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Globe trot

One blogger takes his dance routine on the road.  Now, he makes a pit-stop to perform for Countdown.
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Early humans replicated daily encounters and adventures on cave walls dating back to the Stone Age.  But the first Brownie cameras of the 19th Century made it possible to bring back visual proof of experiences abroad, without the messy sketching.  The collective instinct to record and preserve thoughts and memories is deep-rooted in humans.

Now this drive to document has taken a technological twist, courtesy of the Internet.  Matt Harding, a Seattle-based video game programmer, dedicated a blog to keep his family and friends up-to-date on his life and his travels. 

But don’t expect a “wish you were here” message at  He’s too busy dancing.

“I just went on a round-the-world trip, and did a jig everywhere I went,” says the 28-year-old. 

While Harding admits he only knows one jig, the online travel/dance diary has gained a lot of attention with Internet users.

“If it makes it look like it’s really easy to just zip around the world in three minutes, then that’s great,” says Harding.  “I’m great with that, because I think more people should get out there and travel as well.”

Web surfers can check out his moves while he travels thorough countries like Kenya, New Zealand, Australia, England, China and Thailand, to name a few.

Harding says he wants to make Machu Picchu a dance floor site someday.  In the meantime, watch the dancing blogger get down at Golden Gate Bridge this Sunday.