On Super Bowl Sunday

My grandmother was a diehard, rabid Packer fan and traveled all over to see them play, including the first two Super Bowls. Many years after SB-1 (and a couple years after her death) I discovered that she'd been immortalized by NFL Films. Grandma appears clear as day in an extended crowd shot of the official highlight video of the Packers-Chiefs game. When I discovered this, nobody in my family believed it until I was able to tape ESPN's replay one year later. I've since acquired the DVD, which I break out every once in a while to see that great lady jumping up and down like a cheerleader after Max McGee made his second touchdown. —Ric Reynolds, Appleton, WI

I'm 57 years young and for the first time in my life (it's true) I watched my first football game. I was never intrested in sitting four hours and watching because not understanding the game I did my own thing for the day. Now I'm hooked and can't wait for next season to start. —Joyce Kaufman, Womelsdorf  Pa.

My husband called in to the local radio station and won 2 front row seats (in two recliners)to watch the Super Bowl at a local restaurant/bar on their huge projection screen.  This, along with a generous food and beverage tab made for great fun during the game.  The real kicker came at the end of the night when they gave us the 2 brand new leather recliners to take home with us! We'll never forget Super Bowl 2005!   —Sarah Taylor, Knoxville, Tenn.

I was honored to be a volunteer at Superbowl XXX1X! It was awesome greeting all the people who had never been to Jacksonville, and sharing my pride in our beautiful river city! No, we are not as big as some of the other places the Superbowl has played, but our hearts and willingness to share of ourselves is UNMATCHED!! We look forward to having everyone back soon! Thanks to the NFL for picking us! —Camille Clement Gregg, Jacksonville, Fla.

I was one of the many musicians who got to perform for a Super Bowl party. The Frito Lay party was held on the Jacksonville Princess Yacht, and the band Cabana Blue, in which I played bass was on the second level up-top the main deck. We cruised the St. Johns River checking out the various super sights. While the guests ate, we played softly familiar tunes from the past. When we were passing the three cruise ships that were moored to accommodate the Super-Bowl patrons, three US Coast-Guard gun boats appeared out of the dark and came along side to investigate the yachts intentions. It was something that I have never seen before. I remembered 9/11 and felt glad they were there to protect us and everyone else who came to enjoy the Super-Bowl. That river trip will remain in my mind forever. —Rick Bernheimer, Jacksonville, Fla.

No Real big Story to tell of Super Bowl Sunday. Just want to say Having Paul McCartney for 2005 Half time during Super Bowl was the greatest. He is long-time remembered by many and always will be. Loved hearing him sing "Get Back," and "Hey Jude" are two all-time favorites, and he just as great as he ever was. —Kathy, Ky.

My wife and I chose to be married on Super Bowl Sunday. We have been married for 20 years now. She knew if I was willing to miss the Super Bowl to marry her, I would be a worthy husband. We just had our first baby, she is almost 1 year old. Wow, how time flies. —Raymond Smith, Kapaa, Hawaii

As a U.S. citizen living in Taiwan, I'm fortunate to get the superbowl piped into my television from halfway around the world, live at 7 a.m.!  I get up at 5 a.m. and begin grilling burgers and hotdogs, frying the fries, and spreading out the chips, nuts and what other snacks I can scrounge up. Eventually the sun comes up, and I have a heyday, all by myself, as football isn't a popular sport here -- especially at 7 a.m.! —Expatriate Patriot fan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This week me and my dad will be going to a bar in Riga, Latvia to watch the game at one in the morning due to the time difference. In the past years we've had to stay off the internet for a week waiting for someone to send us the tape of the game. This is a big improvement compared to that! —Tim Roberts, Jelgava, Latvia

I was 11 years old when I saw in person and worked selling soveniers at the first Super Bowl. I had little idea that this game would come to mean so much to so many. I was at the Los Angeles Colisium and my older brother Roger Owens asked the boss if his little brother could get in and work. I had no trouble selling the souveniers, what I remember was that there was a sea of people and I soon ran out of change. I was very naive and remember asking a man if he could get me change for a $20 bill and I waited and waited and never saw him again. I have never been to another Super Bowl as the tickets are too expensive, but I will always remember the Packers/Chiefs first Super Bowl. —Paul Owens

My best Superbowl memory is coming up, because the Eagles are in it. That's the best by far, do you know how long we waited?  I'm so excited, I mean extremely excited, and I'm going to be sitting in front of my big screen TV with my Eagles shirt on, chips, dip and other munchies, enjoying seeing my Eagles in the Superbowl. —Sheila, Wenonah, N.J.

Two of my Son's were rooting for the Rams one year. During half time they went up to the bathroom and spelled out Go Rams! on their chest, however, they obviously did it in the mirror, because when they came down stairs and took of their shirts it said "oG smaR" —Sean Brown, Poulsbo, Wash.

My birthday used to fall on Super bowl Sunday before they lengthened the season.  My parents were at the Super Bowl on my 18th birthday (1979) and my older brother thought it would be a great time for an 18th birthday party for all of his friends and a few of mine.  The party got out of hand; there was a live band in the living room where my mother forbade us from entering without plastic booties, the tires on my dad's prize Firebird got slashed and the police showed up. 

Incredibly, the neighbors didn't want to get me in hot water, so my parents never found out, not until I confessed just a few years ago! My dad even brought me home a ball signed by Garo Yapremian, the Dolphin quarterback who "threw" the interception in the previous Super Bowl.
Kenny Penwell, Summit N.J.

I own two liquor store and two bars... where are all the fans? We were told that traffic would come to a crawl— not. We were told that we should stock huge quantities of liquor for the masses. When will they arrive? —Warren, Jacksonville, Fla.

A local Home Remodeling Show will be held on Super Bowl Sunday here in the Chicago area.  Pretty fitting for a town that needs to Remodel it's NFL franchise and management. 
Jim Miner, West Chicago, Ill.

Super Bowl Sunday has been a big day in my life on two occasions. The first was Super Bowl X, January 18, 1976.  I gave birth during the fourth quarter to my first child, Timothy James Klutsarits, who weighed in at 10 lbs, 8 oz. at 23" long.  The doctor assured me that this was a sign of his future.  He went on to play high school and college football and is now a sports producer at the CBS station in St. Louis. and has been with the Rams at their last two super bowl appearances.  He will always be my Super Bowl baby!

My second memorable game day was January 28, 2001 when our family friend, Kyle Richardson, was the punter for the Baltimore Ravens.  Kyle has always treated me as an aunt since I had been his brothers' baby-sitter before getting married.  Kyle saw to it that "Aunt Liz" received a ticket and was included in the team party after the win.  The Ravens team treated their players' guest like royalty with a before game brunch, bus rides to and from the game to avoid the traffic mess, and a first class party and time afterwards.  I felt like queen for the day.  The best part in addition to touching the actual trophy and sharing this special day and game with my friends was calling my children who were away at college at 4 a.m. and telling them that mom was just getting in — she too could still party with the best of them! —Liz Klutsarits, Florissant, Mo.

I plan to go skiing on Superbowl Sunday while everyone else is inside watching the game.  I look forward to having the slopes to myself.  —Linda McLennan, South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

We had been waiting, none too patiently, for over a year to adopt a baby from Korea. On Super Bowl Sunday in 1986, the adoption agency called and announced, "It's a boy!" Our hometown team the New England Patriots were playing that day as well, making it extra special.

Our son Alexander came home a few weeks later at the age of three months (he had been born on New Year's Eve, 1985); he's now majoring in chemistry at Worcester Polytechic Institute in Massachusetts. It was definitely a Super Sunday at our house back in 1986.  —Gerree Hogan, Trudeau, Sandwich, Mass.

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