National Zoo puts cheetah cubs online

Four baby Cheetah cubs, born on November 23, 2004, huddle together at the National Zoo
The four baby Cheetah cubs huddle together in this photo released Dec. 21, about a month after they were born.Reuters file
/ Source: The Associated Press

The National Zoo's new cheetah cubs aren't on public display yet, but Web surfers can get a sneak peek.

The cubs were born Nov. 23 and are the first cheetah offspring to be born at the zoo in its 115-year history.

The zoo has set up a webcam in the cheetahs' enclosure to monitor them 24 hours a day. The cubs may not always be visible, depending on their location.

After the cubs make their public debut, the zoo will reposition the camera so viewers can see the cubs in their yard with their mother.

The webcam can be viewed at