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What's on the show Tuesday

5 p.m. EST

At the stroke of midnight tonight in Israel, or 5 pm ET as we begin our show, the Gaza settlers will be forcibly removed from the area if they have not yet evacuated their homes.

As the day progressed the clashes seemed to be getting more and more intense in Gaza. Residents and supporters have been offering resistance to the move, some of them burning their eviction notices or protesting at the police checkpoints.

We'll go live to Gaza for all the latest on this historic day.

And later, Cindy Sheehan, the Gold Star mom camped outside of the President's ranch in Crawford, has become a symbol for the culture clash in America right now. She epitomizes the conflict over support for this war. Is she a patriot or a pawn? We'll debate it.

On the blogs today, I'm looking at some reaction to a comment Bill Clinton gave "New York" magazine. He said that if he were President when conclusive evidence came down linking Osama bin Laden to the USS Cole attack, he would have invaded Afghanistan much sooner. While he stops short of adding, "And then I would have prevented 9/11," it is vaguely implied in the quote.

I loved Joe Gandelman's posting on this at The Moderate Voice. If, if, if, Bill. If I had wheels I'd be a trolley car.

In other news on the blogs, we're still a few weeks away from the John Roberts confirmation hearing but there seems to be little debate over whether he'll be confirmed. I'll share some findings from both sides of the aisle.

Finally, poor Madonna. She took quite a tumble today while horseback riding. That's no way to spend your 47th birthday. My question is, when did this woman from Detroit take up equestrian at a manse in the English countryside? Bloody hell, Madge.


Neal Boortz
The Moderate Voice
Red State
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D Listed

12 p.m. EST

With his reelection successfully behind him, George W. Bush can preach the virtues of staying the course in Iraq.  Democracy building takes time.  These are the growing pains of a new nation.  Rome wasn't built in a day.

This is all true, of course, and as we saw yesterday when the newly formed interim Iraqi Parliament missed its deadline for a draft of the Constitution, this won't be quick or easy.

Problem is, the President's got nothing but time, but any Congressman whose term is up in 2006 has a tough race on his hands.  For this reason, we will likely see pressure from both sides of the aisle for a pullout by the summer of 2006.

The polls numbers tell a dismal story.  According to pollster and pundit Charlie Cook, only 25% of Americans now firmly believe that everything is OK in Iraq.  The remaining majority are either skeptical or are fully opposed to the President's plan, or lack of plan.  The political coattails have been badly frayed, and the GOP elected officials will be hanging by a thread if they don't construct a new message on Iraq.

But what should that message be?  What is the true story in Iraq?  Of course that depends on who you ask.  We'll dive into this topic today on Connected.

And on a much lighter note, I have yet to see the new film version of "The Dukes of Hazard" but it is hard to miss the barrage of images of Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Dukes.  God forbid the film start a new wave of skimpy skivvies across this nation.  We will talk with two style experts about the dangers of the Daisy Duke.

How's that for a diverse show?