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What's on the show Thursday

5 p.m. ET

Today, the debate over racial profiling, or actually ethnic profiling, to prevent attacks on U.S. mass transit systems.  We ask the question--Is it fair to pull aside young Arabic men and search their bags in the name of safety?

And later, Martha Stewart gets an extra three weeks of home confinement because of bad behavior.  She apparently skipped the restrictions and attended a yoga class and toured the grounds of her estate.  Shame on you Martha.  I mean, yoga is so 2002.  It's all pilates now, girl.

In my blog report, a look at Web analysis of the new tape from Al Qaeda's "number 2" Zawahiri.  "Number two" always makes me think of Austin Powers, but the tape is serious business.

At the Counterterrorism Blog, some analysis of the portion of the tape where Zawahiri mentions the hudna, or truce, that Bin Laden offered Europe last year.  The deal was something like "pull out of Iraq and we won't attack you."  Analyst Daveed Hartenstein Ross says this is deceptive bargaining and a hollow promise.

I also enjoyed an insightful entry on The Guardian's blog.  This blogger is asking whether or not Al Qaeda has changed fundamentally as an organization.  Are Bin Laden and Zawahiri funding and organizing attacks, or merely serving as spiritual inspiration to these cells, devotees, all around the world?  In other words, it's more like a franchise with a ton of different owners than a chain all owned by one guy.  Interesting question.

An where is Bin Laden, anyway?  The last tape from Osama was in October of 2004, just before the election.  Yet we have heard from Zawahiri four times just this year.

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12 p.m. EST

In Ohio today, memorials and tearful vigils for the 22 fallen Marines, all from a base near Cleveland.

Marines and their families are not strangers to this kind of loss.  While they constitute 17 percent of the troops fighting in Iraq, they have also sustained 30 percent of the total loss of life in this conflict.

The reason is simple: They are frequently involved in the most dangerous of operations.  I have been reading military blogs and websites, and found some moving stories and images.

One blogger who writes at The Gun Line offers that Marines have answered a higher call and "believe their lives are worth the price to protect all that we hold dear and precious."  He provides a moving and simple tribute on the Web page, a solitary candle and lines from the poem "Fiddlers Green," the mythic place where all fallen soldiers go.

Marine families seem to have a strong and resilient network, providing support and friendship on the Web and on bases.  I found a site that chronicles a quilt project, the making of colorful patchwork quilts for the families of soldiers killed in action.

I'll share some findings today.

And on the show, Zawahiri is at it again.  He has released another video, this time blaming Tony Blair and England's involvement in Iraq for the London bombings.  We'll discuss the story with terrorism analysts.

Later, it's not even 2006, let alone 2008, and already special interest groups on hot on Hillary Clinton.

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