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5 p.m. ET

Tonight the President speaks at a primetime press conference, the first since the start of the second term.

If you could attend a White House press conference, what would you ask him?  That's the subject of the first part of the show this afternoon.  Many of you have already written in some great questions, and we'll get a bunch of them on the air.

And later we'll get reconnected on the plight of Catholic priests in communist China, and give you a glimpse of exciting things to come with an outstanding futurist.

Tune in today to see Ron, Monica, and me!  I'll be reporting the stories on the blogs that caught my eye today.

If you see anything on the blogs you want to share, just e-mail me.

12 p.m. ET
There are a handful of children walking around the office today. Before I had my first cup of coffee I thought, "Boy, the interns just keep getting younger and younger."

Low and behold, it is "Take Your Children to Work Day."

I remember when it was "Take Your Daughter to Work" day.  It seems, if memory serves, that the whole reason why Ms. Magazine instituted the day was to encourage girls to learn about professions that weren't traditionally stocked with women.  The point was to bolster interest in law, medicine, science, even construction and engineering among school aged girls.

A couple of years back it became the all inclusive "children" instead of "daughters."  In the effort to be PC and inclusive, I think the original point of PC inclusion has been lost.

But that aside, there actually is a debate among parents about whether or not the day should happen during the school year.  Should it happen during the summer so that kids don't have to skip class to attend?  We'll discuss.

But we're leading off with a look at how the President has been spending all the "political capital" he earned with the reelection.  He's come-a-charging to Congress with some ambitious domestic policy proposals including an overhaul of Social Security, but it looks like his credit is no good there.

Is Bush a lame duck president less than six months into the term?  We'll discuss.

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