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Defense: Mock opening statements in the Michael Jackson trial

An 'Abrams Report' version of what the defense could argue.

This is a simple case. And it rests on one solitary word— TRUTH. When you discover the truth, you will conclude the only possible verdict in this case: that Michael Jackson is innocent of all charges. In searching for the truth, I respectfully ask you focus carefully on the following evidence.

The timing of the accusation is suspect.  After Michael’s documentary aired on February 6, 2003. Then, the Department of Children and Family services began an exhaustive two week investigation.  Three investigators from the department interviewed the accuser, his brother, sister and mother.  The evidence will show they all emphatically denied Michael did anything inappropriate. 

Never once did the accuser and his family say they were being held against their will.  Never once did the accuser say that Michael Jackson had abused him or plied him with alcohol.  Never once did the accuser’s family say, “We need your help” because Michael Jackson had victimized them in any way. 

Prosecutors want you to believe that the accuser and his family didn’t report the allegations because the abuse didn’t happen until after the interviews were completed.  But that is simply untrue. 

Reporting history— Look to the first complaint:The accuser said the abuse occurred between February 7th to March 10th.   Right in the middle of the intensive investigation by Children & Family Services. This timeline defies logic.  

And you’ll hear that the accuser changed his story.  Now this is not the first time the accuser and his family changed their stories.  The evidence will show a consistent pattern exists where the accuser and his family make initial reports and then change it to suit their purposes. 

A few years ago the accuser and his family brought claims against a department store. Initially, the claims were that they were assaulted by security guards. When they changed their story, they added a sex abuse allegation.

The evidence will show there was no finding of wrongdoing despite a large settlement to the accuser and his family. It was simply a less expensive way to deal with the suit.

In fact, in this case you may hear some allegations that Michael settled many years ago for the same reasons. These allegations were never brought to trial, and never even brought to the law enforcement officials.  They were just bare conclusory self-serving allegations. 

Now why would the accuser bring these false claims against Michael?  The answer lies in the next tool you will need to use to uncover the truth.

Underlying motivation to bring false allegations is pure and simple avarice.  What is shown by this family is that once the Michael Jackson gravy train came to an end after the accuser’s mother request for renumeration for her son’s participation in a video was rejected, these allegations surfaced for the first time. The prosecutor will try to convince you the families’ stay at a plush inn and the nights in Neverland were against their will.

Does that make sense when you will see a steady stream of charges from the accuser’s mother including manicures, pedicures and massages? Hardly the behavior of someone held captive.

Now Michael’s generosity is legendary.  Michael Jackson has helped thousands of children.  His love for children remains undeterred and you will come to realize he could never harm any child let alone this one.

Finally, the last tool in your search for truth is the burden of proof.  The prosecutor must show that Michael committed these crimes beyond a reasonable doubt.  If any of you have any doubt based reason and common sense you must vote to acquit Michael.

When all is done in this case, and you look at the

  • Timeline
  • Reporting history
  • Underlying motivation
  • Thousands of children michael helped without incident
  • Hold the prosecutor to their burden

You will have uncovered the truth Michael Jackson is innocent of all charges. 

Thank you.