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Date: January 30, 2015
Guest: Eleanor Holmes Norton; Dana Milbank, Faith Jenkins, Eric Guster,
Krystal Ball, Chris Witherspoon, Seema Iyer, Jim McDermott, Michael

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America`s gearing up for the super bowl. And coming up, we`ve got a lot of
the big game and on the big game including Rev. Al`s "Politics Nation`s"
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But we start with tonight`s lead. President Obama`s going on offense
against the Republicans. The president is mocking the GOP for trying to
steal a page from his progressive playbook.


us. And one good piece of news is I notice that even though their policies
is haven`t quite caught up yet, their rhetoric is starting to sound pretty

One Republican senator who shall go unnamed but generally doesn`t agree
with me on much, and he was suddenly shocked, shocked that the top one
percent`s doing really well and everybody else is getting squeezed and we
need to do something about it. And I welcome that. I consider imitation
the highest form of flattery. Come on board. Let`s go help out that
middle class family. Let`s get something done.


SHARPTON: Suddenly Republicans are trying to sound like they want to play
ball on things. Throughout the Obama presidency, we`ve seen a tough fight
in the middle of the field, with Republicans playing a prevent defense.
But now Democrats are picking up territory, progressive issues are the ones
in play. And even Republicans are talking about poverty and inequality.
That`s the kind of stuff they used to call class warfare. Don`t believe
me, just listen to the top Republicans in their own words, then and now.


behind poll-tested rhetoric of class warfare.

Things are getting better, but the point is who has benefited from this?
This has been a top of the income recovery. The so-called one percent that
the president`s always talking about have done quite well.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: We`re not going to engage
in class warfare. The president is out there doing it every day. The
improvement is fine for the top, as he calls them, the one percent, but for
most Americans, they`re not seeing it.


SHARPTON: Wow, the GOP talking about the top one percent. The test now,
will they back up their talk with action?


OBAMA: I am glad that the rhetoric at least has shifted. Let`s now make
sure that the policies match up with the rhetoric. Let`s make sure
Americans are able to upgrade their skills for higher wages. Let`s build
the world`s most competitive economy. Let`s make sure we`re funding the
things that we know help American families succeed. That`s the smart thing
to do.


SHARPTON: The biggest challenge in America today is the fight for
fairness. It`s time we move forward as a team toward our goal we can all
be proud of.

Joining me now, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and E.J. Dionne from
"the Washington Post." Thank you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Congresswoman, Republicans are now playing on the Democrats`
side of the field and admitting income inequality is a problem. What do
you make of this?

NORTON: Well, I can tell you what the president made of it yesterday and
what the vice president made of it today. What we had was a combination of
celebration and admonition. Celebration of frankly the president`s
policies. Admonition that Democrats, the last election, didn`t always
embrace those policies that we`re celebrating now. And we weren`t
chastised, but we were alerted particularly now that the Republicans are
pilfering our words that we should embrace what we stand for and who we

SHARPTON: E.J., what do you make of this?

DIONNE: Well, since we have to use football metaphors today, is this a
Republican turnover? I mean, are they switching sides in the class war? I
think a couple things are going on here.

First, they can`t criticize the president anymore because of the fact that
the economy isn`t growing because the economy has grown a lot over a period
of time. They can`t criticize him because unemployment is going up.
Because unemployment is down at its lowest level in many years.

So they have retreated to the only thing that they can see as wrong with
this economy, but it`s very dangerous ground for them. Because if they
accept a progressive definition of the problem, inequality, stagnating
wages, the policies they want to put forward, they still want tax cuts for
the wealthy, will not solve the problem they now say is the most important.

And I think when one side is fighting on the other side`s turf, as that
football, as that chart you had up there suggests, it`s a real problem for
the party who is talking about the problem the other guy used to talk

SHARPTON: Yes, but it seems as though, using football analogies, it see
seems as though, Congresswoman, they`re trying to do at least rhetorical
interception, because President Obama`s been talking about inequality for
years and now Speaker Boehner is using the same terms. Listen to this,


OBAMA: A dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility that
has jeopardized middle-class America`s basic mark, that if you work hard,
you have a chance to get ahead.

BOEHNER: frankly, the president`s policies have made income inequality
worse. All the regulations that are coming out of Washington make it more
difficult for employers to hire more people, chief amongst those are


SHARPTON: Suddenly Speaker Boehner isn`t attacking the president for
talking about income inequality. He`s accusing him of not doing enough to
fix it.

NORTON: As is McConnell. Now, then, of course, the play has to be, well
what would you do to fix it. Both the president and vice president drum
down on middle-class economics. Now, you are going to hear these people
talking about middle-class economics, too, because that`s the theme of the
day. And I believe that`s going to be the theme of the year.

I think we`ve got them on the offense. And that`s what`s important for
Democrats. This was a very upbeat president. I mean, when he talked about
Iran, he virtually double D dared them to do anything about Iran. He said,
you know, two or three months isn`t too much to ask. And he admonished
them that there`s not one commander in-chief, there`s not one person who
can negotiate this agreement. I mean, this was not a president that was
holding back. And you know Biden never holds back.


But E.J., let me bring this in here because I want to bring this back to
exactly what you and the Congresswoman are talking about in terms of what`s
is action. Because they admit income inequality is a problem now, but they
oppose policies that would fix it. They oppose raising the federal minimum
wage. The president`s plan on free community college, enacting fair pay
laws or closing tax loopholes for the top one percent. If their policies
don`t change, is anyone going to buy this rhetoric, E.J.?

DIONNE: Well, the answer is no. I think the only people who buy the
rhetoric are the people who want them to use it to pursue policies that are
exactly the opposite of one they will take to do something about
inequality. What they`re saying essentially is let`s go back to the
policies of the Bush years which were tax cuts and deregulation, and those
are policies that only deepen this long-term problem.

But again, when they are talking progressive talk, the standards they`re
setting up for themselves are impossible. If they`re not for the minimum
wage and for unions and better bargaining power for workers, how are they
going to raise their wages? If they`re not for investing in community
colleges and other forms of education, how are they going to help people
lift themselves up? And so it is a kind of setup, I guess a safety is the
other football metaphor because they`ll go back until they`re in their own
end zone.

NORTON: Well, let me talk Reverend Al`s talk, the come to Jesus moment is
going to be Maundy when the president talks budget cuts.

DIONNE: That`s right. Exactly.

NORTON: Ad they are going to -- let`s see how they attack it. Their
version of the Ryan budget is going to come out, too. And by the way, this
time the Democrats are going to go on the offense on budget. Van Hollen
briefed us on what the democratic budget would be, so that we`re not just
fighting their budget. We`ve got a budget to match theirs.

SHARPTON: And the score doesn`t count if you cross the wrong goal line,

DIONNE: That`s why it`s a safety.

SHARPTON: But you know, we can take policies, progressives have support on
the major issues that the congresswoman talked about. Sixty-two percent
support the president`s action on immigration, 77 percent say the federal
government should fight climate change. And 78 percent says inequality is
a big problem, 78 percent.

So when you have the public with you and now your rhetoric has changed, if
your policies don`t fall in line, this could be a huge political backfire
for them starting Monday, E.J.

NORTON: All they got left is regulations. They can say, you know, we`re
doing too much in regulation, but what are you going to do --


NORTON: -- on the economic field to advance the interests of the middle
class, not to mention the poor, by the way.

DIONNE: And you know, when the Congressman Van Hollen`s budget, there`s a
very clear proposal that says let`s increase taxes on companies that don`t
raise workers` pay. And let`s give incentives to companies that do raise
workers` pay in line with productivity. What are they going to make of
that? That`s a very clear proposal.

SHARPTON: Well, we`re going to stay tuned. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes
Norton and E.J. Dionne, thank you both for being here and enjoy the game on

DIONNE: Go, Patriots. Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up, Mitt`s out, now what? New signs today that the GOP`s
2016 primary could get really, really nasty.

Also a surprising move by the judge in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial.

And Suge Knight arrested for murder is in tonight`s justice file.

Also we`ve got the calorie count on your super bowl menu. An inspiring
message you`ll see during the big game.

And a major dilemma for Seahawks star Richard Sherman. What does he do if
his baby boy is being born on Sunday?

Reverend Al`s super bowl party is ahead.


SHARPTON: Today on social media, everybody was talking about their
favorite storylines for the super bowl.

Josh tweeted about Seattle star Richard Sherman whose girlfriend is
expecting a child, quote, "if Richard Sherman`s child is born and he
doesn`t play, I`ll root for Seattle. If he plays, I hope he gets burnt for
four touchdowns."

Mila wrote, this deflate-gate is so ridiculous and funny. I like the NFL,
but I think that the NFL hasn`t been through enough scandals this season.

Jade says, I can`t wait to see the super bowl performance by Katy Perry.

Talk about all these stories and much more later in the show. But keep the
conversation going on facebook and tweet us @politicsnation.


SHARPTON: It was fun while it lasted. But the talk about Mitt Romney
running for president again is over, is really over.

In a conference call this morning, he made it official.


thought into making another run for president, I`ve decided it is best to
give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee.


SHARPTON: And with that, the other 2016 hopefuls were falling all over
themselves trying to say how much they liked the guy.

Senator Rand Paul said, he hopes to work With Romney.

Senator Marco Rubio deeply respects his decision.

And Jeb Bush is looking forward to working with Mitt.

That may be, but I`m not so sure Romney`s looking forward to working with
Jeb because a lot of people today are saying this seemed like a jab
directed right at Jeb.


ROMNEY: I believe that one of our next generation of Republican leaders,
one who may not be as well known as I am today, one who has not yet taken
their message across the country, one who is just getting started, may well
emerge as being better able to defeat the Democrat nominee. In fact, I
expect and hope that to be the case.


SHARPTON: Jeb Bush is part of a Republican dynasty, not a new generation.
He`s definitely not unknown. And he`s not just getting started. So who
does it fit? Who fits that bill? Romney`s reportedly getting dinner
tonight with the other major establishment candidate, Chris Christie. So
is an endorsement on the way for Governor Christie? And just how much does
this shake-up change the 2016 race?

Joining me now is Dana Milbank from "the Washington Post." Thanks for
being here.


SHARPTON: So Dana, it`s no more Mitt. How does that affect the rest of
the field?

MILBANK: Well, it shakes it up so dramatically that it brings it back to
where it was two or three weeks ago when nobody really thought that Mitt
Romney was going to rub at all. And I think we was doing a lot of me too-
ism there. He saw Jeb Bush getting all this attention, leaping to the
front of the field and then said, wait, what about me? You know, he wanted
to be that white knight. And clearly, based on the response that he got in
conservative circles, they weren`t interested in having anything about it.

So it basically brings us to the status quo, and that is a Jeb Bush vying
with Chris Christie for what`s left of the sort of mainstream chamber of
commerce Republican vote, and that will -- that will definitely help those
two guys not to have to split up the pie even further. And so it will give
both of those men some advantage over the conservatives. But you know, the
conservatives are still dominant in this party. And if they can settle
their differences, then that`s where the energy`s going to be.

SHARPTON: You know, recent poll shows that without Romney in the race, Jeb
Bush is in first place, but Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee are not far behind.
Is this thing wide open?

MILBANK: I think it is, Reverend, even more than the polls suggest.
Because the polls at this point are fairly meaningless. All it really is
really about name recognition right now. And what`s going to happen in
this caucus, in the caucuses and the primaries is you`re going to get sort
of, you know, if it`s Jeb or Christie, it`s going to be anybody but that.

So, you know, who can the conservatives rally behind? And they may well go
through a series of them as they did last time, as a question of whether
the mainstream candidate can weather it as he did last time.

SHARPTON: Without Romney in the race, there`s a lot more conservative fire
going to be aimed at Jeb. Listen to just from today what happened.


GLENN BECK, RADIO SHOW HOST: I really don`t like Jeb Bush for a variety of


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: We know what the message is. Win
without the base. Somehow find a way to win by supporting amnesty for
illegals and common core. That`s Jeb`s message.


SHARPTON: Pretty harsh from Beck and Limbaugh, isn`t it, Dana?

MILBANK: It`s absolutely harsh. And you can see why they`re concern
there, and that`s because this gives them a clearer path to the nomination,
which would be very disturbing to them. The very same thing that would
make Jeb Bush a strong candidate in the general election is what infuriates
the base, his position on immigration, his position on education, and he`s
gone even further than mainstream candidates in the past like McCain and
Romney. And really taking on the base from the beginning and saying he`s
willing to lose some primary.

So this is really a road that`s really not been taken in the past. And it
will be exciting to watch, you know, if the Republican Party wants to have
a future in 2016 and beyond, they`re going to have to find a way to silence
the Ted Cruz wing of the party, but they`re a long way from achieving that

SHARPTON: Dana Milbank, thanks for your time tonight. Have a great

MILBANK: You too. Thanks, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Still ahead, the judge`s surprising instructions to jurors in
the murder trial of a former NFL superstar.

But first, we`ll tell you why Sarah Palin is being considered an honorary
co-chair of Hillary PAC. "Got You" is next.


SHARPTON: There aren`t many people in politics who use props better than
Sarah Palin. Who could forget the wild cheers when she pulled out a big


SHARPTON: And, of course, there was the tin of chewing tobacco she
borrowed from her husband.


SARAH PALIN (R), FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: I tell you. Don`t make me do it.
Got to use a bit of -- no, but that`s funny, though. It`s funny because
Todd`s been looking for this all morning.


SHARPTON: My personal favorite, her white flag of surrender.


PALIN: They`re waving this flag, and they`re saying, oh, let`s surrender.


SHARPTON: And she used another prop just a few days ago in Iowa.


PALIN: I`m ready for Hillary. Are you? Are you coming?


SHARPTON: Sarah Palin is ready for Hillary. Good one, governor. But is
this latest prop backfiring? To folks at the ready for Hillary super PAC
are using Palin`s phony endorsement to their advantage. They tweeted a
picture urging people to buy magnets just like Palin`s. And they`re saying
they raised $25,000 because of Palin`s comments.

Anyone who does that immediately becomes a co-chair of ready for Hillary.
You bet you, she didn`t see that one coming. So nice try, Governor Palin,
but I have a prop, too. And it`s helping me to say, we "Got You."


SHARPTON: It`s time for our "Justice Files." Joining me now are former
prosecutor and host of "Judge Faith" Faith Jenkins. And criminal defense
Attorney Eric Guster. Thank you both for being here.


ERIC GUSTER, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Thanks for having us.

SHARPTON: We start with day two in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial.
Police say the former New England Patriot and two other men killed a man
named Oden Lloyd in 2013 and the trial so far highlights some big
challenges for the prosecution. Prosecutors don`t have a murder weapon,
but they say this video shows Hernandez holding a gun. The defense says it
could be a cell phone. Or TV remote. The judge says prosecutors can now
show the jury texts, the victim cannot show texts the victim sent the night
he was killed. Texts that claim to implicate Hernandez. And the
prosecutors say Hernandez killed the victim after an argument at a club,
but the defense says that`s a poor motive for a new father with a superstar
sports career.

So, Eric, how is this going for prosecutors so far in your eye?

GUSTER: It`s not going very well for the prosecutors, Reverend Al. In
this case, the prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he
killed this man, and what the defense has done, they`ve done a great job of
showing that this is Aaron`s friend. They say that over 20 times in
opening statements and throughout the trial, they say his friend, his
friend, in order to show a close relationship between Aaron and the victim.

SHARPTON: You know, Faith, there was another interesting moment in court
today as Hernandez`s old team is about to play in the Super Bowl. Listen
to what she said to the jury before they left.


you from watching the Super Bowl game on Sunday. Just have your antenna,
you just be really, really vigilant. You have to avoid anything that has
anything to do with this case, Mr. Hernandez, if you hear that word, you
got to walk out of the room, distance yourself, immediately stop people.


SHARPTON: Faith, have you ever heard instructions like that?

JENKINS: Well, no. And when is the last time you had someone who is on
trial for murder recently just was let go from a team who is now playing in
the Super Bowl, the same weekend that his murder trial`s starting? So
there are all kinds of challenges in this case, Rev. And when people are
watching the Super Bowl this weekend, you can bet the NFL doesn`t want to
talk about Aaron Hernandez during the Super Bowl and they`re hoping that
the announcers don`t mention him either. They want to stay as far away
from this trial and Aaron Hernandez and all of these things as much as they
can and focus on the game and they`re looking to do it during the Super

SHARPTON: Eric, should they move the trial date?

GUSTER: I would have asked for the trial date to be moved. Here is the
team that this man played for at the time of the murders who are playing in
the Super Bowl. Now these jurors who are in this area and New England
Patriots fans are going to watch the game. And I would believe that some
announcer`s going to mention the Aaron Hernandez trial. And for a judge to
assume that these jurors are going to walk out of the room, cover their
eyes and ears and leave, that`s very difficult to do.

JENKINS: Well, they know he played for the Patriots.


JENKINS: That`s not in dispute. They know he played for the Patriots.

SHARPTON: That`s part of the defense saying that`s why he was targeted.

GUSTER: Yes, sir.

SHARPTON: But let me move on to another subject before we run out of time.
I want to get to the arrest of one of the most controversial figures ever
in the world of hip-hop. California police have arrested Suge Knight on
suspicion of murder. Knight has best known for starting death row records,
joining forces with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur. He was also in
the car when Tupac was shot and killed. But now he`s in jail for a deadly
hit and run. Police say Knight argued with two people on the set of a
movie yesterday. Minutes later, police say he backed his car over them,
then put it in drive and ran over them again. One of them died. Knight
turned himself in overnight and is now being held on $2 million bail. But
his attorney says he was running from other attackers when he accidentally
hit the men.

Eric, you`re a defense attorney. How does this approach strike you? How
do you approach a case like this?

GUSTER: For the defense`s version, I hope they have something on tape that
for them something on tape that shows that someone was approaching the car
and he had to jump in the car and escape danger. That is almost the only
thing that can help him. Because according to some of the witnesses`
statements that I`ve seen, that Suge Knight ran over someone, then ran them
over again. So he has to have one heck of a reason why he did that.

SHARPTON: Now, you know, Faith, Knight is no stranger to the law, he
served time for assaulting a rival rapper, probation and parole violations
and last year he was charged in a robbery. That case has not gone to
trial. Would any of that past affect this case?

JENKINS: Well, of course. I mean, he`s being held right now $2 million
bail. And his criminal history is taken into account. When you look at
this case, there was some kind of argument that took place on this filming
of his documentary about NWA rap group, but this incident takes place at a
restaurant 20 minutes later. And if you`re going the assert an accident or
self-defense kind of case it`s kind of difficult to do that when you`re in
your car and the person who is run over is behind you when you put your car
in reverse. This may be one of those cases where something finally catches
up with Suge Knight.

SHARPTON: Now, Eric, but one of the two survived. How significant could
that be?

GUSTER: It`s extremely significant because that survivor can give the
history of what led up to the incident. Was Suge Knight threatening these
men? Was one of them say something to him to make him afraid for his life?
I do disagree a little bit with what Faith said, what Judge Faith said in
reference to the car. If he feared that someone outside the car had a gun
or they were going to try to pull him out, and Suge is a big guy. It has
to be something like a weapon like that where he feared for his life in
trying to get away.

JENKINS: And you don`t call the police. So you drive -- if you`re
fearful, you drive away and you call the police.

GUSTER: You have five seconds. These guys outside my car may kill me, let
me get away.

JENKINS: And he drove away and he never called the police.

SHARPTON: Eric Guster, Faith Jenkins, thank you for your time tonight.

Ahead, how many calories will America eat during the Super Bowl? Plus a
viral video with a serious message will play during the big game. And will
the Seahawks biggest star miss the game if his son is born on Sunday?
That`s all ahead.


SHARPTON: Reverend Al`s Super Bowl party. Two days to go, everyone`s
getting excited. Joining me tonight MSNBC`s Krystal Ball, the Grio`s Chris
Witherspoon and legal analyst Seema Iyer, thanks to all of you for being



KRYSTAL BALL, MSNBC CO-HOST, "THE CYCLE": Thanks for having us.

SHARPTON: We start off tonight with the most important thing at every
Super Bowl Party. The food! Super Bowl Sunday is one of the top two days
for calorie consumption in this country. The other is Thanksgiving. This
Sunday, Americans will munch on 11.2 million pounds of potato chips during
the big game. They`ll also eat 1.2 billion chicken wings, that`s billion
with a "b" and, of course, they`ll all be washing it down with 325 million
gallons of beer. On average, Americans consume 2,400 calories and 121
grams of fat just during the four or five hours of the game coverage.
Seema, is the Super Bowl a celebration of football or food?

IYER: Both! And drink. Don`t forget drink, Rev. I mean, I do prefer to
drink my calories and not in the form of beer. I rather prefer wine. But
Guacamole is my chosen favorite. I love the stuff. I could bathe in it,
to be frank.


BALL: It`s probably good for you.

SHARPTON: I mean, at some point calories is what many of us will be eating
on Sunday. Chris, I mean, a half cup of Guacamole, Seema`s favorite --

IYER: Yes, don`t tell me.

SHARPTON: Has 181 calories. That`s not too bad. Two servings of cheese
nachos, 549.

BALL: That`s what I`m talking about.

SHARPTON: Six chicken wings are a whopping 710 calories.

BALL: Wow!

IYER: I`m surprised.

SHARPTON: And three slices of pepperoni pizza, 939 calories.

WITHERSPOON: But the reality is this is like a holiday. We don`t do this
all the time.

IYER: Right. Exactly.

WITHERSPOON: You eat like this, you throw it down and you have a drink if
you want too and you go to the gym in the morning, you go to the gym and
you work it off. That`s my game plan every year.

SHARPTON: How many people really get to the gym?

BALL: Well, that`s what I was going to say, I don`t think the problem is
all the stuff that we consume, I think the problem is the stuff that we
consume all the rest of the year. Because I know personally for me, nachos
are a major weakness. I also do love the buffalo wings though. But I
think on a special day like that --

IYER: It`s a holiday.

WITHERSPOON: We`re boosting the economy.

IYER: What are you eating, Rev?

SHARPTON: I don`t go off my diet. I`m going to have my salad.

IYER: Oh, my gosh. Throw this at the Rev.

SHARPTON: I`m very disciplined. But I will, you know --

IYER: Just enjoy.

SHARPTON: I will not infringe on anyone else. I don`t make people feel
guilty. It`s a guilt-free Sunday. I just feel great --

BALL: Well, can I just tell you, last year, my daughter now loves the
Super Bowl. She`s 6-years-old.

IYER: Good girl.

BALL: And last year I made nachos for her. And she told me it was the
best day of her life.


SHARPTON: Is that right?

BALL: Nachos, and I let her have a soda and she literally felt it was the
best day of her life. So she`s already talking to me about when I`m going
to make the nachos.

SHARPTON: All right. Let me move to -- quickly though. Now, a super ad
is getting a lot of attention. The Procter & Gamble brand is always is
running versions of its viral like a girl video during the big game. The
original video has been viewed more than 80 million times online.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Show me what it looks like to run like a girl.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Show me what it looks like to fight like a girl. Now
throw like a girl.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: So do you think you just insulted your sister?

UNIDENTIFIED BOY: No. I mean, yes, insulted girls, but not my sister.

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: My name is Dakota, and I`m 10 years old.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Show me what it look likes to run like a girl. Throw
like a girl. Fight like a girl. What does it mean to you when I say run
like a girl?

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: It means run fast as you can.


SHARPTON: Krystal, what do you think of the message this ad and what
message it sends to girls and boys?

BALL: You know, the thing that I think is so powerful about this ad is we
have all these gender and stereotypes that float around in our culture that
people don`t even think about. I mean, these are people who I`m sure don`t
see themselves as sexist and in many ways they`re aren`t sexist, but
they`ve taken in this notion that to do something like a girl is to do it
badly. I actually am talking about my daughter a lot on this show today.
But I actually did this with my daughter. I asked her to run like a girl
and throw like a girl. And it was just like these little girls. She
didn`t understand the concept of why that would be a bad thing. She
actually watched Monet Davis in the Little League World Series and she told
me, you know, mommy, I think when a girl is on the team, she`s usually the
best one.


IYER: Wait. And there`s also that young girl who`s from our home town of
Virginia who is now being sponsored to go to the Super Bowl by the
Redskins. And I think she`s a quarterback. And she`s like 15 years old.

BALL: Oh, that`s cool.

IYER: Right. So I think that`s the same thing. It changed the

WITHERSPOON: You know, bottom-line is girls grow up to be women, they
become women and they can do anything, they can run countries, they can be
bosses. And I think that this commercial it just shows you that those
stereotypes do exist. And I kind of got emotional when I first saw. I had
this feeling it came out a while ago and now resurfacing again but it`s
such a poignant timely message. So, I think your daughter who`s watching
the game should be empowered when she seen this.

BALL: She thinks she`ll going to be the first woman in the NFL. So, more
power to her.

SHARPTON: More power to her. Next, a potentially big dilemma for Seahawks
superstar Richard Sherman. Sherman`s girlfriend, Ashley Moss is over nine
months pregnant with their first son. She`s due on February 12th, but the
baby could arrive at any moment including this weekend. Now, Ashley`s
traveled to Arizona to be there for the big game. But says that if the
baby comes on Sunday, Sherman should still play. Krystal, if she goes into
labor, what should Sherman do?

BALL: You know, I actually think this is a tough one. I was thinking of
like putting myself in their shoes.

SHARPTON: But you have two kids.

BALL: I have two kids. I think I would tell my husband to go to the game
but I would want my husband to be the kind of person who would insist on
being there.


WITHERSPOON: So, I have a 3-year-old son and hopefully he`s watching right
now. And I can`t imagine having missed his birth. You know. My career
comes second place when it comes to my child. And this man already won a
ring. He won last year. He`s already been to the rodeo. He got the ring.
Now, if you get that call --

IYER: It`s not a rodeo. It`s the Super Bowl!

WITHERSPOON: I probably will get in trouble for saying that, but I think
he should leave the game. He should leave the game --

IYER: No, no, no, no.

WITHERSPOON: It`s his first child. How do you miss that?

IYER: If this woman goes into labor, nobody tell him. Let him play the
game. It`s the Super Bowl.

WITHERSPOON: There will be another one. He`s 26 years old. He could
arguably go back again next year.

IYER: And he could have more kids. You have kids all the time. He`s not
playing the Super Bowl.

BALL: It seems like they both have sort of their both interests at heart.
Like she`s said she doesn`t want to tell him if she goes into labor.



BALL: He said he definitely wants to know and he wants to be there.


No, go do your thing, and he`s like no, of course, I`m going to be there
for the birth.

IYER: Don`t do it, Sherman.

SHARPTON: Well, Krystal, Chris and Seema, stay with me. We`ll be right
back with more of our Super Bowl party.


SHARPTON: We`re back with more of our Super Bowl party. Back with me are
Krystal, Chris and Seema. So the late night comedians have been having
some fun with deflate-gate. And last night Jimmy Kimmel found the guys
actually responsible for the deflated footballs.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I deflated those balls myself. I did it. I`m the

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I am the locker room guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I am the locker room guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I`m the locker room guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I`m the locker room guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I`m the locker room guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Take a good look, America, I`m the locker room guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Leave Tom Brady alone.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Tom Brady had nothing to do with this because he was too
busy being awesome.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: And those lips.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Amen, those lips.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: It wasn`t Brady.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Unless he deflated those footballs with his piercing
baby blue eyes.


SHARPTON: I think Kimmel rounded up every Bostonian in Hollywood. Chris,
is this a story just made for late night TV?

WITHERSPOON: This is viral. They make these viral moments. This has gone
viral. It`s so timely. I think it kind of puts to rest a lot of the
speculation around deflate-gate. I mean, Sunday we`ll still be talking
about it if the New England Patriots win, people will be buzzing about
deflate-gate and maybe that`s how they got there. But he was brilliant to
call on his Hollywood friends. They are just having fun. It seems so
natural. And I think Matt Damon stole the show.

SHARPTON: Do you think letting some of the air out of the ball, so to

IYER: Right. Out of its seriousness. Because you just keep wanting to
say deflate balls, deflate balls, deflate balls all night long. But it did
take the seriousness -- so we could just step back for a moment before the
big game and talk about something besides who`s going to win and who`s
going to lose.

BALL: It`s definitely the scandal that launched a thousand dirty puns,
right? More than spy-gate did.

SHARPTON: A thousand? Seema did about 500 right here. Letting animals
predict the Super Bowl win is a time-honored tradition. This year Teddy
Bear the porcupine is going with the Seahawks. So are the penguins at
Texas zoo. Apparently birds of a feather flock together. But Gabby the
sea turtle is going with the Patriots. And bubbles the elephant --

BALL: Uh-oh.

SHARPTON: -- is picking New England, too. We can`t wrap up my Super Bowl
party without asking for picks. So let`s go around. Krystal, who do you
like Sunday?

BALL: Well, Steve Kornacki I think has talked me into the Patriots. And I
like to see him happy and I`m going to go with the Pats.


WITHERSPOON: No deflate-gate for me, I`m going with the Seahawks.

IYER: It`s going to be the Patriots. It`s going to be the Patriots.

SHARPTON: Patriots.

IYER: I think Bill Belichick and Tom Brady can`t be beat. And just, I got
to do a shout out to my boys in Bay Ridge. They gave me the spread. I
have a bookie there. And now the spread is at one in favor of New England
and it started off 2.5 in favor of the Seahawks. I have a bookie.

SHARPTON: We`ll check to see if bookie is ethical. Krystal, Chris and
Seema, thanks and enjoy the game.

BALL: Thank you, Rev.

IYER: You too, Rev.

SHARPTON: Stay here until I can see if we have to turn you in. We`ll be
right back with a friendly bet between two big Super Bowl fans.


SHARPTON: We`re just two days away from the big game. I spoke to two
Congressmen Jim McDermott from Washington and Congressman Michael Capuano
from Massachusetts who have a friendly wager on the game. And I began by
asking the New England fan to address the deflate-gate controversy.


REP. MICHAEL CAPUANO (D), MASSACHUSETTS: This was a full-sized football 15
minutes ago just before I walked in. For people who understand the
weather, this is what happens when it`s cold. The ball just shrunk right
down. What can you do about it?


SHARPTON: That`s a great comeback, Congressman. I can see why you got
elected. Congressman McDermott, why will Seattle win?

REP. JIM MCDERMOTT (D), WASHINGTON: Well, I think you saw against green
bay the spirit and the strength and the perseverance of this team.
Everybody thought they were dead with three minutes and 40 seconds to go,
and they won. And I think that`s been the spirit all through the season.
It was last year as well. And I think you`re going to see it again on

SHARPTON: Congressman Capuano, tell us why the Patriots will win.

CAPUANO: First of all, they have more depth than they`ve had in a long
time. Second of all, if again few weeks ago you saw them come down from
not one but two 14-point deficits. They`re a tough team, they`re a hard-
nosed team. They just get down and do their work. This is going to be a
fun game.

SHARPTON: Let`s get to your friendly wager. Congressman McDermott, what
are you offering?

MCDERMOTT: Well, we`re going to give them some pike place market salmon
and we`re going to give them Theo chocolate which is done by a local
company, they go out and work with the farmers in Africa and get the beans
and they do wonderful chocolate. And then we had a local company makes
beer, Hilliard`s beer and -- beer and I`ll give him a six-pack and I might
even throw in a sunny weekend in Seattle if he`d like, in the winter time.

CAPUANO: That`s all you had to offer me, it was rain. We`ll trade our
snow for your rain right now.

MCDERMOTT: I bet you.

SHARPTON: Congressman Capuano, what are you are from?

CAPUANO: Well, we have some great local chocolate as well, dark chocolate
is the best in the country. It`s made the old-fashioned way, the ancient
way from Central America. Certainly we`re going to have to have some legal
seafood chowder and to top it all off, nothing but Sam Adams beer.

SHARPTON: So there it is. This is what`s at stake. A focus on food and
drink. Before we go, ten seconds each starting with Congressman McDermott.
What`s the final score?

MCDERMOTT: The Seahawks will win by a field goal by Hauschka, they`ll win
by three points.

SHARPTON: Congressman Capuano?

CAPUANO: Pats by ten.

SHARPTON: All right. Congressman, both of you enjoy the game, enjoy the
fun. And we`ll hear from you Monday for the payoff.

That`s the show. Enjoy the big game and be safe. I`m Al Sharpton.
"HARDBALL" starts right now.


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