Designer plans somber line of specs for funerals

/ Source: The Associated Press

There are sunglasses for the beach, bifocals for the library and sports lenses for the basketball court. Now a Swedish eyeglass maker says he’s targeting previously uncharted territory: funerals.

Staffan Preutz, chief executive of Polaris Optic, said Thursday he will launch a new collection of stylish yet discreet glasses this fall for women attending funerals.

“They do not want too flashy or gaudy glasses. The point is that they should be a bit subdued, but still elegant,” Preutz said.

He said a designer at the company’s Japanese branch came up with the idea, and the collection will target the Japanese market.

The funeral collection, which according to Preutz is the first of its kind in the world, will be presented at the International Optical Fair in Tokyo in October.

Preutz established his company in 1979 in Boden, Sweden, and is the official supplier of eye glasses to the Swedish royal family.