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Manhunt: Sex offenders on the loose

It’s time to track down and stop sex offenders before they strike again.  Dan Abrams of "The Abrams Report," hosts a weeklong series “Manhunt: Sex Offenders on the Loose,” highlighting some of the most important offenders to alert the public. 

Idaho is the same state where convicted violent sex offender Joseph Duncan is accused of killing Brenda Groene, her son Slade, a family friend, Mark Mickenzie, and then kidnapping 8-year-old Shasta and 9-year-old Dylan.  He took them to remote Montana campground where he repeatedly molested both of them.  Dylan was later found dead.

Abrams spoke with Dawn Peck who lead Idaho's Bureau of Criminal Identification to learn more about wanted sex offenders in that state. 

DAN ABRAMS, ‘ABRAMS REPORT’ HOST: Duncan had registered as a violent sex offender in North Dakota after serving 17 years for raping a teenage boy in 1980, but had gone missing several weeks before the alleged crime spree in Idaho. 

Now Idaho is now facing a new threat with the recent disappearance of William Lightner, a violent convicted sex offender who disappeared nearly 10 days ago.  Police say Lightner served 10 years for lewd contact with a minor, cut off his monitoring bracelet.  What can you tell us about this guy Lightner? 

DAWN PECK, IDAHO STATE POLICE: Well, he has been in and out of prison on this charge.  He had been violated on his patrol.  Before he got out of prison in March of this year, he was not evening due for his 90-day monitoring again for another six weeks or so and he cut off his ankle bracelet and he hasn‘t been seen since. 

ABRAMS: How do you know he cut it off? 

PECK: His patrol officer went to his residence and found the bracelet—the ankle bracelet there and he was gone. 

ABRAMS: And tell us exactly what is it that he did that he was convicted of? 

PECK: He was convicted of lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 16.

ABRAMS: What does that mean in layperson's terms? What did he do? 

PECK: He had some kind of sexual contact with a juvenile that was under the age of 16.  So generally, this is when someone molests or even rapes a child. 

ABRAMS: But this was violent, correct? 

PECK: The Idaho Classification Board has classified him as a violent sexual predator. 

ABRAMS: But why violent?  I mean what is it about what he's done that's been violent? 

PECK: I‘m not sure exactly of those details, but what they do is they go on a psycho sexual evaluation and then they have folks that are trained in those areas that evaluate if the individual is likely to re-offend in a violent-type way and he was designated as a violent sexual predator on his release form. 

ABRAMS: Bottom line, this guy is dangerous, correct? 

PECK: Yes.  Yes he is. 

ABRAMS: All right.  And there are other missing sex offenders in Idaho.  Let's go through them.  Omar Escobedo, what can you tell us about him? 

PECK: He was released from prison in November of 2002.  His last registration was last December but his parole officer has found that he is not where he is supposed to be and he's also wanted in questioning for another sex crime in another county here in Idaho. 

PECK: He is wanted on a failure to register charge here in Ada County, which is a county, which Boise is in.  All of these offenders are wanted for parole violations by the Idaho Department of Corrections. 

ABRAMS:  What is it that he was convicted of? 

PECK:  He was convicted of both lewd and lascivious with a child under 16 and sexual abuse of a minor.  The distinction there is sexual abuse of a minor.  The victim is 16 or 17 years old. 

PECK:  David Moroney was also convicted of an L&L type crime and child abuse.  He was released from prison in April of 2001.  He last registered in April of 2002.  He's wanted on a parole violation here in Idaho and also on warrants out of the state of Florida.  He is known to be a truck driver, heavy equipment operator, so his occupations would make him pretty mobile. 

ABRAMS:  And bottom line, all three of these guys are supposed to be registering and they haven‘t, correct? 

PECK:  Right.  They were registered and they have absconded and didn't reregister when they were suppose to and all of them were found to be not where they were supposed to be by the parole officers before the re-registration time had come up for each of them.

ABRAMS:  Convicted sex offenders and that's the number.  If you've got any information, 208-336-0740. 

If you‘ve got any information about any of these guys, come on people.  You know, we want to try and do something before bad things happen.  I'm just getting tired of reporting on these things about what could have been done beforehand. 

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