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Tony's tabs

5 p.m. ET
I am now officially addicted to reading blogs.

There's a ton of reaction out there today to a Republican move to force a vote on appeals court justice Priscilla Owens.  Josh Marshall at Talking Points has a string about compromise plans, but he has said that any deal with Owens and Brown on the table is no deal.  Over at Liberal Oasis they're taking issue with an "LA Times" profile of Judge Owens that they feel characterizes as a moderate when she is not at all "mainstream."  Meanwhile, Confirm Them is saying that it is her views and the President's views hat are mainstream, and the liberals don't have a leg to stand on.

And boy, MSM missed the marked on the Pepsi story.  I haven't seen it anywhere but the blogs.  Pepsico President Indra Nooyi spoke at the Columbia Business School commencement this week and gave a speech about the five continents being like five fingers on the human hand.  Africa was the pinky, Asia the thumb, and America was, of course, the middle finger.  This outraged some bloggers.  Check out Hugh Hewitt and Powerline for more.

Lastly, AmericaBlog is reporting the porn star Mary Carey will attend the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner in June.  I guess politics does make some strange bedfellows.

Also today, more on the fallout from the Saddam underpants fiasco.  We've got bloggers Rahul Mahajan of "Empire Notes" and John Hinderaker from "Powerline."

Email me.  Peace out.

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