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Ebbers jury still undecided after fifth day

/ Source: The Associated Press

The jury weighing the case against former WorldCom chief Bernard Ebbers examined a new document Thursday but failed to reach a verdict in its fifth day of deliberations.

Jurors, in a late-morning note, asked to see a WorldCom management budget report from March 2002 and an internal revenue document called MonRev for the first quarter of 2002.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones told the panel there was “no such document” that applied to their first request. To the second, she noted that MonRev was a monthly, not quarterly, report.

Later, the jury clarified that it wanted to see MonRev reports for January, February and March of 2002. The judge told jurors only March existed, and provided them the document.

Jurors will return Friday to consider the fate of Ebbers, 63, who is charged with fraud, conspiracy and false filings in the $11 billion accounting fraud that sank WorldCom in 2002. It emerged from bankruptcy as MCI Inc.

On Wednesday, jurors asked whether they had to consider certain “supplemental allegations” against Ebbers, such as the size and scope of the fraud, in order to convict him of filing false regulatory documents.

Jones told the jury they did not need to consider those supplemental allegations.