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Tony's tabs

5 p.m. ET
I wish I was going to BlogNashville.  That's a three-day conference at Belmont University on blogging and issues surrounding blogs and MSM.  From the looks of the schedule, there will be a lot of time for fun and parties.  For those of you going, enjoy.

In my blog report today I'm going to share the range of opinions out there about the British Election.  For most of you, your opinion about Blair centers around opinions about the Iraq War in general.  Some good stuff worth discussing.

Also on the show today, more on the runaway bride.  Did she really fly the coop because she wasn't getting any play?  We're going to discuss whether or not it is practical to wait until marriage.

We'll also take on some changes to environmental laws that the Bush Administration has been pushing through, including a reversal of some "no road rules" protecting areas of national park from paving and construction.

Tune in.

12 p.m. ET
I am not that into historical epics, films like "Braveheart" or "Troy."  In general, they're just three and a half hours of teen idols speaking in bogus British accents.

The word is that the newest blockbuster, "Kingdom of Heaven," is actually watchable.  Not sure if I'll go, but I have been reading the reviews and the film seems to raise some provocative issues.  It's about the Crusades, a dark and ugly period in Christian history.  While previous films have portrayed the Muslims of this era as savage and brutal, this film is much more favorable and ends a message of tolerance.

Is that a historically accurate version?  We'll discuss.

We'll also talk to two former National Security Council members about the President's trip to Russia and other Eastern European nations.  Will he get tough on Putin and call for more support for democracy in the former Soviet Union?

Lastly, a mother's day treat.  We'll talk to this year's Mother of the Year about the importance of taking responsibility for your own children.

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