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Let it snow!

15 degrees + wind = "wicked cold".  Spent pretty much the entire afternoon blowing and shoveling snow.  I grew up in Western Maine, so I have seen some snow in my days, but there have been two or three in the past few years here in the Boston area that have rivaled any snowstorms I ever saw in Maine.  This one is certainly right up there with the top two or three.  I am 6' 2" and there were snowdrifts in my driveway that were up to thighs.  Arms are sore, back is killing me.  Bourbon is tasting good. — Anonymous, Stoneham, Ma.

Here in Detroit we received somewhere between eight to twelve inches.  Today is sunny and there were snow drifts around my car at least two feet high.  But a little snow doesn't stop anything in this state or city.  My son and I dug out our car and the plowing service dug out the parking lot.  The International Auto Show here in Detroit has record crowds today.  In the downtown area the inaugural Motown Winter Blast has drawn very large crowds.  Everyone is dressed warm; outside in the sun; enjoying a hugh snow slide, Model-T car rides, dog-sled racing, ice skating on a rink that is larger than the one at Rockefeller Center in New York City and hot cocoa.  To get warm, people simply go into one of the warming tents or stop for a bite to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Around here a little snow doesn't stop the show.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the Super Bowl here in Detroit next year. —Gloria M, Detriot, Mich.

I fled Boston so my car would not be plowed in, and went to my friend's apartment in Warwick, RI. The drifts are piling against our back door and are literally four feet high, at least, and the front door is no better. We are completly snowed in and have no shovel. Haven't even thought about our cars... We are just trying to figure out how we will get to work tomorrow morning. Hopefully the apartment management company will come by soon and shovel us out, but as for me, I think I am stuck here another night. This, and the fact that I have no clue where I would park my car once I am back in Boston. Still, what an experience!! —Bob Blackie, Boston, Ma.

Well, I  measured 11 inches and that all came down in less than four hours. Worst blizzard I have seen in a decade. I am from Utah and we get it deep and fast in the mountains there. I can report that today, it is now sunny, warmer, and we are digging out here! California dreaming right now!  —An American in Ontario, Canada

No need to send video, snow is snow. All white. Here on the DelMarVa Penninsula we have some snow but everything is covered with ice. Roads, sidewalks you name it, is covered with ice. We are expecting some more snow this evening, I understand. The fireplace is burning and the dogs and cat are curled up enjoying the warmth. Let it snow.  —Mike Milbourne, Crisfield, Md.

I loved watching my dog, Hobbs, chasing his toy in the snow that went up past his shoulders, he is a lab! He shoves his head all the way down into the snow to find it!! He also jumps like a bunny in the snow, he loves to run and play in it. That is one good thing about this snow...always have to find something about this weather!!! —Kellianne Tayler, Syracuse, N.Y.

Two weeks ago we got 3 feet of snow here in the valley. It took three days to dig out and even then the snow was piled 4 to 5 feet high in all directions. When passage was finally initiated on the streets the mail carriers were at a quandary as how to deliver the mail when all the mail boxes along the streets were under 5 foot snow walls. It just took one smart person then all fell into suit. A broom handle stuck into the snow banks with a plastic ice cream bucket tied to the end, just perfect for the mail carrier to drive past and deposit mail in each icream pail.  Good thing all Mormons eat ice cream! —Tenne Timmons, Logan, UT

As a child I lived in Buffalo, N.Y. during the '40s and early '50s.  I remember those horrible winters!  I now live in the land of the sun!  The sun is going full blast and the outside temperature is over 60 F.  I'll go for a nice bicycle ride later this afternoon.  Sorry been there and done that!  —Anonymous, Las Cruces, N.M.

Charlestrown, Rhode Island is buried. I can't even see my neighbors house. The plows have yet to get to our street, we're snowed in. The wind can be heard howling despite the Sunday morning cartoons. My son is excitedly expecting tomorrow to be a snow day. I imagine he's right. Nobody is going out in this, it's crazy out there. We've received about 1 1/2 feet of snow but the drifts are as tall as me. Like the commercial says, "It's freezing, I aint goin' out there!"     —Cheryl Fleming, Charlestgown, R.I.

I live just outside of Providence RI and it is incredible. I cannot take pictures because you would see nothing!  In the last hour the wind  has picked up and it also started to snow more heavily.The wind is not blowing in one direction but swirling all over. I bundled up and went out to see what is happening and while I live on a main street there is no traffic other than plows. I can barely see across the street. My car is in the parking lot and is totally buried. I only know it is there since I parked it there yesterday!  As I look out the window now I can see that is increasingly worse.  Wish us luck that we will get out and about soon! —Mary Golojuch, Northeastern, R.I.

"Snow nice" to let you know that I measured the snow on top of my picnic table and it measures 16 inches. I live in Langhorne, Pa.  —Peggy Reid, Langhorne, Pa.

We live in Berkley, Massahcusetts. It's hard to tell how much snow is falling but we do have some drifts as high as four to five feet. It reminds me of the Blizzard of 78'. It's nice to be able to take a break from everything. But I feel bad for those who have to go out on the roads to go to work such as Health workers, police etc. —Bets, Berkley, Ma.

Here in North Central Ohio, we have experienced some pretty unusual weather for the season. Just before christmas we recieved 20" of snow, it was hard getting around as the snow plows were hardly able to open the main roads. Then came the ice storm two weeks later, but prior to that we had a thaw that melted most of the snow. The ice left more than 50,000 without power here. The early morning hours after it came, I watched a fireworks display. The fireworks were the power lines snapping, blue flashes lasted for a long time, as did the sparks shooting upward from the transformers going. Along with many I experienced no power for almost seven days. Many areas looked as if bombs had been set off, so many trees came down. One that stands out the most was a huge tree came down over heavy power lines, the lines held it but the poles holding them bent towards the tree for a mile in both directions. Then another thaw that caused unbelievable flooding here. Many evacuated by boat, main roads under water, homes flooded and power again lost to many. More of winter left to come, another snow storm going on here now. We all are in a wonder of what is yet to come.  —W.L. Bishop, Mansfiel, Ohio

It's 10:08 am CST and I live near the lake. I can hear the strong winds through my windows and looking in the alley from my apartment, I can see that snow drifts are nearly two feet high. but this is Chicago weather and living here all my life, we've been spared for the last few years. I think it's about time we get snowfall this strong. I'm taking my sled out!  — Ronald Sardina, Chicago, Ill.

I would like to rub a little salt on the ice— pun intended— but we here in Yuma Arizona are expecting a freezing 78 degrees today. And a verylow of around 60 tonight. —Jim Lambros,
Yuma, Ariz.

I live in Michigan, on Lake Huron.  Usually the people to the south and west get more snow than we do here.  We have about a foot of snow!!!  We haven't had a good snow storm in ages!! It's about time! —Heather Tait

While we are often "off the radar", you all may be missing some great weather stories by neglecting Southeast Alaska. 

The past summer was way warmer and dryer than usual, and we've just experienced an incredible snow storm.  We are in the Northern most rainforest (We get much more rain than Seattle, for example). Winters usually mean lots of rain and some snow depending on a slight fluctuation of temps.  Our normal temps are from about 35 to 45 degrees.  However, you all missed a great story this past week.  Starting Sunday afternoon to Tuesday night we received from 2 ft in the north of the Burough to over 3 ft of snow further south. Juneau runs along the Canadian ice field and mountains on one side and ocean channels on the other. Going to the north from town we call going "out the road".  There are no roads in-out of Juneau.  Access is by air or boat.  We happen to live in "the Mendenhall Valley" which is north. We received more than 3 ft of snow!  Juneau is always beautiful.— Sue Zahnd, Juneau, Alaska

I plan to pick citrus off my trees today and then drive up 9,000 foot Mt. Lemmon and play in the snow. When I'm tired of the snow I will drive home again and sit on the front porch in the 70 degree weather in my T-shirt and shorts. — Bil Munsil, Tucson, Ariz.