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What's on the show Wednesday

12 p.m. EST

Two Navy helicopter pilots from Pensacola were sent on a mission to deliver food and water to military staging areas throughout the Gulf area. Instead, they rescued over 100 stranded people and brought them to safety.

You would think that these men would be greeted with an award and promotion. Instead, they were reprimanded for not sticking to the mission they were assigned. That kind of bureaucracy baffles me. I wonder what the rationale was for the reprimand?

I'm also struck by some comments that former First Lady Barbara Bush made on National Public Radio after touring the Astrodome in Houston. After remarking that most of the people she spoke with wanted to move to Texas, she said most of the evacuees were underprivileged anyway so, "This is working out very well for them."

Say what?

I'm not sure what she meant by that. If she means that Texas has done a nice job and that the accommodations and care are working out well, I agree. But there is something in that line that makes me uneasy. Some people might be poor, but everyone prefers to sleep in their beds and be surrounded by their friends and families. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but sleeping in a shelter hundreds of miles of home is not my idea of fun.

Meanwhile, I told you last week that bloggers were getting together to raise money for Katrina victims. Well, N.Z. Bear reports that they raised nearly $1,300,000 over the holiday weekend. That is simply awesome.

It also demonstrates the power of people getting together for a cause. Just think about this: If everyone just gave $5 and called a couple of friends and asked them to do the same, the result would be a staggering figure. We can all afford to give $5. Skip the grande double shot soy latte today--seriously.