Afghan judge held over attack on U.S. security

/ Source: The Associated Press

Afghan authorities have arrested a judge in connection with the August car of a U.S. security firm that killed at least 10 people, a senior official said Saturday.

Three Americans were among those killed in the Aug. 29 blast outside the Kabul office of Dyncorp, an American contractor that provides bodyguards for President Hamid Karzai and trains Afghan police.

Naqibullah, a preliminary court judge, was detained about two weeks ago after two men accused of organizing the bombing told investigators they had stayed at the judge’s house in Kabul, Gen. Abdul Fatah, a senior Afghan prosecutor, told The Associated Press.

“He is accused of two things. First, he let the terrorists stay in his house. Second, he was aware of their activities but didn’t inform anyone,” Fatah said.

Intelligence officials identified the alleged ringleader of the car-bombing and an Oct. 23 suicide attack that killed an American woman and an Afghan girl as Mohammed Haidar, a Tajik national. Haider has allegedly confessed to organizing the attacks.

Fatah said an accomplice, Abdul Ahad, was arrested along with Haidar.

The bomber and the two organizers “stayed in (Naqibullah’s) house all the time, from the beginning to the end of their mission,” Fatah said.