The Ed Show for Friday, January 30th, 2015

Date: January 30, 2015
Guest: Bob Shrum, Dean Obeidallah, John Fugelsang, Terence Moore


SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: Good evening. I wish I had better news for

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have just learned that Former Massachusetts
Governor Mitt Romney will not run for president in 2016.

FRM. GOV. RICK PERRY, (R) TEXAS: Today has been awesome girl.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He is not running.

FRM. GOV. SARAH PALIN, (R) ALASKA: What will they do to stop causing our
pain and start feeling it again?

FMR. MITT ROMNEY, (R) MASSACHUSETTS: I do not want to make it more
difficult for someone else to emerge who may have a better chance of
becoming that president.

SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: Every candidate is going to come in front of you
and say, "I`m the most conservative guy to ever live."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I respectfully believe that I am on the right side of

PALIN: I`ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the
opportunity to become our next nominee.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, (R) NEW JERSEY: Why do you people keep inviting me

FRM. GOV. JOHN ELLIS BUSH, (R) FLORIDA: I think I could serve well as

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He will not run for the 2016 Republican nomination.

GOV. SCOTT WALKER, (R) WISCONSIN: We need something fresh organic from the
bottom up.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching.

Now, last night on this broadcast I was a little agitated, little fired up.
Tonight I`m disappointed. Middle class millionaire man, he should be
running for President. Come on Mitt.

Earlier today, Mitt Romney told supporters on a conference call that ain`t
just isn`t going to happen.


ROMNEY: After putting considerable thought into making another run for
President, I`ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the
opportunity to become our next nominee. I am convinced that we could win
the nomination, but I fully realized it would have been a difficult test
and a hard fight.


SCHULTZ: Romney was reportedly planning to run on a platform focused on
helping the middle class in fighting poverty. It`s almost laughable. It`s
a far cry from the 2012 campaign and of course the infamous 47 percent
comment in tape that we unearthed. And outsourcing at Bain Capital, it
just follows you.

Romney announced he is not running. The day after President Obama said


presidential candidate on the other side who is suddenly is just deeply
concerned about poverty. That`s great, let`s go. Come on. Let`s do
something about it.

I am glad that their rhetoric at least has shifted, but let`s now make sure
that the policies match up with the rhetoric.


SCHULTZ: Mitt Romney knows he could never be a candidate for the middle
class because of his history, you can`t change who he is.

With Romney out of the way, you might think it really opens the door for
candidates like Jeb Bush.

Jeb is trilled that Mitt`s out of the way. He released a statement today
saying this. "Mitt is a real patriot and I join many in hoping his days of
serving our nation and our Party are not over."

Now the rest of the candidates who already imploding and there hasn`t even
been a debate yet and they want to limit the number of those.

How about Sarah Palin speaking for herself?


PALIN: What will they do to stop causing our pain and start feeling it
again? It is they who point a finger not realizing that they have tripled
that amount of fingers pointing right back at them. We respect our troops
and we let them -- our troops as our gatekeepers -- we let them tell
jihadist, "Uh-uh, this is our house. Get the hell out."


SCHULTZ: Please run, Sarah, please. Please run. But it`s probably fair
to mark her out of the running.

Mike Huckabee will have some serious problems with women voters.


FRM. GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE, (R) ARKANSAS: It`s one of those things where, in
a business meeting that you might have in the south or in the Midwest there
in Iowa. You would not have people who would just throw the F-bomb and use
gratuitous profanity in a professional setting.


HUCKABEE: In New York, not only do the men do it but the women do it.
And, you know, you just are looking around saying, "My gosh, this is worse
than locker room talk." This would be considered totally inappropriate to
say these things in front of a woman and for a woman to say them in a
professional setting. We would only assume that this is a very, as we
would say in the south, that`s just trashy.


SCHULTZ: That comment, even outraged Huckabee`s former colleague over at
Fox News.


MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I do have news for you before I let you


KELLY: We are not only swearing. We`re drinking, we`re smoking, we`re
having premarital sex with birth control before we go to work and sometimes
boss around a bunch of men.


KELLY: I got to leave it to that.

HUCKABEE: Oh, I just don`t want to hear that. I don`t want to hear that.

KELLY: Sorry. That`s just the reality goes.


SCHULTZ: Then we have New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Now, this guy has got attitude problems and a bad temper is well-

He is plagued by Bridgegate and his New Jersey approval rating numbers.
Well, they`re really in the dumps as of late.

This week, Christie announced his new leadership PAC. It is called, pay
attention, "Leadership Matters for America."

Now, social media world is having a little bit of fun with this acronym.

Brad Woodhouse twitted out, "It may not be the first to notice but some
someone in the Christie world should have Christie`s PAC his or LMFAO." Enough said.

There is Dr. Ben Carson who compared America`s founding fathers to ISIS.
Then we have Rand Paul who has turned to producing fake phonecalls.


FAKE HILLARY CLINTON: Maybe we can work something out, you know? We both
agree on so many issues, bigger government common core and amnesty for
illegal immigrants.

FAKE JEB BUSH: Well, we both got problems. You`ve got problems for the
grass roots, and I`ve got all of those damn conservatives. What say, we
make a deal.

Sorry, Hillary, I have to go. Mitt keeps calling.

FAKE HILLARY CLINTON: Oh, for crying out loud.


SCHULTZ: What is it about the Republicans? They just seemed to be
addicted to these fake phone calls, they kind of going around.

Basically Jeb Bush is the only one walking out to the first month of all of
this conversation the month of January unscathed.

Jeb avoided Steve King`s Freedom Summit which basically kept him out of
trouble and out of the headlines for all the good reasons.

But let`s get back to Mitt Romney for just a moment and really what this
means to the Republican Party.

Mitt, earlier this month floated the idea to donors that he really wanted
to be President and then, he`d got some serious conversation. And let`s
point it out that the polls out there show that, you know, Mitt is not a
total reject.

People still like him. He is a likable guy. He is a nice guy. But where
Mitt stumbled early on is trying to tell the American people and some of
his donors that, you know, he is really going to do something about
poverty. He really wants to run a campaign focused on the middle class.

Well, that`s four years late Mitt, and you can`t get that dog to hunt.

And the bottom line is the Republicans know that the middle class will be a
big player. They were in the last election and they`re going to be a big
player in 2016.

So they got to come up with somebody who is not Bain. They got to come up
with somebody who is not Wall Street. They got to come up with somebody
who can relate to the middle class and that`s probably going to be a
governor somewhere but it ain`t going to be Mitt Romney.

He just repeatedly is at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong
message and that guy just doesn`t have it.

Remember these commercials with Bob Dole, after he lost to Bill Clinton in
1996. He did some commercials on T.V. and Bob Dole said, "You know, I just
can`t win." That`s where Mitt Romney is right now.

Everybody likes Mitt but wrong message, wrong candidate, wrong time. And I
find it interesting when -- in his statement today, he was talking about,
"Well, I know a lot of people are going to be asking me if I`m going to get
back into it. It`s unlikely."

Wait a minute, you`re either in or you`re out. It sounds at least today
like he is out.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
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We`ll bring you the results later on in the show.

For more let me bring in Bob Shrum, Democratic Strategist and Warsaw
Professor of Politics at USC, also with us tonight Jonathan Alter, MSNBC
Political Analyst.

Gentlemen, great to have you with us.

Bob, you first. What`s your read on Mitt Romney saying no?

BOB SHRUM, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I think if you listened to the tape that
he clearly desperately wanted to run. He tested the waters found out they
were very chilly, defections from organizers who`d worked for him before,
fund raisers, new poll out in Iowa today coincidentally by way, that shows
his unfavorable going up and 45 percent of Iowa Republican caucus scores
not wanting him to run.

I think he had a fundamental problem here. I think people are not only
tired of him but there are just too many Mitts. There`s the Massachusetts
moderate, the severely conservative model. Then, as you pointed out, he`s
suddenly emerged as a tribune of the poor. It`s not just believable.

He doesn`t stand for anything, for any big idea, any core set of
convictions that would hold a group of loyalist voters to him through thick
and thin.

SCHULTZ: Jonathan, a new Fox poll out has Mitt Romney on top at 21
percent, Mike Huckabee has moved up a little bit and Rand Paul there on 11
percent, Jeb Bush is at 10 percent.

I don`t know what any of this means but your take on why Mitt has exited
this. Did he got a real harsh tongue lashing from somebody about don`t...


SCHULTZ:: ... do this. What do you think turned him?

ALTER: No. I think it`s actually in that statement that he made earlier
today, Ed. You know, he said he could have gotten a nomination, and I
think he could have. He is leading in polls but you did not hear Mitt
Romney say, "I could have won the election." And the reason is because
Hillary is just crashing him in head to head match ups the way she is the
other Republicans, and I think that he didn`t really see a path of victory
in November when he took it really hard look at it.

And he thought that as he mentioned, a younger Republican, clearly not Jeb
Bush who he doesn`t like, a younger Republican would more of middle class
message that he can offer because some of these guys actually are middle
class which Mitt is not that they might have a better chance against the

And in that sense, in think that Romney is right. This wasn`t a good day
for Democrats because it would have, you know, been answer to their prayers
to have Mitt go again against Hillary Clinton. They were lost the away due
to Obama.

So this is good news...


ALTER: ... for Jeb Bush who doesn`t have competition from another
establishment candidate and I would argue that it`s not so good news for
some of the anti-establishment Republicans who could no longer look forward
to the establishment candidates splitting that Wall Street finance vote.

And having said that, you know, you got to say that there are people in
this race. There are dozen of them who are not been getting very much
attention, who could be very possible nominees...


ALTER: ... like Scott Brown who -- Scott Walker who did well at that Iowa
form recently.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Bob, what about Jeb Bush? He impresses me or -- the
impression that I have of Jeb Bush as a candidate is that he is not going
to say something that`s going to knock him off to stage. I just played or
let the -- sound bites that were not favorable to Republicans.

It seems to me that Jeb Bush has the political moxie, the polish that he
can stay out of the big trouble politically and be the steady horse in the
race. What`s your read on it?

SHRUM: Well, I think he is the best Republican candidate at least on
paper. We`re going to have to see how he performs. It`s been a long time
since he`s been out there campaigning but I`ll be he`ll do pretty well.

I agree with Jonathan. I think the establishment is going to coalesce
around them. They`re not going to go to Chris Christie, some of them will
but most of them won`t because he`s got big problems in New Jersey, the
state is in a complete fiscal mess.

But Bush has his set of problems too. And -- they`re with the base of the
Republican Party. He favors some form of immigration reform. He favors
the common core standards in education and he says, "You shouldn`t win the
nomination in a way that prevents you from winning the election."

So we`re going to have a test of that. We`re going to see whether or not
he is going to hold to that as he goes through these primaries. Because
I`ll tell you, when you get in to those debates you`d talked about somebody
is going to say, "Will you agree to support a constitutional amendment?
For example to outlaw, marriage equality, same sex marriage." And a lot...


SHRUM: ... of those guys are going to say yes, and base is going to want
to hear that.

Republican operatives and consultants know that to go down that road, to go
down the road that Romney did when he talked about self-deportation and all
the rest of it that that really puts you on a very difficult position
demographically in a general election.

By the way, I`m not sure that Romney`s poll lead in that Fox News poll
would have held when he got in to this contest and I think those Iowa


SHRUM: ... that Bloomberg put out today really raise some doubts about
whether he could have completed very well there.

SCHULTZ: Sure. Jonathan, what about the Koch brothers? I mean, it`s no
secret that they can never really warm up to meet Romney. What kind of
factor are they going to play into this -- with the kind of money that`s
being talked about, what they`re going to throw around?

ALTER: Well, you know, they`re talking about close to $900 million. Just
think about that number for a second. You know, that we would have one
family that would be giving close to a billion dollars to buy the American

This is banana republic stuff. This is not our nation. And, you know,
Harry Reid and some others tried to make the Koch brothers a bit of an
issue in 2014. It didn`t work. I think they should keep at it and that
you should essentially have the Koch brothers on the ballot in 2016.

The American public really needs to know that we`re talking about a kind of
finance coup d`etat effort by big money and...

SCHULTZ: Sure we are.

ALTER: ... this is not what our country is supposed to be.

So the Koch brothers are enormously important symbol. They put a face on a
complex campaign finance morass that`s much clearer when you have a face on
it like them or Sheldon Adelson. And it`s very, very important that
everybody not just liberal Democrats, everybody talk about...


ALTER: ... what it would mean, you know, if the Koch brothers get to
determine this election.

You have all of these Republicans who are sucking up them left and right,
it`s a pathetic spectacle. And I think every time they do go kiss the Koch
brother`s ring or Sheldon Adelson ring, it should be very big news and


ALTER: ... should be asking these Republicans relentlessly what are you
offering these guys in return. They all have big interest. Adelson has
federal investigations of him. The Koch brothers have huge regulatory
issues that involved billions of dollars for them.

So this is an investment by the Koch brothers and it needs to be covered
that way.

SCHULTZ: All right. Jonathan Alter, Bob Shrum -- gentlemen, thank you so
much for the conversation. I appreciate you being on the Ed Show tonight.
Thank you.

ALTER: Thanks, Ed.

SHRUM: You`re welcome.

SCHULTZ: Bob Shrum -- you bet, thanks a lot, fellows.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share you thoughts with us on Twitter @edshow and @WeGotEd. Thanks for the
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Coming up, Congressman Steve Scalise`s past comes back again on hunt him.
We`ll look at who is planning to oppose him in 2016. And later, the
Patriots look to put deflate-gate behind them as they play for a fourth
Super Bowl title.

Rapid Response Panel weights in, stay with us. We`ll be right back at the
Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.

A former KKK leader may run for office again in an effort to oust Louisiana
Congressman Steve Scalise.

Now last month, Scalise admitted, he spoke before a group of white supremos
and neo-nazis as a Louisiana State legislator back in 2002. The third
ranking Republican on the House of Representatives quickly distanced
himself calling it, "A mistake I regret."

That`s not sitting too well with the group`s founder David Duke.


DAVID DUKE, AMERICAN WHITE NATIONALIST: I call upon Steve Scalise to step
down from his position of House of Representatives. In fact, he should
resign his seat.

Steve Scalise, let me tell you something, this is the way I view it now. I
mean, this guy is a sellout. I mean he`s a sellout. He`s not David. He
used to say that he was David Duke, of course without the baggage, whatever
that means.


SCHULTZ: The baggage is David Duke`s former role as a Grand Wizard of the
Ku Klux Klan. That`s a lot of baggage.

It`s not stopping David Duke from considering another run for office.


DUKE: I just might have to run against Steve Scalise because, you know, I
really might. I mean, I`m definitely going to consider it because it`s so
disgusting to me see these -- he`s really elected -- he got elected on
false pretenses. He`s basically, condemning the whole people of his
district who voted overwhelmingly for me to be their U.S. Senator and voted
to be their Governor.

He`s insulting every one of the members who actually voted for him because
he is suggesting that they`re racist because they supported my views.


Joining me tonight, Dean Obeidallah, Daily Beast Columnist, and also with
us tonight John Fugelsang, SiriusXM RADIO HOST.

And, John, congratulations on the new show.

Gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight.

JOHN FUGELSANG, SIRIUSXM RADIO HOST: Thank you Ed, happy birthday.

SCHULTZ: What do you make of -- well, it`s always good to get the happy
birthday after the birthday because that means you didn`t tip over. All

John, what do you make of this aggressive nature of David Duke? I mean, he
is just going after Scalise.

FUGELSANG: Well, here is the thing. Steve Scalise`s has made his bed Ed,
but he can`t lie in it because somebody`s old friends need the white

And in the case of David Duke, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Duke once
on Del Mar show.

David Duke is very good at getting his name in the press. David Duke of
course is a guy who takes a lot of money from racist, takes much from money
from racist that it`s hard to tell where David Duke`s racism end ends and
the grifterhood (ph) begins.

Don`t forget this is a man who went to jail for a federal tax fraud and
mail fraud. He was extorting money, his racist supporters sent to him and
using it to finance his gambling addiction.

So that`s his pedigree. He`s never got mount a serious challenge against
Steve Scalise. Steve Scalise now is, of course, got to deep pockets of the
RNC behind him and the Chamber of Commerce.

And he is not going to...


FUGELSANG: ... you know, the GOP`s problem is that they kept Steve
Scalise. The smartest thing the Democrats have done is not call for his
ouster because the fact that Steve Scalise compared himself to David Duke
and like to speak to white supremacist can only help the Democrats.

It`s going to be a lot fun watching this happen. I don`t see David Duke
doing him any real harm.

SCHULTZ: Exactly. I mean, in some strange way this helps Scalise because
it makes him look like a moderate compared to David Duke.

But, the conservative movement, Dean, is that they don`t need any of this
kind of conversation. If they wanted to be, you know, middle class
oriented, if they want to really care about the down tribe in this country
-- I mean, David Duke brings nothing to the conservative movement, does he?

Duke sounds like a jilted lover at this point. He was angry that, you
know, Scalise is denying their relationship they once had.

Let`s be the honest. It would be the worst nightmare for the RNC to had
David Duke running that district.

David Duke run in that district in 1999 in a special election, he got 19
percent of the vote.

And third, it would be just him against Scalise, what if David Duke got 40
percent of the vote...


OBEIDALLAH: ... or 45 percent? Then Democrats are going to use it to
define the Republican Party say, they don`t want a guy like Scalise who has
100 percent rating by the American Conservation Union, they want a white
supremacy`s clan leader as a leader.

And that`s a terrible day for the RNC who`s trying to broaden their base
everyday even though they`re doing nothing really about it. But I think it
will be a nightmare scenario of David Duke runs and gets a nice percentage
of votes in that district.


David Duke, Ed, as you recall

SCHULTZ: You know...

FUGELSANG: David Duke was...


FUGELSANG: ... a nightmare for President George Bush Sr. of course when he
ran for governor and it forced Bush to endorse a Democrat. And let`s not
also forget that David Duke was a member of the American Nazi Party.

I`m not trying to imply that all Nazis are clansmen and I`m not certainly
implying that all clansmen are Nazis. They`re separate groups admire each
other`s work.

SCHULTZ: You know, looking at this Scalise story, he has played it off as
an error in judgment and the Republicans are willing to say, "All sins
forgiven because you`re a heck a lot better than Duke."

And the last thing they want is have to align themselves with him. So I
think it`s all upside for Scalise.

Turning now gentlemen to the State of Texas, this is an interesting story.

Newly elected State Representative Molly White used Texas Muslim Capitol
Day in Austin, Texas to spread Islamophobia.

She wrote on her Facebook, "I did leave an Israeli flag on the desk in my
office with instructions for staff to ask representatives from the Muslim
community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce
allegiance to America and our laws. We will see how long they stay in my

White dismissed criticism and even doubled down that she continued to write
"I do not apologize for my comments above. If you love America, obey our
laws and condemn Islamic terrorism then I embrace you as a fellow American.
If not, then I do not."

Dean, what`s your response to this? There is no room at whatsoever if
you`re not of the Christian faith. I mean that`s how I read this coming at
a right-wing Texas.

OBEIDALLAH: I think very alarmingly, you`re absolutely right. And that`s
what is -- It`s marginalizing the voice of Muslim-Americans like myself who
are involved in politics. It`s authorizing us saying we`re not American
enough, we`re not patriotic enough, you can discriminate against us and
it`s OK.

And this is a part, this has not happens (inaudible). The Republicans have
been doing this now for years and its growing out. I wrote down from the
Daily Beast this week about it that I view in 2016 election. You might a
see pivot by Republicans sort of gay bashing because gay marriage might be
the law of the land, marriage equality of this year. They turned to

We`re an easy target. We`re 1 percent of the country, you can demonize us.
And sadly, Democrats do not stand up for us. They`re silent. And I wish
Democrats and all the progressives would stand up and say, "This is wrong.
America is a multicultural nation. It doesn`t matter what religion you
are. You`re an American, the same -- no faith or anything."



Well, John, doesn`t it seem like they`re -- clearly connect in a faith of
most peaceful people to a terrorist organizations in terrors activities
which is horribly unfair.

That would be like saying that, you know, every Christian believes that
abortion clinics ought to be bomb.

FUGELSANG: Exactly right. That`s the Christian version of terrorism, Ed.

And, you know, look, I mean, it`s very much like David Duke and that you
don`t know how racist this politician is or how much they`re trying to
appeal in suck up to racist because they consider that`s what they`re base
to be.

I`m of the opinion that most Republicans are not bigots, that most
Republicans do not despise our Muslim brothers and sisters. I actually
missed the days of George W. Bush being a high-ranking Republican who keep
encouraging people that -- to remind them that Islam is not the enemy.

No one -- no nature Republican figure has said that since Bush left.
What`s funny about this...


FUGELSANG : ... that she wants them to kiss the American ring and Israeli
ring by having the Israeli flag mockingly on her -- or seemingly mockingly
on her desk.

And here is the thing. Over in Israel, they got gay marriage, women can
serve in the military, they have socialized health care big time...


FUGELSANG: ... and of course they have free abortion. I guess Republicans
don`t mind paying for it if the money is going to Israel.

SCHULTZ: I got to give you gentlemen an opportunity to comment on the
story today. I started this broadcast saying that I was disappointed that
Mitt Romney is not going to be a candidate.

Dean, how do you feel about it?

OBEIDALLAH: I think on some level, it would have been interesting to see
this guy, a third time can make history, so to speak, and then be the
candidate and win.

I thought he would have been an interesting candidate and it was going to
crash Jeb Bush on some level and Chris Christie. Now, those guys are back
in play. I think it helps Christie more than anyone else and Walker maybe.

FUGELSANG: I mean...


FUGELSANG: ... we were pretty certain he was...


FUGELSANG: Well, he gave every indication he was going to run. So I guess
we should enacting surprise that he flip-flopped. Let`s not forget this is
the human equivalent of hallow inflatable guy outside a car dealership, Ed.

But I`m very sorry about it that Mitt decided not to run. I think he
decided because Rupert Murdoch publicly decided it for him. But it will
give him time with his family and I love Ann Romney, she`s a great stay of
five homes mom.

SCHULTZ: I think that there were some big donors that told Mitt, Mitt,
we`re an image business this time around.


SCHULTZ: ... is that we have to find some way to connect to the middle
class. We`re not going to do it with your background. We`re not going to
do it with your Bain background. We`re not going to do it with Wall Street
background. We`re not going to do it with your outsourcing record. We
can`t get around that.

And I think the Republicans desperately want the White House. And if they
don`t find some way, some fresh new face or some new approach to connect
with the middle class, they have no chance...


SCHULTZ: ... of winning the White House and Mitt just can`t reinvest
himself on that level.

FUGELSANG: But at the same time...

SCHULTZ: I think that`s basic, that`s simple, John?

FUGELSANG: But at the same time is Jeb Bush that fresh a face? And Mitt
arguably along with Huckabee is one of the best public speakers in the
party. He is a better debater than Senator Clinton

And so I think he could give her a run for her money but I do think you`re
right. I do think he realize that a lot of his core had already committed
themselves elsewhere.

And I think Scott Walker`s could have a better shot of these Koch dollars.


SCHULTZ: Dean Obeidallah and John Fugelsang.

Gentlemen, always good to have you with us on the Ed Show. I appreciate
the conversation.

FUGELSANG: Thank you.


SCHULTZ: Coming up. The Seahawks, they try for a repeat performance this
Sunday. I got my keys to the game for both teams coming up.

And later, I`m sharing my secrets to super snacks for the Super Bowl party.

We got your questions next, Ask Ed Live coming up on Ed Show right here on
MSNBC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. I appreciate all your questions.
We love hearing from our viewers. This is my favorite segment of this
show, Ask Ed Live.

First question from Julie, "What made some of the Democrats vote for the
Keystone XL Pipeline bill?"

Well, look at jobs in the road backyard. Casey, Pennsylvania, lots of
fracking going on, natural gas. Same thing with Bennett in Colorado.
Heitkamp in North Dakota, big oil country, Montana, Chester, big oil
country. Claire McCaskill, lots of oil interest down in that part of the
United States in Missouri.

There`s five, right there.

I don`t know what Carper is thinking about. And I`m disappointed that the
Democrats wherever they`ve got oil in their backyard is where the votes
went. And it`s so terribly unnecessary.

Here`s why the Republicans wanted Keystone.

The Republicans wanted Keystone because they have not been involved in job
creation and they have not partake in any way of help for the President
bringing this country out of the great recession.

So they need something to talk about. "Hey, what about jobs? We passed
Keystone." This is the first thing they did when they legislative power.

Now, they`ve got something to talk about and I know it`s only 42,000 jobs
and I know they`re part time but it`s going to give them something to talk
about and now, they`re into the job equation and building of America`s

So the Republicans have been void. They have needed something to talk
about when it comes to jobs because they haven` helped at all on 58 months
of private sector job growth, 11 million jobs and they had nothing to do
with the automobile industry recovery.

So what have the Republicans done? Well now they`ve got something to say
when it comes to jobs as minor as it is.

And let`s also point out that the Koch Brothers are going to make billions
of dollars of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

So doesn`t it make sense to help out your allies who are funding you to the
tune of a billion dollars in the next election cycle?

Our next question is from Steve, "Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?"

First of all, I just want to make sure I cook right because I`m going to do
some cooking and I`ll show you that coming up here on the Ed Show.

And it pains me to tell you, I don`t care who wins in Super Bowl, I just
want to see a great game. I want to see a fourth quarter finish, I want to
see a high scoring game, lots of big place, lots of controversial replays
because that`s just kind of what the NFL is all about right now.

Stay with us, we`ll be right on the Ed Show.

Market Wrap.

Stocks end the day down sharply. The Dow falls 251 points, the S&P 500
sheds 26 and the NASDAQ drops 48 points.

One of the factors behind today`s decline, a report showing economic growth
slowed in the fourth quarter to 2.6 percent annual rate. That`s below
estimates and below third quarter growth of 5 percent.

On the bright side, consumer sentiment jumps this month to an 11-year high.
And shares of Shake Shack`s soared 118 percent in their market debut.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.

Well there`s two things we know about the Super Bowl. It`s definitely on
Sunday and the commercials aren`t cheap. And we`re about 48 hours away
from Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, Arizona.

Seattle has an explosive offense lead by quarterback Russell Wilson. If he
gets loose, he`s trouble. This guy knows how to dodge the sack. And when
he gets in the open field, he is very dangerous. And he also got a great
power runner in Marshawn Lynch, he is in the back field.

This offense won`t be easy for the Patriots to contain and that is the key
for Seattle making him continue.

Seattle`s defense could be the deal breaker. They are the best defense in
the league on scoring. They allowed only 15.9 points a game during the
regular season. Richard Sherman in the Legion of Boom, know how to stop
the passing game and he`s going to get challenged.

Earlier today, Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll said his team is ready to


PETE CARROLL, SEAHAWKS HEAD COACH: Everybody`s in good shape for us.
We`re ready to go. We fortunate made it through without anybody getting
nicked, and about as healthy as we could have hoped to be at this time of
the year. So, we`re ready for it and it`s really getting close, we can
fell it and we`re ready for game time.


SCHULTZ: All right. The Patriots, they are one-point favorite going into
this thing.

Six time Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady is one of the best of the
business no doubt, his offense had a great year, averaging over 360 yards a
game and 29 points a game with three Super Bowl rings. Brady should never
be underestimated whether he`s got the cold, the flu or anything else.

Earlier today, Bill Belichick said that they are ready for Seattle.


BILL BELICHICK, PATRIOTS HEAD COACH: We`ve gotten a lot done. Certainly
it`s a huge challenge to prepare for the Seattle Seahawks. They`re a great
football organization and they have a great team. They`re strong in every
area, you know, I think everyone knows how much respect I have for Seattle
and Pete and the job that they do.


SCHULTZ: Unfortunately, for the Patriots, deflate-gate is going to be
hanging over them on Sunday. Bit of destruction this week, I believe.
We`ll check them in a moment. But the investigation is yet to be

Earlier today, Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the controversy.


ROGER GOODELL, NFL COMMISSIONER: As you would expect, we take seriously
anything that potentially impacts the integrity of the game. We are
focusing principally on two questions. Why were some footballs used in the
game that we`re not in compliance with the rules? And was this the result
of deliberate action? I want to emphasize we have made no judgments on
these points and we will not compromise the investigation by engaging in


SCHULTZ: You know I find this really strange. Why in the world would the
commissioner this issue, this close to the game if they want everybody
focus on the game and not focus on the investigation of the AFC
Championship game.

All things aside, I think it`s going to be a close game, the latest spread
from Vegas has it within a field goal, I think it`s going to be a fourth
quarterly decision and a high scoring game.

Joining me now, Terence Moore, National Sports Columnist.

Terence, this is all hat for you, I don`t know how many Super Bowls you`ve
been around but -- been a lot of them, no doubt about it. I want to know
who`s focused, who`s not focused, has this been a week of distraction for
the Patriots? Where is it at?

about number 25 or 26th. I stopped counting after about 10 to 12.

But Seattle is going to win this game. And this is going to have nothing
to do with anything of having a deflate-gate or destruction or what have

I talked to Brian Billick yesterday. Brian Billick was a coach of that
Baltimore Ravens team a couple of years ago that won the Super Bowl in
spite of all the stuff swirling around involving Ray Lewis and the double
murder charges or what have you. And Brian put out something very
interesting. He said, in these situations players don`t care because he
used more colorful language on that.

And that`s the same with the Patriots, I mean, you look at media day --
Bill Belichick -- Mr. Uptight shows up in flip-flops, was going to win this
game for Seattle, he alluded to it earlier in your introduction. It`s a
fact that Seattle has this other worldly defense that we have seen since
the Bears of the mid-1980s, and he got this extraordinary quarterback
Russell Wilson, a guy who never losses to Super Bowl winning quarterback,
he`s 10-0, go Seattle.

SCHULTZ: Well, the thing about Wilson that is so impressive is that, his
dimension, his game is that when he gets outside the tackles, he is a total
threat. Number one, he`s got tremendous speed, he`s got good quickness, he
sees the field and he can throw on the run.

This is a huge threat to the Patriots defense. And their pass rush is
going to have to contain this guy. You just can`t rush in on him and go to
the firewall, you got to contain him. And I think that the Patriots can do
that in some fashion.

If you notice for three quarters, the Packers were able to contain him. It
wasn`t until the fourth quarter when Wilson got outside and got on the
perimeter that the whole game turned around, what about that?

MOORE: Yes. Well, you`re right. And what you`re saying is he is a
relentless kid.

One of the things that Bill Belichick pointed out today is his press
conference is, what he really like about this Seattle team is that he`s
never seen a team play hard for 60 minutes all the way through.

And we saw that as you mentioned in NFC Championship game, five turnovers
for Seattle, terrible game for Russell Wilson. But when it counted down
the stretch in regulation and then overtime, there he was. He`s one of
those magic guys when it counts.

SCHULTZ: Terence, what is the situation with the defensive back Richard
Sherman? Is he 100 percent? He was hanging on to his arm late in a game a
couple of weeks ago.

MOORE: Well, he said two days ago that the ligament damage, he had the
last treatment on that and that he should be ready to go but who knows in
these situations.

These guys are going to lie about that. And I`ll tell you something, Ed.
One of the first things to watch early in that Super Bowl is how many times
Tom Brady goes after Richard Sherman. And it`s going to happen because he
wanted to test to see if he`s OK. But they`ve got some other guys hurting
in a secondary. Earl Thomas has got a bad shoulder problem.

So, that`s going to be something to see how that`s going to take place.
And remember also, Tom Brady is getting over a cold also and he is saying
that his OK but, again, you don`t know until they kick the ball off.

SCHULTZ: Terence, why did the NFL have a press conference today and the
Commissioner, you know, throw deflate-gate back on the front page? I mean,
the timing of this is just horrendous I think.

MOORE: Yes and I`ll tell you something Ed, and going back again. I`ve
covered so many Super Bowls, I go back to the days of Pete Rozelle and
we`re talking about 1980, that`s the first Super Bowl I covered.

And Roger Goodell is no Pete Rozelle. A matter of fact, I was sitting
there in his press conference and I was thinking, Roger Goodell reminds me
of one of those voices you hear on -- like a self-meditation tape to go
sleep. I mean, he just totally insulted our intelligence today talking
about, as you play that clip, about we`ve made no judgment here on deflate-

We`ll look, as I mentioned to you earlier this week, they already know who
did it, they already know how it was done because commonsense tells you

Joe Montana was in the press room today, making the rounds. And Joe
Montana who I think knows little something about football said that, "There
is no secret as to who did this, everybody knows who did this." He
couldn`t name exact person but he knows that, if he knows that there`s got
to be an equipment guy that the NFL knows, they`re just screening this out
because they don`t want anything to interfere with the Super Bowl. But at
the same time as you pointed out, they`re distracting from the Super Bowl.

SCHULTZ: All right. National Sports Columnist Terence Moore, great to
have you with us tonight. Get a good seat, enjoy the game. Good to have
you with us. And of course, the game is going to be on NBC on Sunday.
Thanks, Terence.

Up next in the two-minute drill, another incredible catch for Odell Beckham
Jr. Stay tuned. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And in tonight`s two-minute drill, rookie record breaker. New
York Giants receiver Odell Beckhan Jr. is one of the favorites for the
rookie of the year, no doubt. He earned himself yet another title by
recreating a trick from a recent visa commercial.

Beckham broke the Guinness World Record for the most one-handed catches
made in one minute. The receiver had to catch at least 10 passes which had
travel at least 10 yards. He had some help from New Orleans Saints
quarterback Drew Brees on ESPN Super Bowl set.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I like our chances.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 31, 32, 33...



SCHULTZ: Beckham had no trouble breaking the record of 10 passes. He
caught 33.

We`ll back with my Super Bowl grilling tips. You won`t want to miss it.
Stay with us.



SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for joining us tonight.

So the big game is on Sunday, everybody likes to do something special for
Super Bowl Sunday. I`m not a big party guy. I like to be around family
and friends. But one thing I really like to do is cook.

This is where we`re going to have our little Super Bowl gathering on Sunday
and this is what we`re going to cook.

We got the big TV ready to go. We got the bar right there. We got our
couches (ph) put together and ready to go.

What I want to do this Sunday is I`m going to be cooking deer sausage and
on do I love the way they make it here in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. This
is just regular deer sausage right here. And then, this deer broth (ph)
injected with cheese. Oh, this is just so awesome.

And of course, not everybody likes deer sausage and if somebody else comes
along, we`ll you got to be ready, you got to have plenty of hamburgers
ready to go.

Now I got this grill down in Iowa. I went down to the Tom Harkin Steak Fry
back in September. I thought, you know, 7,000 people, how are they going
to feed all this people?

So I went back to where they were doing all the cooking. And they had a
bunch of this grills. They`re called classic cooking grills. Look at all
these room I`ve got here.

You can cook 50 hams on this thing. It`s for big parties, big picnics.
This is has got four doors on it. It`s got a couple of different levels.
It is big time propane. We got two 50 gallon deals going on here.

I could feed the Seahawks and the Patriots all at once, if they are would
drop-by (ph). I guarantee it.

Cooking deer sausage and deer broth (ph). What a lot of people do is just
take this and they throw it right in the pan of water. And to me that`s a
waste of food. You don`t get any of the flavor, you don`t get any of the
texture. It just tastes totally different. This is the only way to cook
these things and don`t thaw them out. I like to put them right on the
grill frozen.

These ladies -- baby is right on there, let it go and watch the

This is simple and you can watch the game and let this thing go. And oh by
the way if you`re on a sugarless diet like I am, you can still eat a lot of
this stuff and lose weight. I`ve dropped 15.

We`re getting real close to doing what I call tester.

Oh, yeah. Oh, that`s away to go yet.

Oh, that`s good.

Then, when you start testing, you can`t stop testing. That`s the problem.

Oh, look at that sausage right there. Look at that, that baby is ready to

All you got to do is get little bit of ketchup or mustard or whatever you
want to put on and keep it simple.

Look this cheese injected in there.

I just love that.

I`m ready for the game right now. How about you?


That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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