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5 p.m. ET
If you trust MSM, there seems to be a growing schism in the GOP.  The "Dobson" Republicans and "McCain" Republicans can't seem to find accord lately, and the filibuster deal has laid this rift bare for the world to see.

Today on the conservative blogs I saw a range of opinions ranging from those who believe the seven senators who compromised are "spineless" to John Podhoretz saying this was a victory.  In fairness, there was the exact same range on the Democratic Websites.

What might really be happening is a merging of the moderates on both sides?  Who knows.  But if that is so, what will that mean for 2008?

Craig Crawford is back subbing for Ron today. Isn't he doing a terrific job?

Besides some political talk and some blog talk, we also have a great pop culture round up for you today, and some surprises.

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12 p.m. ET
After so many months of what appeared to be old fashioned foot dragging on the Hill, this week is pretty exciting.

It looks like no one really walked away a clear victor in the filibuster compromise, and that seems a bit closer to what democracy should be, doesn't it?  Of course, some are saying that the deal undermines Senate leadership, namely Dr. Frist.  But in this case, it's possible that the far right of the GOP has overestimated its Main Street appeal.

A new opinion poll out from Quinnipiac says Americans support Roe v. Wade at a ratio of 2-1 and also supported the filibuster.  We saw similar numbers in the Terri Schiavo case. 

I remember watching the ice rink at Rockefeller Center on election night as skaters placed large red and blue puzzle pieces on the map of America, signifying a Bush win or a Kerry win.  I think it's time we redesign that map, as the past few months have proven that the vast majority of Americans are purple.  Like Barney.

Today, more on the filibuster fallout.  Also a look at the hold Zarqawi has on the insurgency in Iraq and how his death, should it be near, could impact that effort.

And it's approaching that time of the year when weather dominates the news--hurricane season.  You wouldn't think there would be a debate in hurricanes.  I'm certain no one really likes them.  But should insurance companies be allowed to bail on clients who live in hurricane hot zones?

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