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The Ed Show for Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

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Date: December 23, 2014
Guest: Gregory Meeks, Joy Marsh Stephens, Jonathan Alter, Ana Rivas Logan,
Mitch Ceasar, Kim Serafin

CRAIG MELVIN, THE ED SHOW HOST: Today, video surface showing the suspected
gunman, who fatally shot those two officers before killing himself.
Ismaaiyl Brinsley was seen inside of Brooklyn mall midday before the
incident. The police believe that he was carrying a gun in a plastic bag,
shown in that video there. And police at this point, anyone with
information about Brinsley`s where about before the incident to contact
them immediately. Mayor Bill de Blasio held a moment of silence at 2:47
this afternoon, the precise moment officer Lui and Ramos where gun down.


MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO, (D) NEW YORK CITY: Taking to the families, hearing
what motivated these good young men to serve. It`s a reminder to us all,
it`s humbling. It reminds us that we have to keep serving. We have to
keep working for something better. But there`s a lot of pain right now.
We have to work our way through that pain. We have to keep working to
bring police and community closer together. We have to work for that more
perfect union.


MELVIN: Mayor de Blasio also paid his respect to the two officers this
morning, during a visit to memorial at the side of the Brooklyn murder in
Bed-Stuy. There are tensions between de Blasio and the police unions, also
seem to have cooled a bit. The mayor still calling for peace, calm and
civility throughout the city, to mourn the fallen officers.

A funeral for Officer Ramos is plan for Saturday. Plans for Officer Lui
are on hold until family members arrive from China. He and wife had only
been married for who months. His widow says she`s thankful for all the


PEI XIA CHEN, WIDOW OF OFFICER WENJIAN LIU: The Lui family would like to
express our gratitude and appreciation through the police depart, our
neighbors, the entire New York City community, friends and coworkers for
the help and support they provide. We will also like to express our
condolence to the Officer Ramos family. This is a difficult times for both
of our families. But we will stand together and get through this together.


MELVIN: Here in New York City, most seem to be heeding calls from state of
local leader who asked demonstration surrounding police reform to be put on
hold. In the middle of country however, protest against police practices
continued. The justice department announced Monday, that it will review
the fatal shooting of a 31 year old black man, white police officer in
Wisconsin, the civil rights division, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney for
East in Wisconsin, will determine if the department should pursue a federal
civil right prosecution.

That announcement came just hours after the Milwaukee County District
Attorney decline to charge former Officer Christopher Manney with the
crime. Manney Shoot Dontre Hamilton at least 13 times after a
confrontation Red Arrow Park. Manney said that this action were in self-
defense believing that he was endanger. Manney was not fired for the
killing itself but was fired from the Milwaukee police force in October for
failing to follow department rules and the moments leading up to the
altercation. The district attorney maintains former officer Manney`s use
of deadly force was justified.


assessing whether or not under these facts and circumstances, he was
confronted with a situation to pose (ph) the real threat of death or great
(inaudible)? And was he justified in using force in this circumstance?
And was the amount of force appropriate? My conclusion is yes.


MELVIN: Hamilton`s family said that he has treatment for schizophrenia but
he was nonviolent in Milwaukee polices since worked to implement crisis
intervention team training for working with people in psychiatric crisis.
Protests are expected to continue in the region as the investigation
develops. Dozens where arrested over the week and after demonstrators
shutdown part of this interstate roadway.

Governor Scott Walker has approve county sheriff request for National Guard
response if need. While, protester in Wisconsin remains vigilant, New York
has pause at a critical time in the national conversation. The question
remains, will the protest pause in New York City? Some momentum gained in
the national conversation on race and police activity.

I`m joined now by Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York. And let`s start
with that question. I mean, do you think that the pause here in New York
City is going to anyway shape former passion? Slow the movement

REP. GREGORY MEEKS, (D) NEW YORK: No. I think that the justice department
and the Attorney General Eric Holder will still continue their various
investigations and as we have said all along that the problem is not a New
York problem, it`s a national problem. And so I think that -- what
individuals do in other areas will continue and we`re just asking out of
respect for the two slain police officers...


MEEKS: ... that there`ll be no demonstration until -- after their

MELVIN: Most scene to be heating that call by the way. I have not seen or
heard a great deal about demonstrations around the city. Have you?

MEEKS: Yeah -- No, I have not. I mean, I`ve heard that some may -- want
to do it but clearly it`s not any party, anybody that has been leadership
of some of the other demonstration that have take place and I think that if
you listen to the relatives of Mr. Garner.


MEEKS: ... they are all honoring it and Reverent Sharpton. So I think
that -- And we listen to the Borough President of Brooklyn, Eric Adams and
the Mayor of course. So I think that we`re together on that because we
want to make sure that we respect the individual families who`re still
mourning the lost their loves one.

MELVIN: Mayor Bill de Blasio talks about easing the tension in the city
before the moment of silent this afternoon. This is just (inaudible) of
what he said.


DE BLASIO: We have to put the division of the past behind us and we`re
left to all of us in this generation that we have to overcome them. We
need to protect and respect our police just us our police protect and
respect our communities. We can strike that balance, we must.


MELVIN: There`s been a noticeable shift in tone from Mayor de Blasio over
the past few days. You think that`s been helpful?

MEEKS: Well, I think Mayor de Blasio has always been trying to bring the
city together. You know, it`s a big city and there had been a lot of
voices of individuals who have talk about, and who`ve just ask for justice
within the criminal justice department. But at all times, I never heard
the Mayor or the President or anyone else...


MEEKS: ... say into the (inaudible) that police officers we need them,
they are good and this is not antipolice and we do not want any violence
whatsoever. So I think that has been the message that`s been throughout
with the families and with the mayor.

MELVIN: How do you think that message got (inaudible) modeled? I mean,
how do you think it was that some folks came to try and co-opt the message
or even perhaps the movement to a certain (inaudible)?

MEEKS: Well, I think unfortunately the kinds of rhetoric that the
president of the Police Benevolent Association, Mr. Lynch has talked about.
That wraps it up.


MEEKS: And what I`ve heard from former Mayor Giuliani, that wraps it up.
But -- And that`s what they did. The city was the most divided city, you
know, (inaudible) that specially around race when Giuliani was the mayor.

And so their using that same rhetoric that`s causing the city to be divided
again. I would hope that Mr. Lynch would then tone down some of that
rhetoric. As you said, you know, and Mr. de Blasio, have some behind the
scenes dialogue and conversations, so we can pull this city back together.

MELVIN: Protesters who`re concern about police reform in this country.
We`re going to talk to one of them in just a few moments. A protesters who
are out there in their front lines, concern about that. What should be the
next step for them?

MEEKS: Well, I think that the mayor has said the right thing with
reference to retraining the police officers and having folks to understand
the attitude and what would be the proper respect that`s given to him. I
think the worse message is when you have police officers turning back on
the mayor,...


MEEKS: ... you know, that is slack -- shows a lack of respect and I was
always taught respect gets respect. So we`ve got to figure how we dial
(ph) this thing back in that regards because that is the exact wrong
message. In fact in many of the communities that are asking for police
reform it is because the way at times certain police officers just come in
without any respect to various folks there. And these are good folks. And
they want that to change. And I think that`s public cry there. So the
police department hears that clearly. I hope they also hear that we are
not antipolice.

MELVIN: You got to wonder there was some -- next time something like this
happens in the city. God forbid it happens at some point here in the near
future. What is that point to me and for dynamic between, you know, the
Mayor`s Officers and law enforcement? And what is that going to mean for
the dynamic between other people who live in the city and the police who
are sworn to protect them?

MEEKS: Look, I would hope, you know, because of the tragic lost of these
two police officers and the tragic lost of Mr. Garner that we have more
dialogue and conversations. I know for example, I`ve already met with my
district attorney to just talk about how we can do this better. I intend
to talk to the commanders in my local precincts. Sort to talk about how we
can do this better, to make sure that there`s more of interrelationship...


MEEKS: ... and interaction between the community and the police
departments. I would think that if we can do that before and pray that
there is not another circumstance like this on either side Mr. Garner or
the police officers who was assassinated, that if such tragedy takes place,
we at least will have that base from which to work from.

MELVIN: Someone pointed out earlier today and I think the point was made
yesterday as well that something that has gotten lost in all of these point
made by the killer`s sister, said here`s a guy who was arrested, you know,
more than 15 times, spend two years in prison, clearly had some issues.
And according to her sister could get help in the system. He has manages
to slip through the cracks time and time again. And something like this
ends up happening.

MEEKS: And that`s the real issue here.

MELVIN: But what can be -- but what can realistically be done about that?

MEEKS: Well it`s difficult, because the first thing that came to my mind
actually, not that this was retribution because of Mr. Brown or Mr. Garner.
But what happen to my colleague in Arizona...

MELVIN: Gabby Giffords.

MEEKS: ... Gabby Giffords. So that`s -- the first thing when I heard it,
the first thing I though about it must to be someone to arrange because
nobody in their right mind would do such -- or commit such an act.

MELVIN: But you and I both know that anytime you start trying to have a
conversation -- a reasonable conversation about -- and I`m even reluctant
to use the freeze gun control. But when you have a conversation about guns
in this country, that`s it. I mean it`s not, you know.

MEEKS: That`s absolutely true, part of the -- the other part of the news
today was the guns that where being smuggled through the airport...


MEEKS: ... in Atlanta and coming here through JFK. We`ve got to do
something about that. You know, to get rid of these guns that get in their
hands. But we also -- and it gets in the hands of individuals who do not
need them. But we`ve got to do something about those individuals who do
need mental health.

And sometimes when we incarcerate individuals, as you`ve indicated he was
incarcerated for two years, maybe that was -- have a new -- that should
have been available to detect the mental problem so that could be address
and not just incarcerated without trying to fix that underlying

MELVIN: As guest said to me on a program here on MSBNC awhile back, I know
of no one how`s ever gone to prison and come out better, on the other side.
Congressman Meeks, thank always so much for your insight and prospect.
Have very Merry Christmas sir.

MEEKS: Thank you.

MELVIN: I want to bring in some else right now. This is Joy Marsh
Stephens. She`s with the PICO National Network. She is joining us tonight
from Minneapolis. Good to see you and thanks for being with me Joy. In
response to the killing.


MELVIN: . Dontre Hamilton, the Milwaukee police, as you know, trying to
implement training for dealing with psychiatric crisis. Do you believe
that that response is sufficient?

STEPHENS: Well certainly I think there is an appropriate response as we
look at about the mental health factors that come into play. But in
addressing that form a systemic level I`m not from the Milwaukee area, so I
can`t speak specifically to dealing of this specific case. But I can say
as we look at gun violence prevention nationwide, one of the things we need
to take into account is how we can address mental health and expanding
access to mental health services for individuals who need it most. And
actually taken into account the mental health of individuals who seek to
obtain weapons, and as one way to demising out of gun violence we`re facing
in this country today.

MELVIN: What are you hearing on the ground from community organizers about
police reform and about those who have been marching and will continue to
march with police reform? What next for their efforts?

STEPHENS: Well certainly on the ground here in Minnesota area where I
live, it`s continued, the tension through our black lives matter,
Minneapolis movement and drawing attention to the need for systemic change,
not just at the national level but certainly at the local level.

We hear names like Eric Garner and Michael Brown, but those names are
indicated with lots of other names including names here in the Minneapolis,
Saint Paul area. And they need to draw attention to addressing the ways in
which our police are being held accountable or not being held accountable
by our community. So we definitely need systemic change.

MELVIN: Your organization, as I understand and you correct me if I`m
wrong, a very instrumental in the weekend protest there, at mall of
America. A number of arrest there, has I understand it correct?

STEPHENS: Well certainly, the federal that -- I`m a part of ISAIAH, where
a PICO federation here in Minnesota, we did play a part in the action that
happened at the mall of America last Saturday. But we`ve played a part out
of many other organizations under the leadership of black lives matter
movement in Minneapolis coming together, organizing 3,000 folks into mall
of America. It was truly a historic and powerful opportunity to disrupt
the status quo and to say that it`s not OK to continue behaving as though
things are the same as they always happen.

But the nation is crying out for greater accountability by our police to
the local people that live inside our communities, certainly those who are
most affected by the disproportionate number of death in the black

MELVIN: Joy, here`s a thing, I think a lot of folks in this country when
they think about, you know, police reform or the necessity for police
reform. They think about New York or Chicago or they think about typically
major metropolitan areas. I don`t think a lot of folks think, "Oh my
goodness Minneapolis, Minnesota is a place where there needs to be this
kind of effort, you know."

STEPHENS: Well absolutely, and I think you raise a fair point. I mean
certainly, these issues are not just indicative to the New York`s and then
the Chicago`s and Los Angeles and of the world. They`re indicative of
small communities. I live in a small suburb of Minneapolis and the
tensions between police and communities of color are not -- like I said,
they`re unique to (inaudible) -- Ferguson, Missouri. It`s not a large.


STEPHENS: . metropolitan area.

MELVIN: Not (inaudible).

STEPHENS: But certainly we`re seeing what happen with Michael Brown there.
So as we look at addressing this issue of police brutality and the black
community, it is an issue that impacts all of us across the nation, bottom-
line. And it`s an issue that those people who`re good people of their
conscious need to be able to lift their voices right now, at this time when
there`s heighten attention to it and begin to speak the true that it`s time
for systemic change and not that all police are bad. But that the
situation certainly is a situation that needs to be turned around.

MEVLIN: Lastly, how have the killings of the two officers here in New York
City -- how has that change your approach to activism on this particular
issue or has it?

STEPHENS: It certainly has not changed my approach. I`m saddened by death
of two officers in New York. And there`s a tragedy to say the very least
that the taking of live in any level is unfortunate, especially in such
violent ways in which that happen. But in my opinion, from my advantage
point, its tie to the protest. It`s not tie to the public outcry around
all black lives mattering. It is tied to a greater systemic issue with
regard to just mental health of this individual. I mean clearly, an
opportunities or missed along the way for this man to get the health that
he needed.

Those individuals who`re still crying out for greater accountability for
our police, I would encourage them to continue to cry out, continue the
movements, continue the action, continue drawing people in.


STEPHENS: But not disruption for the sake of disruption, certainly looking
at the ways in which we can create the systemic policy change that`s going
to be needed, to actually bring our communities back together.

MELVIN: Joy Marsh Stephens, I`ve never talk to you on television before.
But I`ve enjoyed your insights, this is been enlightening. Thank you.

STEPHENS: Thank you.

MELVIN: Thank you very much, you have to come back.


MELVIN: By the way, just a few moments ago, we learned that Vice President
Joe Biden will be attending the services for Officer Rafael Ramos on
Saturday. Again, Vice President Biden expected to be here in New York City
for that funeral. Of course we will continue to follow the story and bring
you any new developments as they happen throughout the hour.

Coming up though, severe whether rocks the south. Not just the south,
we`re looking at the forecast around country and how it is going to impact
your holiday travel. And unfortunately I can tell you the news, not good.

Also, Jeb and Christie`s excellent adventure. The Rapid Response Panel
will weigh in on the latest 2016 news. This is the Ed Show on MSNBC.



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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry
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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Holiday travelers can expect a wet or white Christmas

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The eastern two-thirds of the country dealing with
all sorts of wild weather today.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look what`s going on up in the Twin Cities in the upper
Midwest. That does not look like fun to drive on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We could also see some accumulating snow through the
afternoon and evening on Christmas Eve back to Chicago.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On Christmas Eve, every major hub city in the Midwest
and the East could be affected by wind and heavy rain.



MELVIN: Bah Humbug indeed. Steven Sosna is here. Meteorologist for WNBC
here in New York City.

So we know it`s going to be bad. We`ve gathered that much. I guess the
question is, how bad is it going to be? And for how long?

STEVEN SOSNA, METEOROLOGIST, WNBC: It really depends where you are Craig.


SOSNA: I mean places in the South, they`re getting huge storms right now
and that really is our number one concern right now. So if you`re living
along the gulf coast, these are storms you really have to take seriously.
We`ve seen 45 reports of severe weather, just today alone nine reports of
tornadoes. We`ve seen damaged in places like Mississippi and in areas of
Louisiana where trees are down, people actually trapped in homes. So
that`s why we really need to alert you.

If you are at these places right now, don`t go anywhere. We don`t want you
driving on the road ways, Interstate 10, 59, 55, these are the problems
spots at the moment. In addition to tornadoes, we`ve been seeing flash
flooding and also a lot of lightning strikes. So a closer look at the
line. These are torrential down force. If you`re driving on these
roadways, you`ll want to pull over. The good news, they`re moving in about
55 to 60 miles per hour. So they`re in and out here pretty quickly.

Here is the storm system. It`s massive as we`ve been telling you. It
takes up a lot of real state anywhere from Texas all the way up through
areas of New England. The Northeast, quiet right now even though there are
airport delay due to clouds and fog. We will see the storm right up the
coast. That looks like heavy rain for New York City. Philadelphia and
Washington, wet not, white in these locations. The back part of the storm,
a different story.

MELVIN: Steven, I`ve got to ask you a selfish question here. My wife
insisted that I ask it because we`ve got an 11:00 flight tomorrow in
Pittsburgh. Any chance that we are going to not get delayed from La

SOSNA: I hate to break the news to you. But you can break it your wife.

my wife and sister but I asked it because we`ve got an 11:00 o`clock flight
tomorrow, in Pittsburgh. Any chance that we are going to not get delayed
from La Guardia.

SOSNA: I hate to break the news to you. But you can break it your wife.

MELVIN: Highlight that (ph).

SOSNA: Yeah, we have a chance of airport delays tomorrow. It looks like
that there will be clouds, the rain. Best chance getting out, in the
morning hours. Looks like it really turns stormy during the afternoon and
evening. Wind gust 40 to 50 miles per hour, heavy duty rain.

MELVIN: So the earlier the better basically.

SOSNA: Earlier the better. Get out in the Northeast.

MELVIN: Anyone going to get a white Christmas?

SOSNA: Chicago.

MELVIN: Chicago.

SOSNA: If you live in Chicago, up and around the Great Lake states.
They`ll make out the nice three to six inches with the storm system.

MELVIN: Steven Sosna, good to see you my friend. Thank you so much.

SOSNA: Thank you Craig.

MELVIN: I appreciate you. Still to come. What`s Jeb Bush and Chris
Christie, what they must do to rock the boat (ph)? The rapid response
panel will join us. A little bit later, dramatic reading in the two minute
drill. Just because Ed is not here, doesn`t mean I can`t do sports. You
don`t want to miss this. Keep it here.


MELVIN: And welcome back to this Christmas Eve edition of the ED Show.
Pope Francis has some New Year`s resolutions for the Vatican. He took
church leaders by surprise, Monday. He also took them to task. And what`s
essentially the Vatican`s Christmas party, the punt refuse his annual
Christmas address to deliver a blistering critic of the most senior
cardinals, bishops and priests. The Pope likening the Vatican to an
"ailing body". He warned against what he called "spiritual Alzheimer`s"
and he didn`t stop there. He chastise his flock for arrogance, careerism,
gossip and a division infecting the Vatican bureaucracy. NBC Jim Maceda
has more from Rome.


JIM MACEDA, NBC NEWS: Catholics converge today on Saint Peter Square in
anticipation of Christmas. But inside the Vatican, the clergy was still
reeling from the public humiliation handed on Monday by their leader Pope
Francis. In his traditional Christmas speech, the Pope lash out at the
Vatican bureaucracy calling it a sick body, hypocritical, arrogant, and out
of touch. At times, Cardinals in the room look stunned by the Pope skiving

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In the past, he`s decided to use a softly, softly
approach, and this time he down literally like a ton of bricks.

MACEDA: It got worst. Francis, claiming some, acted as if they had
spiritual Alzheimer`s, blinded by worldly goods and petty rivalries,
forgetting why they even became priests. Why the attack? Some analysts
say it`s the Pope`s blunt way of telling his clerics they aren`t reforming
their church fast enough. If at all.

"There is a lot of resistance still to change," he said. "It`s actually
been increasing recently." It`s been in historic year to the first Latin-
American Pope softening the tone on gays within the church and helping to
mediate the breakthrough in relations between Cuba and the United States.
But the Pope`s biggest challenge could be the one closes to room, cleaning
up his own house.

While some Vatican watchers are saying that 2015 is shaping up to be a
showdown between Francis elected to reform a church mired in corruption and
scandal and the very man who elected him to do that job. I`m Jim Maceda of
NBC News reporting from Rome.


MELVIN: Stick around, the rapid response panel is next.

JOSH LIPTON, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Josh Lipton with your CNBC Market
Wrap. A historic day for the Dow, making its first close above the 18,000
level ever. The S&P adds three points pushing further into record
territory. The NASDAQ though ends down 16 points.

One of the factors boosting stocks today, economic growth was far stronger
than expected last quarter. The economy expanded in a 5 percent annual
rate, the strongest in 11 years. And consumer spending rose more than
expected in November, posting its biggest gain in three months.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


MELVIN: Welcome back to the ED Show. Former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush,
looking into running for president in 2016 could be causing some headaches
for other potential candidates now. Republican insider say, "Some big time
possible donors will be backing Jeb Bush if he runs rather than a Christ
Christie or a Marco Rubio." Last night Governor Christie talked about what
impact Jeb Bush might have on him running.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would you base your decision on?

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, (R) NEW JERSEY: Three things. Is it right for me?
Is it right for my family? Is it right for the country? If I answer yes.


CHRISTIE: Me, my family, the country. And if I answered yes to all three
of those things then I`ll run, and if I don`t answer yes to all three, then
I won`t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How much if at all does it matter to you that your good
friend and someone that you respect a great deal, Jeb Bush, has made it
clear that he -- looks like he may run.

CHRISTIE: It`s not one of the three questions.



MELVIN: OK. The latest in McClatchy-Marist poll on Republican President
(inaudible) shows the establishment holding strong among GOP voters. Mitt
Romney, first place right now, 23 percent. Jeb Bush, there he is in a
second place, to 15 percent. Christ Christie at 10. Mike Huckabee, Ben
Carson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, all trailing the pack as you can
see there.

Here`s what the latest NBC News Wall Street Journal poll looks like among
all voters. 33 percent, 33 percent say they could possibly support Mitt
Romney, while 60 percent opposed it. 31 percent of all voters say they
could see themselves supporting Jeb Bush versus 57 percent who would not
support him. 27 percent could back Chris Christie while 53 percent say
they could not support him.

More than a year before the first votes will be cast as you can see, it is
still very much anyone`s ball game. I`m joined now by the Rapid Response
Panel former - there he is. MSNBC Political Analyst, Jonathan Alter,
Former State Representative, Ana Rivas Logan, Mitch Ceasar who sits on the
Executive Board of the Democratic National Committee. Good to see all of
you. Let`s start with you Sir. Good to see you.


MELVIN: What would Jeb Bush in the raise mean for Chris Christie?

ALTER: It will mean that he will have a lot more trouble raising money.
Remember, most the money in this contest comes out of New York and
California and Chris Christie thought that he was going to have access to a
lot of the...


ALTER: ... established money, particularly in the New York area. But
suddenly Jeb Bush was really the establishment candidate and has, you know,
all these connections that go back literally, you know, 50 years in
American politics to doing his grandfather, not just his father but his
grandfather was the senator from Connecticut. You have from.

MELVIN: Prescott.

ALTER: Prescott Bush, exactly. You have a tremendous financial edge that
he would have and that`s got to give Chris Christie pause.

MELVIN: Ana, is there any way to people in Florida, folks in the Sunshine
state would support a Chris Christie over Jeb Bush?

pretty popular here especially among Republicans in the state of Florida
and frankly among independence and some Democrats as well. We remember him
as somebody who did a way with social promotion which was a very good thing
to do educationally. So I don`t think Chris Christie has - can get
anywhere in the state of Florida over Jeb Bush.

MELVIN: What about, you know, a lot of folks have made a great deal out of
Jeb Bush`s position on common core which obviously isn`t something that
would necessarily cost a general election, but in the primary battle. I
mean is that something that could make a difference at all?

LOGAN: Well, we just saw that. There was a stand off right now in the
governor`s raise with the common core and it really didn`t make head ways.
So I don`t think the common core is he`s going to make a big head way in
the state of Florida.

MELVIN: Mitch, what are you hearing? I mean, is Jeb Bush already starting
take some donors and supporters away from Christie down in Florida?

I think he has, you know, it`s really Chris Christie`s fault that Jeb Bush
is in this. I don`t think that.

MELVIN: How so? How so?

CEASAR: . Jeb is really looking hard at this rate, because I don`t think
he was really looking hard in this race until part and upon based on
Christie`s verbal skills and personal attitudes, so we could called it
bullying pulpit problem, literally.

I think until it each the problem area that he had a number of months back.
I don`t think Bush was looking at that. When he saw the faltering from the
gentleman from New Jersey, what occurred then is you began to look at it
harder. Donors began to look and say, "It`s a maybe."

I still think because Government Bush talked abut wanting to get into the
race with joy, which I believe him at that. Which of course, the race will
never be. But I think because of Marco Rubio from Florida, kind of acting
up or acting out a little bit, so to speak. It pushed Jeb to make a
decision faster.

I really think that Chris Christie has done himself irreparable harm. I
think that the establishment candidate as Jonathan said is he`s Jeb Bush.
And if I`m with those 340 party candidates.


CEASAR: . I`d want to (inaudible) behind one.

MELVIN: Jonathan, you know, everyone knows it, you know, because Chris
Christie, this brand of politics, this tough guy in New Jersey political
thing that he does. You know, he talked a little bit last night in that
same interview we played a clip. I mean, we talked about how he would
change his demeanor perhaps if he run for President.

This is what he said.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you have intention of doing anything to tone down,
do anything to alter your demeanor?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: No. Why would I? It`s who I am. I mean, you know, if
people want somebody different, then if I ever ran for President, then
they`d vote for somebody different. But I don`t intend to become a phony
to win an election.


MELVIN: How does work from him in the national stage?

ALTER: Well, I`m not sure it travels very well. That`s sort of a bully
boy image in New Jersey. But the thing I would caution everybody is that
these races are so fluids and Chris Christie is really only one great
debate performance away from being back in this thing. And they`ll go up
and down and, you know, they`ll be weeks where he`s -- looks like he`s
doing well, if he does end up running and weeks where Jeb Bush stumbles and
he isn`t doing so well.

But overall, you do see a situation where the Republicans establishment is
starting to close rank behind Jeb Bush financially.


ALTER: . to power you through the ups and downs of the campaign. You need
money. And that something I think Jeb Bush can have (inaudible).

MELVIN: I heard earlier today 30 million, is that conservative estimate in
terms of what it`s going to take for Republican to get the nomination?

ALTER: I think it`s going to be more than that. And it`s also going to be
a very negative campaign. You know, the Bush family is very good at
running negative...

MELVIN: Yeah, I remember Bob Jones very well.

ALTER: ... of the WASC (inaudible), right?

LOGAN: Here in the State of Florida it was $100 million governor`s race,
so it`s going to be a very expensive campaign.

MELVIN: Hey Ana -- I mean, is it fair to assume that Marco Rubio being
that Jeb Bush acolyte that he is? Is it safe to assume that he is not in
this thing if Jeb is in it?

LOGAN: Well, he has said flat out that that`s not going to impact his
decision but I think it does impact his decision. Absolutely, it does.

He can compete against Jeb Bush. I mean, I`ve worked with Marco. I worked
with Marco in Tallahassee. I know Marco personally.

MELVIN: Does he ready for (inaudible)?

LOGAN: I don`t think he`s ready yet. He needs to sit this one out.

MELVIN: Mitch, do you think that Chris Christie has put all the so called
Bridgegate stuff behind it?

CEASAR: I think he has to an extent. The problem is he had a certain
brand which he is sticking to but he`s kind of (inaudible) that brand.

If I`m Chris Christie, I have to score early in the primary calendar. You
have Iowa. You have New Hampshire which isn`t too far for New Jersey.

You know, once you get South Florida and South Carolina, those are trouble

MELVIN: It`s all the way in so many ways.

CEASAR: You got to score against Jeb early.

MELVIN: Jonathan Alter, Ana Rivas Logan, Mitch Ceasar, a big thanks to all
of you especially you Jonathan Alter. People have no idea what it took to
get you.

ALTER: With the traffic. I actually went over the George Washington
bridge (inaudible).

MELVIN: All right. Merry Christmas to all of you.

LOGAN: Merry Christmas.

MELVIN: Coming up, new details on Sony`s release of The Interview.
They`re going to do it. We`ll tell you how right after this.


MELVIN: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Time now for the two-minute drill. A rainy Monday night football game
ended in a big upset for Peyton Manning and as Denver Broncos against the
Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals beat Denver 37 to 28 and Manning two for
three, 111 yards, two touchdowns but for interceptions in last night`s
lost. And the lost means that Broncos also loss any chance to win the
number one overall playoff seat.

Denver will now head into the playoffs without home field advantage. The
road for the Super Bowl for Denver will now have to go to the New England
Patriots and Foxborough, Massachusetts and that is a path Peyton is very
familiar with.

Meanwhile, everyone is still talking about Beast Mode. Check this out.
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, making a spectacular 79-yard
touchdown run against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night. Lynch plowing
through multiple defenders before breaking free in jumping into the end
zone on his back.

On his back. Many are calling it one of the best touchdown runs ever,

As you might know, he made some headlines last month after he was fined
$100,000 for refusing to speak to media after games, so he is been taking a
new approach.

This is what his post game interview looked like on Sunday night. When
asked about that big touchdown run, he responded, "Thank you." When asked
about his upset stomach before the game, he said, "Thank you for asking."
When asked is he was feeling better, he responded, "Thanks for asking."

A reporter asked what he saw on his touchdown run, his response, you guess
it, "Thanks for asking." He was again asked about his touchdown run and he
responded, "Thanks for asking."

Lynch thanked -- he really thanked the reporters five more times for asking
questions before the end of that interview. At least he is talking to the
press, right? He avoids the fine.

Coming up, we will take you to the movies on this Christmas Eve. Find out
what`s worth seeing in the theater this holiday week.

You`re watching the Ed Show on MSNBC.


MELVIN: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Developing news out of the
entertainment world today and after drawing sharp criticism for canceling
that theatrical review of the -- the theatrical release of The Interview.
Sony Pictures announced that the movie will have a limited release on
Christmas Day after all.

Several independent theaters have already offered to screen the movie.
Sources say Sony is also looking to distribute The Interview on video on
demand within the next few weeks.

Sony CEO, Michael Lynton issued a statement saying the company was
continuing effort to secure more platforms in order to reach the largest
audience possible. Lynton also wrote in part, "While the hopes -- excuse
me -- while we hope this is the only the first step of the films release,
we are proud to make it available to the public and not to have stood up to
those who attempted to suppress free speech."

And still at this point, not clear precisely, how many theaters will
actually show the movies after hackers threatened 9/11 type attack on
theaters moving forward with the premier. Either way, it is said to be a
busy week at the box office, if controversy of companies would knock your
thing perhaps, there are plenty of other movies coming out this Christmas

Joining me now to give you the run down Kim Serafin, Senior Editor of In
Touch Weekly. Kim, always good to see you. Let`s start with The
Interview. Here`s the thing though -- I mean, even if this is the most
mediocre comedy of the year, it is gotten more press, more play, more
publicity, than any movie of the year.

KIM SERAFIN, SR. EDITOR, IN TOUCH WEEKLY: Yeah exactly. Who cares what
this movie is even about? If you want to see it, because you`re trying to
send to message, people are going to see if it`s playing in the theater
near you. And the funny thing is, their site, I think it`s on IMDB, its`
one of the top rated films. I mean very few people had seen this movie,
but people are already writing positive reviews for it because they`re
trying to get the message out.

We want to see this movie and who cares what it`s about. Everyone is happy
that it`s being shown at least in some theaters.

MELVIN: What else is coming out on Christmas day?

SERAFIN: A lot of great movies. So, you know, let`s start with Into the
Woods. This is a huge movie and I`ll just admit for everyone to know, I
was obsessed with Into the Woods. There is that PDF version that have been
taped back in 1990, `91, that was the Broadway version. I watched it

So a lot of people like me been waiting for Into the Woods to come out, a
huge movie Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Johnny Deep, Emily Blunt, a lot of
people in this film and it`s the Steve Sondheim version.

So tone down a little bit. It`s pretty dark Broadway musical. They tone
it down a little bit, so you can`t take kids, probably older children. I
would leave younger kids, you know, take them to go see "Annie" for
example. But it`s a great movie and it really stuck to the actual Broadway
show. I think people will really like this.

MELVIN: We actually got a sneak peak of this as well, so let`s just play
that for our folks watching on, take a look.


JACK: Beans in exchange for my cow?

BAKER`S WIFE: Oh no son, these are no ordinary beans, these beans, they
carry magic.

JACK: Magic? What kind of magic?

BAKER`S WIFE: Tell him.

BAKER: It`s a magic that defies description.

JACK: How many beans?



BAKER: Five.

BAKER`S WIFE: They`re worth a pound each at least.

JACK: Could I buy my cow back someday?

BAKER: Well possibly. So yeah, (inaudible) we`ve made a fair trade. OK,
there you go. So one, two, three, four, five. All right. Well good luck
and pleasure doing business with you.


MELVIN: All right, so that Into the Woods. Another movie that`s coming
out, that`s getting a great deal of buzz, Oprah Winfrey`s Selma.

SERAFIN: Absolutely yeah. And this is definitely movie, it`s so timely
obviously in so many ways. I think you just obviously parallel so many
things that are going on in the world right now. It`s getting a lot of
buzz. You will hear more about this as we get closer to the Oscars for

MELVIN: Another movie that seems be getting a great deal of critical
acclaim ahead of its release. Angelina Jolie`s Unbroken as well, is that

SERAFIN: Yeah, this is another one. Although it was snubbed by the Golden
Globe, which is kind of surprising. I think a lot of people thought we get
a lot of attention at the Golden Globe. Here`s another true story,
obviously, getting a lot of publicity.

A very inspirational story though, harrowing a lot of times, you know, an
Olympic athlete, gets to be a prisoner of war. He goes to a really
troubling time. So it`s pretty dark in a lot of places, but then it does
have an uplifting end to this movie.

MELVIN: American Sniper.

SERAFIN: An clean in foot movie, Bradley Cooper put on 40 pounds of
muscle, completely transformed himself. This is Oscar times, so you do see
a lot of this actors doing that, you know physical transformation for a lot
of this role. And Bradley Cooper, one of them.

But really, you know, this has a little bit of a (inaudible) the hurt
locker so you really seeing the Iraq war and also how it affects their
families back at home.

So another pretty dark movie but really getting a lot of publicity. Look
for Bradley Cooper for sure to getting an Oscar nomination for this one.

MELVIN: Last but not the least, a film called Big Eyes.

SERAFIN: Big Eyes, here`s another one Oscar. This is all the Oscar
materials. This is the time you see those Oscar movies. Amy Adams stars
in this movie. Also true like story about those big eyes, paintings of the
kids, people know these paintings. But really how her husband -- Margaret
Keane`s husband took credit for this art, Amy Adams also.

She becoming the Meryl Streep of her generation, I think. Look for her to
get an Oscar nomination. But, you know, really interesting movie, Tim
Burton, so it has that Tim Burton field to it. It`s kind of like an old
fashioned keeper and a lot of ways, about how she struggled to get that
credit for these paintings that her husband took credit for it.

MELVIN: If you can only watch one of the aforementioned, which ones should
it be?

SERAFIN: Oh man, this is tough. You know, Into the Woods, I love because
I`m a Broadway fan. But would say Selma in lot of ways, because it is such
an important film. Really one of the most important films of the year.
And again, it really parallels so many things that are going on in the
world right now.

CRAIGMELVIN: Kim Serafin, Senior Editor In Touch Weekly. Kim, always good
to see you. Merry Christmas to you.

SERAFIN: Thank you. You too.

MELVIN: And that is going to do it with this edition of the Ed Show on
this Tuesday. I`m Craig Melvin, in for Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with
Reverend Al Sharpton, starts right now.


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