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What's on the show Wednesday

5 p.m.

Today hearings on a proposed "shield law" began on the Hill. The law would, in theory, prevent situations like the one Judy Miller is in now as it would protect her, as a journalist, from being forced to reveal her sources.

Opponents to the law say it will hinder the government's ability to fight the war on terror by potentially keeping important information out of reach of law enforcement.

Outing covert officers is pretty bad for the war, too, eh?

Today, a debate about the shield law from two very different perspectives.

And later, as bloggers get ready to tackle their first Supreme Court confirmation battle, we'll be joined by two from the front lines--Amy Howe from SCOTUS Blog and Robert Gordon of Clerks, which spun off of Think Progress.

The conservative bloggers have been getting ready to pounce for several weeks, prepared for what they expected would be the "knee jerk" liberal reaction to the nominee. Much to their surprise, or maybe even disappointment if they like red meat, that fight hasn't come yet.

Liberals and conservatives alike seem to have mixed views on John Roberts, either because they perceive him as a mainstream conservative or because they simply don't know the man. Some far right conservatives like Ann Coulter came out against Roberts today. Not sure how helpful that is. She either knows something we don't or is simply being contrarian for the sake of argument.

I'll share some blog reaction today at 5pm, as well.

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12 p.m.

Just a reminder to special interest groups: Supreme Court justices are not elected.  Yet, groups like Progress for America and Move On are set to spend like it's 2004 all over again.  In fact, some estimates put special interest ad spending to block or support this nomination at somewhere close to $100 million.

It took all of five seconds after the President announced John Roberts as his pick, and the web was already bursting with pro and con debate as well as spin from all the PACs.  It's going to be a bumpy ride.

No one seems more unsure of the next chess move than the abortion activists--on either side of the debate.  The pro life blogs are filled with cautious optimism, comments like "he seems like a good guy, but why did he make that 'law of the land comment.'"  As for NARAL and the Save Roe bloggers, they don't seem to know where Roberts stands and are demanding that tough questions be asked throughout this process.

Today we will examine the President's choice, and the reaction to it from both sides.

Later, a look at the Shield Law hearings taking place on the Hill.  We will be joined by Newsweek's Michael Isikoff.

And finally, those lacrosse ladies in their flip flops have caused quite a stir.  Monica ranted on the show yesterday about how sandals are inappropriate footwear for the White House.  We'll be joined by Meghan Cleary, author of "The Perfect Fit."

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