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What's on the show Friday

5 p.m. ET

Note: Tony's Tabs will be on hiatus for the week of July 25.

Today, London police shot and killed a man at Stockwell station, a suspected suicide bomber.  While we do not yet know his identity or if he had involvement in the crimes, the shooting has opened up a debate about a new "shoot to kill" policy in that nation.

British bloggers immediately began the discussion, but I have a feeling that as the bombing investigation proceeds we will hear much more about this story.

And, speaking of investigations, bloggers on this side of the pond have been focused on a totally different one--the investigation into the leak of CIA official Valerie Plame's name.

Today, a Bloomberg News article broke a story that Karl Rove and Lewis "Scooter" Libby's testimony before the Grand Jury does not jive with the information provided by the reporters they spoke to about the matter.

Could this mean perjury charges?  We just don't know enough.  This story keeps getting more and more complicated.

Adding to the pile of moving parts Plamegate is a memo--and we know how bloggers love their memo stories--a State Department brief from July of 2003 intended for Colin Powell.  This document contained Plame's identity and was marked "secret" and not to be shared.  The plot thickens and has some speculating about Powell's possible involvement.

More to come.

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12 p.m. ET

London's mayor thinks the bombings are all our fault.  To be fair, he thinks that suicide bombers share the blame with Western governments like the United States that insist on stirring hornets' nests in the Middle East in the pursuit of oil.

Australia's PM Howard wasn't having any of that yesterday, reminding us that the attacks in Bali and the attacks of 9/11 happened before the Iraq invasion.

Of course they were not before the first Gulf War, 1991, but who's counting.

Regardless, the comments from the two officials, Livingstone and Howard, capture the argument happening now on blogs and on the floors of Congress and Parliament.  It's a chicken and egg argument, really, and in the end it's our problem to deal no matter who started it.

Today we will keep a close eye on developments from London while we discuss the comments made by that town's mayor, and the larger question of what happens next in the War on Terror.

Later in hour, the more we learn about the CIA leak investigation, the more confusing it all seems.  It's Memogate Part III.  First we had the CBS forgery, then the Downing Street Memo.  Now a State Department brief intended for Colin Powell's eyes that some say was passed around Air Force One like a bong at a frat party.

Congressman Peter King is out guest on the Plame Game today.

Join us.