Response to Martha Stewart's release

Martha Stewart spent time with her horses at her home in Katonah, N.Y., March 4, hours after being released from prison.
Martha Stewart spent time with her horses at her home in Katonah, N.Y., March 4, hours after being released from prison.Louis Lanzano / AP

Our story on the financial problems facing Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and the company's turnaround prospects, drew immediate reader response -- most of it in support of Stewart. Many readers felt that the media's attention to her case has been overblown. Others felt that she was unfairly singled out, noting other corporate executives accused of more serious crimes have yet to be convicted or sentenced.  Here's a sample:

I believe we should leave this person out of all media. Why glamorize a thief, liar, and someone who believes they are above it all? As an investor, she comprises the American Dream. Reject this scourge and move on without her and her company. I will.
-- Leonard Ashley 

Martha should not be in jail. There are lots of people who committed bigger crimes and they did not see the inside of a jail. The ones who should be jail are those Wall Street analysts who participate with and help the others to the public money.
-- Abraham Fadley

All the interest in Martha Stewart's return to productive life seems to overshadow some of the other pending cases against Wall Street crooks.  Many people wonder why the Enron and WorldCom players have not seen more rapid prosecution efforts.  After all, the current lack of confidence in corporate America is the result of real crooks who destroyed the public trust when they cheated their publicly held companies of billions of dollars.  The money amount gets attention in the press, but is only the tip of the iceberg.  It's about jobs and public confidence.
It probably did not help that Martha has donated to the Democratic Party, and the Enron crowd supports "W."  And, now that "W" is trying to pitch the plan to "fix" Social Security, the public is resisting the idea of placing trust in Wall Street to handle their retirement funds.  Is there a connection between this lack of trust and the lack of interest in tinkering with Social Security?  ...
-- Robert M. Brown

Can Martha turn her business around?  I think she will. I'm not sure about that K-Mart line of products was a good idea to start and I think it will go away. One thing for sure. Every time somebody in the media puts Martha down or writes a snarky column, somebody like me will go buy a Martha product.  That negative "EX-CON" headline on MSNBC's website is exactly what I'm talking about.
-- Anonymous

If you check her stock it is higher than when she went in.  She is going to have two new shows in the near future.  What do you think?  Use a little common sense when you put this type of headline up.
-- G. Fuman

Martha will have no problems with her business.  Her friends never left her and she will leave her enemies in her dust. If she had been a man or a friend of the Bush Administration she would not have spent one day in jail.
-- Alice Dartt

Do you think that many women favored Martha, (after her problems) when prior to that time they had not favored her, because women are tired of men doing worse things (Kenneth Lay)and nothing is ever done about it.  G.W. Bush is another example.
-- Phyllis Radford, Goldbond, Va.

Can someone please tell me why the news media continues to doubt and thrash Martha Stewart?  With all the negativity your presenting I only hope that she comes out 3 times stronger AND wealthier then she already is. Just to prove how biased and one-sided the news media is. If you (the news media) spent half the time on more positive news and involvement in the media--the perpetual negativity would stop and a whole lot more good would be done.
If she were a man she wouldn't be going through all this negative press; as you know all too well other people committing worse crimes are getting lesser punishment and lesser press.
Leave the woman alone -- let her re-build herself on her own merits, or is this why the news media continues to degrade her life and efforts? If 1/10 of the politicians we unfortunately have, owned up to their own mistakes, truly committed or not, then this world would certainly be in a much better position than it currently is in.
-- H. J. Smola

Yes, enough of Martha Stewart already.  She is has been convicted of a crime to society.    She does not deserve all this publicity.  She is no longer  a credit to anything she is involved in nor can be trusted.
-- R. Kemp