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What's on the show Monday

5 p.m.

There's been quite a bit of blog reaction to the "outing" of Senator Rick Santorum's communications director. On Friday, the longtime aide to Santorum told "Page One Q" that he is gay but still supports his boss.

Santorum has been called "anti-gay" by progressives because he has compared homosexuality to incest and bestiality while making moral arguments against same sex marriage.

Bloggers who support the Pennsylvania Senator believe this is an attempt by liberals to bring him down as he approaches his 2006 reelection bid, while others see the Senator as being hypocritical for having one public stance on gays and another in his office and personal life.

I believe our show was the first to report the "Page One Q" interview, and I called Santorum's office to verify the information. It's not clear that Santorum knew that his employee was gay, or that it even matters, but Santorum has since released a statement of support for the man.

In other news on the blogs, Congressman Tom Tancredo said in a talk radio interview that if the USA were attacked with nuclear weapons, a response to the bombing could be an attack on Mecca, the Muslim holy shrine. I read the transcript of the interview on Pat Campbell's show, and I can tell you that it was all very hypothetical and he clearly just gave an example of something really bad that could be done to retaliate for a bombing here in the States. Nonetheless, it is making waves on the Web and struck many as being callous or thoughtless at best. I'll share what I have found.

On the program today, more on the CIA leak investigation. Just what is the independent counsel trying to determine? Is Rove just the tip of the iceberg in a larger case?

And a look at the latest surge in violence in Iraq.

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Blogpulse Spotlight

12 p.m.

If you're a blogger forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but other viewers may find this interesting.

A "blogswarm" refers to a large number of bloggers, sometimes thousands, picking up on a story and posting messages about it.  In the case of the CIA leak, while many bloggers have been on it since the end of 2003, the real spike happened over July 4th weekend after a posting by Democratic Strategist Lawrence O'Donnell and an investigative piece by Newsweek's Michael Isikoff.

Since then, I've found websites devoted exclusively to the story as well as many sites linking to online petitions calling for Rove's resignation or linking to research stating that Joe Wilson lied, depending on the ideological bent of the writer.

Today, making sense of the Rovian affair with Jack Burkman and Craig Crawford.

Later on the program, it was one of Iraq's bloodiest weekends.  Are things getting worse?  We'll go two-on-one with Lt. Col. Rick Francona.  Plus, the stem cell debate is heating up in Illinois.  Not over ethics, but over funding--join us for a great discussion.