What's on the show Thursday

The confirmation of Judge John Roberts as Supreme Court Chief Justice is all but certain, and will likely happen near the beginning of our broadcast.  Vice President Cheney will preside over the vote, and each Senator will stand and give a "yea or nay" on Roberts.

As most of us have moved on from Roberts to the next potential candidate, we will spend time today looking ahead.  What happens next?  Who might the President's choice be to replace Sandra Day O'Connor?

And later, more on the Delay indictment.  I watched Tom Delay's interviews last night on primetime shows.  He seems to be building a case that District Attorney Ronnie Earle is on a witch hunt, and sited other examples of Texas politicians seemingly railroaded by Earle.  One of them, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, was actually exonerated on charges he brought against her.  We'll take a look at Earle and his possible agenda.

Join us.