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Prosecution: Mock opening statements for the Michael Jackson trial

An 'Abrams Report' version of what the prosecution could argue.

This case is about a rich, famous, powerful man who sexually molested a cancer-stricken boy from a broken home. 

Michael Jackson lives in Neverland.  In Peter Pan, Neverland is a place where lost boys play all day with an adult who refuses to ever grow up.   In Jackson’s Neverland, he plays with the lost boys all day… and all night. But what the lost boys don’t know is that this Peter Pan is a pedophile.  The price of admission to Neverland is sexual molestation, innocence lost and youth ruined.

We will prove to you that Michael Jackson, the great entertainer, is a predator who lured a sick lost boy into Neverland. He slowly groomed him, gained his trust, and then sexually molested him. 

The victim had cancer. He had lost his spleen, a kidney and lymph nodes, and received extensive chemotherapy. He was as sick as a young boy could be.  And while he was lying in his hospital bed, near death, he had a few wishes. One of them was to meet Michael Jackson, the “King of pop.” 

Unfortunately, the “King of pop” turned out to be the King of pedophilia.  A telephone relationship blossomed into an invitation to Neverland.

But bad things happened in Neverland.  Michael Jackson showed the victim and his brother pornography and plied the young boys with alcohol. Almost every night Jackson served alcohol to a 13-year-old boy who had no spleen, no kidney, and stage 4 cancer. And then he sexually molested him. 

How do we know this?  The victim and his brother stayed in Jackson’s room and the victim slept in Jackson’s bed with Jackson.  The victim’s brother saw Jackson put his hand into his brother’s underpants and masturbate his brother while masturbating himself.  Jackson also rubbed his genital area against the victim’s buttocks. 

Usually, in child abuse cases, there are no witnesses.  Pedophiles abuse in secret, in the dark, where no one else can see.  But in this case, there is an eyewitness.  Both the victim and his brother will testify in explicit detail how Jackson sexually molested him...

And physical evidence corroborates their accounts.  The victim’s fingerprints and Jackson’s fingerprints are on the same pornographic magazine proving that Jackson showed it to the young boy. After molesting the boy, Jackson took the victim’s soiled underwear. During a search of Neverland, authorities found the victim’s underwear in Jackson’s daughter’s bathroom.

Michael Jackson tried to cover up what he had done.  He tried to keep it a secret.  But Jackson’s cover-up is consciousness of guilt. After the abuse, he tried to hold the boy and his family hostage at Neverland. He had signs posted at his gates preventing the victim from leaving. Jackson also tried to send the victim and his family to Brazil.  The victim’s mother will testify that Jackson had her son’s urine sample destroyed so that his cancer doctor would not find out that he had been drinking alcohol.  

But some of the most powerful evidence will come from Michael Jackson as he speaks to you in his own words. In a documentary, he admits that he likes to have young boys sleep with him in his bed.  He sees nothing wrong with it. 

After you hear the people’s evidence, you will be compelled to find Michael Jackson guilty of preying on a sick, weak, young boy. The “King of pop” is the “King of pedophilia.”  The “King of pop” is a predator.