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Teen charged over blasts at teachers’ homes

/ Source: The Associated Press

A 17-year-old student has been charged with making homemade bombs that exploded outside the homes of two teachers.

Authorities believe Marcus Curran also set off explosives outside the home of a school secretary and on a high school football field. No one was hurt in the blasts.

Curran was arrested Friday at Nickerson High School in south-central Kansas and taken to a juvenile detention center on five counts of arson and two counts of attempted arson. A hearing scheduled for next week will determine if he is charged as a juvenile or adult.

Five of the bombs exploded, two were found unexploded in mailboxes and three others were duds, Reno County Sheriff Randy Henderson said.

The five devices that exploded were powerful enough to destroy mailboxes, and one shattered the windshield of a car owned by one of the teachers, the sheriff said.

Officials reported the first explosion Jan. 16.