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What's on the show Thursday

5 p.m.  EST

It seems ironic to me that mainstream media would want to venture into the blogosphere, this amorphous beast that seems to exist just to ridicule us.

Yet, more and more that's exactly what they are doing, like moths to a flame. The New York Times has one, CBS News has one, even NBC's own Brian Williams.

Today I'll chat about this with Joel Achenbach, a columnist for The Washington Post who also maintains a blog, "Achenblog."

And on the show today, the climbing price of gas and its potential political spill over. Plus, a debate about just how involved the Democrats should be in Cindy Sheehan's battle.

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12 p.m. EST

A urine sample taken from cycling legend Lance Armstrong in 1999 allegedly contained a blood-boosting substance that functions as a performance enhancer.

On one side, I wonder why anybody bothered to thaw out this frozen pee pop nearly seven years later and conduct this new test, which apparently didn't exist at the time of that race.  On the other, if Lance doped then why should we believe he hasn't doped since?  I'm not sure that cycling is all that popular here in the United States, but I know that Lance is a huge superstar and an inspiration to many people.

If I see one more yellow rubber bracelet I'll plotz.  I am totally supportive of the "Live Strong" campaign, but those bracelets have become so ubiquitous that they're sold on the streets by Moonies who probably use the profits to set up hippy communes.

Still, the popularity of the bracelet speaks to the popularity of the man and his message.  Beating the odds, facing life's challenges with vigor and courage.  If he's been juicing, doesn't that kind of make him a jerk?

I don't know.

But we'll discuss it today at length on the show, with a terrific panel including champion cyclist John Eustice.

And later, a look at the emerging Iraqi Constitution.  I've read the draft, and while I am not a constitutional lawyer, it seems awfully scant on details.  I wonder just how far the three competing factions--Sunni, Shiia, and Kurds--have come in the politically wranglings.  We'll chat about this, as well.

As a side note, I was walking down 8th Avenue in Manhattan today heading for a bus to work and I noticed the marquee above The Comedy Store, a stand up comedy club.  It said "Free Judith Miller.  Free Speech is no laughing matter."

It struck me that there has been very little discussion about Judy, and she is still in jail.

I wonder why?

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