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Galleries from the Digital Village

TARI VALLEY, Papua New Guinea —The purpose of this expedition to the "Digital Village" has been fulfilled. For the past two weeks we've been traveling in Australia and Papua New Guinea, looking for a small close group of people who would share their world with us, and their view of that world. We brought along digital cameras and a portable printer, all supplied by HP, to help these people tell their stories. We were fortunate enough to find allies in a family of the Teka clan in the Tari Valley.

Here are the images of the things they love, the things they find beautiful, the things — and the people — they value most. Just select a family member from the interactive above, and click on their portrait to launch a gallery of photos, complete with audio comments and insights about their own work.

To relive the expedition, and to learn more about the places we went and the people we met, follow the links below to join us in our search for the Digital Village: New Guinea.