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New Fitness Tracker from Withings Doesn't Scream 'Tech Geek'

A new fitness tracker from Withings may appeal to those with an eye for fashion who don't want to break the bank.
/ Source: LiveScience

A new fitness tracker from Withings may appeal to those with an eye for fashion who don't want to break the bank.

The new tracker, called Activité Pop, has a sophisticated clock-face design, but costs only $150 — much less than the company's previous fashion-forward tracker, Activité, which costs $450.

Like the Activité, the Activité Pop has two hand dials: one that shows the time of day and a smaller dial that shows users' progress toward their activity goals (such as how close they are to achieving 10,000 steps), according to Withings.

When a user reaches his or her goal, the watch vibrates. The watch also tracks swimming, running and sleep, and users can set an alarm to wake them up in the morning.

You don't have to wind this watch to change the time: When a user travels between time zones, the hands of the Activité Pop automatically change to the new time. [ Fantasy Fitness Tracker: 8 Absolutely Must-Have Features ]

The Activité Pop has a silicone strap, whereas the Activité's is leather, and its cover is made from mineral glass instead of the sapphire glass found on the Activité. (Mineral glass is generally more impact-resistant than sapphire glass.)

Both devices sync with the Withings Health Mate app, which gives users more insight into their daily activities than the devices themselves. However, both the Activité and the Activité Pop are only compatible with iOS devices, not with Android devices. (The company says the devices will be Android-compatible at a later date.)

The Activité Pop comes in three colors — Azure, Shark Grey and Sand — and additional wristband colors will be available soon, the company says.

The Activité Pop will be available in limited quantities from Best Buy starting tomorrow (Jan. 5), and will be sold in Best Buy stores nationwide beginning in March.

Withings isn't the only company attempting to improve fitness tracker fashion. Last summer, Fitbit announced a collection of fashion-forward accessories for the Fitbit Flex, including a brass pendant and brass bracelet.