T-shirt company defends right to 'offend'

/ Source: BET.com

Tshirthell.com boasts the motto, “where all the bad shirts go.”

And few would disagree after a T-shirt with the slogan, “Arrest Black Babies Before They Become Criminals” went on sale on the site. The shirt is emblazoned with the image of a hand-cuffed Black baby sucking on a pacifier.

Cost? $18.

What’s more, the Web site offers the following disclaimer: "Anyone who thinks the shirt is racist is just ignorant."

TShirtHell.com started in October 2001 and receives over 75,000 visitors a day, according to the site, which is based in Las Vegas.

But Tshirthell.com is an equal-opportunity offender, according to the site. “We design our shirts to amuse ourselves. We don't care if you're offended by them. Regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, or sexual preference- you are all fair game,” the site’s creators state on the Web.

Further, the site asks, why is it that Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle can do stereotype humor without repercussions, and not Tshirthell.com?

T-shirts sold on the site cover a variety of topics including politics, homosexuality, sex and race. Some shirts include phrases such as “I Broke Up Brad and Jen,” “I Still Hate George Bush,” and “Medium Pimpin.” Another shirt proclaims, “I Survived the Tsunami 2004.”

Infant-sized versions read, “Are You My Daddy?” and “Broken Condom.”

The controversial Web site has been featured in The New York Post, Maximum, Stuff, Penthouse, Us, Playboy and others.

Tshirthell.com did not respond to BET.com’s request for comment. The company ships products all over the United States and to 46 foreign countries. Customers can become members and receive benefits, which include discounts and access to free giveaways.