunate event of any escalation by law enforcement or by someone in the
protest movement.

We have churches that have cooperated with us to open their doors so that
people who don`t want to be in the middle of the that, people who want just
peaceful protest will be able to go to those places in the event of
anything like that.

SCHULTZ: Reverend I have to ask you. You know you community, if the grand
jury comes back and does not render a decision on prosecution, what do you
think the community is going to do?

BLACKMON: If the jury comes back and does not render a decision saying
that Darren Wilson will indeed by indicted, there will be great grief and
great mourning, and yes great anger in the community. But, everyone on
both sides of this I pray, want peace. No one wants a community destroyed.
We want to continue to move forward.

So whether he is indicted or whether he is not indicted, this movement does
not stop. This has unearthed once again long-standing issues in the
African American community in Ferguson, in St. Louise and beyond. And we
want to use this opportunity to address those issues. So whether or not
the indictment is a bill or a no bill, we will continue lifting up these
issues, lifting up dialogue, hopefully to move forward in positive and
progressive ways to make systemic changes in these communities.

SCHULTZ: Trymaine Lee how is the community responding to the arrest last

TRYMAINE LEE, MSNBC NATIONAL REPORTER: After of weeks of relative calm
outside the Ferguson police department, these new arrest, these new protest
represent kind of return of vigor on the part of these protesters. But
also on the behalf of police, if you go to social media, you`ll see that
the face-offs, that (inaudible) ubiquitousness entire situation. And then
you see one officer going in and tackling one of the protesters.

And so folks now are seem to be razzing (ph) themselves up for what may or
may not comedown the pipe this weekend or in the coming days. And so,
again the arrests kind of symbolize perhaps a sign of things to come.

SCHULTZ: What are the business owners doing? I mean are people on the
edge of their seat? Are they nervous? Are they afraid? What kind of
emotion are you seeing?

LEE: Well, certainly here on West Florissant Avenue which have been ground
zero for many, many weeks following the death of Michael Brown. You can`t,
you know, find a business that doesn`t have their windows board up, across
the street, down the street, they`re all boarded up in anticipation of, you
know, hundreds of people out in the street and the possibility and the fear
of looting.

But now there are other places, other location that may very well also see
protest like the Shaw neighborhood in St. Louis where another young black
man was killed, over in Cleveland by the court house where the announcement
-- of the grand jury announcement will likely be read. Now those
businesses haven`t boarded up their shops but there is -- conversations
among those folks and, you know, "Should we file a suit? How bad it will
it be, will law enforcement adequately protect us?"

And so as we`re in the eve of what could be this announcement, you know,
these business owners are -- as you mentioned sitting on the edge of their
seats and waiting.

BLACKMON: Let me say it though...

SCHULTZ: Reverend Traci Blackmon...

BLACKMON: ... those businesses are boarded up -- those business are
boarded up not just for the possibility of looting, but they`re also
boarded up because we don`t know what the aggression will be. Should be
tear gas begun to be thrown, should there be rubber bullets again, should
there be wooden bullets again, all of those things also present the
possibility of damage to businesses.

And not just are they boarded up, but if you`re out on the ground, you`d
know that there`s a massive campaign that is being put on by protesters to
put large pictures of hands on all of those boards to try to bring back the
humanity focus in this.

Again, both sides need to want to move forward...


BLACKMON: And both sides need to proceed with caution.

SCHULTZ: Well Reverend, I have to ask you, has law enforcement
communicated to the community what they will tolerate and where they will
draw the line?

BLACKMON: Law enforcement, my interactions and that`s what I`m speaking
with -- speaking for right now, my interactions with law enforcement by my
self and also with protesters has not been meet with a large amount of
disclosure. Right now law enforcement is taking the stands, at least
publicly that no matter what protesters do that they will respond with

That is problematic because the people are going to exercise their first
amendment rights and there are going to be acts of civil disobedience. It
is important that we make a distinction between violence and civil
disobedience. If when...


BLACKMON: ... engages in acts of civil disobedience then it is reasonable
and expected that one might be arrested for that. Because by it`s very
nature is to breaking of the law, for instance, if you say stay on the
sidewalk and someone is blocking the street, you have every right to arrest
that person. We expect that, but we expect to be treated with dignity and
to be treated with our full humanity value so you could arrest someone


BLACKMON: ... throwing them to the ground. There`s no need for people to
-- for the law enforcement to act extremely, aggressively because masses of
people are gathered. The protesters will, will demonstrate and will use
their first amendment rights. And that is no reason for violence to

SCHULTZ: All right.

BLACKMON: So I`m calling...

SCHULTZ: Thank you Reverend.

BLACKMON: ... on both sides, certainly the protesters can`t control
everything that happens on their side and law enforcement obviously can`t
control everything that happens on their side. I`m calling for peace for
both sides.

BLACKMON: All right Reverent Traci Blackmon, I appreciate that tonight and
also Trymaine Lee, thanks so much for your report in Ferguson.

Coming up, 100,000 and counting. The petition against the Duggars is
growing by the minute. Details on the reality show scandal ahead.

Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: NFL, the Jets-Bills game is being moved to Detroit as Buffalo
digs out. The roads still are not clear there, so today Bills players are
getting a cold ride to work, take a look.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Over 130,000 people have signed a petition at calling for the
cancellation of the popular TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting".
Critics say the family`s recent Anti-LGBT statements have gone just too
far. Matriarch Michelle Duggar did a robocall in August when the city
council of Fayetteville, Arkansas was considering an anti-gay
discrimination ordinance.


voting on an ordinance this Tuesday night that would allow men -- yes I
said men -- to use women`s and girl`s restrooms, locker rooms, showers,
sleeping areas, and other areas that are designated for females only.

I don`t believe the citizens of Fayetteville would want males, with past
child predator convictions, that claim they are female to have a legal
right to enter private areas reserved for women and girls.

We should never place the preference of an adult over the safety and
innocence of a child. Parents, who do you want undressing next to your
daughter at the public swimming pool`s private changing area?


SCHULTZ: The ordinance still passed and prohibits businesses and public
accommodations from discriminating against people based on sexual
orientation or gender identity. This isn`t the first time the Duggar
family has used their influence to fear monger. The family`s oldest son
Josh Duggar works at the Family Research Council which has been labeled as
a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Joining me tonight is political commentator and T.V. host John Fugelsang,
John I surrender, I have to tell you, I don`t watch this program so I --
but based on what I`ve just been exposed to, why is this on T.V.? Should
this show be canceled? Your thoughts.

heard the transphobic comments my first thought was Dugger what? Dugger

But, I`m going to go against the green (ph) of a lot of progressives and
say that I don`t think this show should be canceled. Now, here`s why, I am
not a fan of the show, I don`t know when the learning channel became the
"Learn to be dumb" channel.

When I think of Steven Hawking have grown up watching this network, he`d
have trouble with the "holy, your, your" (ph) thing. But, I think enough
Americans have lost jobs in this economy already. I don`t want to make all
the crew and staff that work on this show, as their as well. And I think
that having people saying dumb things like this -- and believe me, if dumb
was here, she`d be a rookie because this was really, really dumb hateful
thing she said.

But I think that the public benefits from this, because transgenderphobia
is a serious issue not for a lot of people but if you care about those who
are less fortunate than we, if you care about the minority, you do care
about this. It was full of lies, what she said and I`d love to break that
down but I don`t think that canceling the show where these comments were
not made is a fair solution to these comments.

SCHULTZ: All right and we`ll have to leave it there.

FUGELSANG: Well just remember -- sorry go ahead please.

SCHULTZ: We`ve seen other shows go through some controversy like "Duck
Dynasty", Phil Robertson. I guess there was a suspension there and they`re
still back at it but not with the same viewership maybe the Duggars will go
through the same thing. John Fugelsang, I appreciate your time tonight,
thanks so much.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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