Scout sets popcorn sales record in a jiffy

/ Source: The Associated Press

Corny as it sounds, a Cub Scout has set a national record for selling popcorn.

Ryan Cenk, 10, of the Pittsburgh suburb of Richland Township, sold $25,006 worth of Trail’s End popcorn products, popping the old record in the Scouts’ annual popcorn sale by about $5,000.

Cenk more than doubled his sales with one call to ATM Corp., a company that provides mortgage lending services. His uncle, who is a friend of ATM's vice president, introduced the two, and the executive decided the popcorn tins would make perfect gifts for employees. The company bought $13,500 worth of popcorn.

Ryan took the phone away from his ear, looked up and said, “Mom, he wants 450 of the three-way tins,” his mother, Colleen Cenk, said. “I got on the extension to make sure there was no misunderstanding.”

All told, Cenk sold about 10 tons of popcorn.

As a reward, Trail’s End is flying Ryan to Walt Disney World. He also has been asked to speak at the company’s annual sales meeting in Orlando, Fla.