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5 p.m. ET
This afternoon we are going to look at a controversial case making news down in Florida.  The state just won an injunction against a 13 year-old girl in their foster care system who is pregnant and is seeking an abortion. Florida officials have argued that she is not old enough to make that decision for herself, and as her parents no longer have legal custody it should be the state's decision.  This will be a heated debate, but an important and sensitive issue worth discussing.

Later on, a look at how one state is dealing with a growing crystal meth problem. Apparently Sudafed or common cold medicine is a component in this dangerous, homemade drug. Washington is now asking people to show their ID and sign your name when you buy this over the counter medicine. Is this invasive and unnecessary, or a small inconvenience when we are talking about winning a war on drugs?

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12 p.m. ET
Monica went to the White House Correspondent's Association Dinner wearing a red Armani gown.

I watched on the couch wearing my pajamas.  Oh, to be fabulous.

But regardless, I had a great time.  Laura Bush was spectacular and, for once, C-SPAN held my attention.  Today we'll share some gossip and stories about the dinner.

We'll also discuss the runaway bride, the ultimate case of "feets don't fail me now."  Do you think that she should be charged with a crime, or at least billed for the exorbitant cost her local law enforcement agencies incurred?

Raj from The Apprentice will join us with a look at Social Security reform, and why he thinks the White House plan is good for young people, and we'll also take a look at political groups using religion as a weapon to get an agenda on the table.  Has it gone too far?

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