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Poor marks for spelling on library mural

City elders in Livermore, Calif., recalled an artist to make corrections in a mural she painted for the local library when it became evident that the work was riddled with spelling mistakes.
/ Source: The Associated Press

You wouldn’t expect to see a lot of misspelled words when you enter a public library.

Which is why Livermore is paying thousands of dollars to an artist so she’ll correct the words she misspelled on a giant mural in the entryway of the new main library.

Eleven of the 175 words and names are misspelled, including Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo and Einstein.

Artist Maria Alquilar was initially paid $40,000 for the mosaic. Now, the city will pay another $6,000 plus her travel expenses from Miami for her to correct the work.

Alquilar blames city leaders for not catching what she calls “oversights.”