Report of bin Laden coke plot discredited

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The New York Post raised more eye-brows than concern on Tuesday with a front-page headline that read,  “Bin Laden Coke Plot.” 

“As far as the New York Post story on bin Laden and coke, a Martian must have told them that,” says MSNBC terrorism analyst Steve Emerson.

Law enforcement sources quoted in the article reportedly knew of an alleged 2002 plot by Osama bin Laden to poison American cocaine supplies, thus killing thousands of users.

The article suggests bin Laden personally met with Colombian drug lords to discuss the poison plot.  But, the cartels supposedly realized that poisoning their customers would be bad for business and pulled out of the deal.

DEA officially denied any knowledge of the incident, so the amount of hard evidence the article reported is unclear.

MSNBC terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann adds, “If you believe the New York Post story, then I‘ve got some Nigerian uranium to sell you.”