When beauty, fame and cash aren't enough

"Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events" Premiere - Arrivals
Jim Carrey may have two Golden Globes, two People's Choice Awards and six MTV Movie Awards, but he has never been nominated for an Oscar.Mj Kim / Getty Images
/ Source: Forbes

Beauty, fame, loads of cash ... it sometimes seems that the actors and actresses on our annual list of America's Most Powerful Celebrities have it all.

But fame is fickle, money is quickly spent, and beauty fades too fast.

What's a star to do in order to earn a permanent position in the Hollywood firmament? Try picking up a couple of Academy Awards.

But power and critical acclaim don't always travel hand-in-hand. We looked at the actors and actresses that were famous — and high-paid enough — to qualify for the Celebrity 100 over the past few years and identified a surprising number who have never even been nominated for an Oscar.