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Why Frey's testimony is important

Frey and Peterson's relationship sounds more like more than just the two-night fling the defense is claiming.

“The Abrams Report” obtained those police records that detail about six dates between Amber Frey and Scott Peterson, depending on how you define "date." According to prosecutors, the two spoke on the phone 241 times and there are reports that there maybe an additional 100 phone calls between them. 

This all leads up to one of the big questions in this case:  Were they in a relationship as prosecutors claim, thereby providing a motive for Scott Peterson to want to kill his wife, or was it just a fling as the defense has argued? 

Maybe the details can help answer that question:

  • November 20, 2003, their first date.  Frey and Peterson meet at a Fresno bar, but almost immediately they leave to go to a nearby hotel so Peterson can “change and shower.”  She accompanies him there.  Peterson brought wine and strawberries to share before dinner. Peterson then showers, changes his clothes, and the two then do go out to dinner. 
  • Scott arranges for a private room at the restaurant.  After dinner, they move to a nearby bar where they slow dance until closing time.  They then go to a local market, buy some gin and tonic.  They go back to the hotel room where they had,  “protected sex.” 
  • Their next date, December 2, 2003, Peterson and Frey drop her daughter off at preschool, then they head out for a hike and a picnic lunch.  They return to Frey's home, ate dinner together.  Peterson spends the night. 
  • The next day, December 3, 2003, Peterson takes Frey and her daughter to shop for a Christmas tree.  This is the date where he tells Frey he's never been married.  Frey saw Peterson three more times and says she learned that Peterson was married and was Laci's husband just a few weeks later, on December 29.  That was a few days after Laci went missing.  She contacted police the next day. 

My take? This sounds more like more than just a two-night fling the defense is claiming.  I didn't know that flings included taking a woman's child to preschool and buying a Christmas tree with her. 

Peterson's girlfriend will be a crucial witness for the prosecution.  She audiotaped hours of conversations with Peterson where he made statements about his wife being dead and being able to see Amber more in January, the month after Laci disappeared. 

The defense will try to portray her as a scorned woman, as an angry woman out to get the man who lied to her. 

I'm sure she is angry and I'm sure she feels scorned.  I'm sure she's furious about being lied to, about being completely deceived by a man who she loved.  Whether he loved her or not is irrelevant, he wooed her, tried to make her fall for him.  I expect she'll be attacked and ridiculed by the defense for that.  I feel sorry for Amber Frey because no matter what she's done in her life, she doesn't deserve this. 

Not only was she fooled and then humiliated, and then scrutinized—she was then placed at the center of this media circus. Now the defense may even suggest she was somehow involved in Laci's murder. 

One thing she should feel grateful for is the fact that much of it is on tape, otherwise the defense would be saying she's lying about everything. 

Amber Frey has resisted the temptation of TV interviews and big bucks in the tabloids. 

She's done exactly what some snobs would say people of higher socio-economic background would or should do, which is just say no. 

Amber Frey may leave this case a disgraced woman but no matter what, I'll always feel sympathy for what she has been forced to endure. If she tells the truth and nothing but the truth, she should walk away proud that she survived the ordeal.