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Behind the scenes of "My Favorite Book"

"My Favorite Book" is KHQ TV's long running Public Service Announcement series, where athletes and actors, musicians and celebrities tell viewers about their favorite book when they were a child, or what they like to read to their children.
/ Source: KHQ-TV

"My Favorite Book" is KHQ TV's long running Public Service Announcement series, where athletes and actors, musicians and celebrities tell viewers about their favorite book when they were a child, or what they like to read to their children. "My Favorite Book" is an important part of "Success By 6," our award winning Public Service Campaign that stresses the importance of parents and children reading together to prepare young children for success in school.

One of our newest "My Favorite Book" spots features Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, who paid a visit to Mobius Kids, the new Children's Museum in downtown Spokane.

The governor remembers the "Little House on the Prairie" books from her childhood, but "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown was her top choice to read to a group of children at the museum.

"My favorite book to read to kids is 'Goodnight Moon," she said. "The kids can join in after they've read it a few times- they know it and can join with you and be a part of reading it."

The governor has fond memories of listening to bedtime stories read to her by her mom.

"Having my mom read to me not only allowed me the opportunity to understand how important reading was, so I got a great start in life, but it was a real bond between my mom and I, that closeness, sharing those moments together, there was nothing more important to me than having that opportunity with my mom at night."

She encourages parents to spend time every day reading with their children.

"Reading to a child every day is great for that child, because they come to appreciate reading and how much it means to their success," said the governor, who signed autographs and took photos with the children at the museum. "But honestly, it's important for you- there is a quality time there between you and that child, that nothing can take the place of, so you feel great. It's wonderful for that child, because they'll grow up and do the exact same thing for their children."

Another "My Favorite Book" spot currently on the air features NBA player Dan Dickau, his wife Heather, and their toddler daughter, Claire.

Dan's book selection? Hands down, it was "Barnyard Dance," by Sandra Boynton, little Claire's favorite.

"With the book, there's a lot of rhyming. In the first line, the first page of the book says 'Clap your hands!' so every time she gets to that part, she starts clapping," says Dickau.

"It's important to spend time reading to your kids, because it just speeds up the learning process, explains Dickau, a former Gonzaga standout. "Kids start learning by seeing different things in books and hearing you read to them. Reading to your kids is just a great time for you to unwind, relax, and bond with your child while they're learning."

Dan and Heather will soon be expanding their family of young readers-a brother or sister will join little Claire early this year.

Many Nashville insiders think Julie Roberts will be country music's next big star, but that doesn't mean she doesn't take time to do a little shopping while she's on the road with her tour. In fact, she headed straight to Wal-Mart to buy a copy of "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch when she heard she was going to do a "My Favorite Book" spot.

Roberts remembers a teacher reading "Love You Forever" in elementary school. The book is a story of how a little boy goes through the stages of life to become a man, and his mother's enduring love throughout his life.

"Most people who know me, know how special my mom is to me, and how much she means to me," says Roberts, who recently performed at Northern Quest Casino. "In the book, the little boy makes a lot of mistakes in life, and his mother continues to love him just the same. It just reminded me a lot of my mom and how she loves me no matter what I do in life."

"I think it's important to read to your child, because it allows you to have that time with them, where you can bond and you can teach them important lessons in life, says Roberts, who remembers her mom reading her the Bible and Dr. Seuss stories when she was little. I think it's a opportunity for children to share and experience, and there's no better way to learn a lesson than through a character in a book."

"Clifford, The Big Red Dog" is a family favorite that appeals to all ages-and that's especially true for Eastern Washington University Head Football Coach Paul Wulff and his two-year-old son, Max.

"My favorite book when I was a child was "Clifford, The Big Red Dog," and I enjoy it today, and love reading it to my son," Wulff says. "I relate to it a lot growing up as a child on the farm- we had a lot of animals, and the dog just seemed to really click with me at the time."

With a busy schedule of practices and games, Wulff cherishes the time spent reading together with his little boy. "I really enjoy reading to Max just because it's a calm time, a quiet time, and I actually get direct attention from him one on one," he explains. "We're communicating, and it's just he and I, and there isn't a lot of other times where we get that opportunity."

Wulff and his wife, Sherry has seen their young son's communication skills grow rapidly by reading together. "His vocabulary has changed and he's improved his reading and communication skills just by us talking back and forth," Wulff says. "He comes to us all the time, grabs a book, and asks to go sit in a chair so we can read."

"It's very important for the kids to get a good start and the more that they are read to, they start to communicate, they easier it's going to be for them once they start school."