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Britons are Europe’s most prolific shoplifters

Britons are Europe's most prolific shoplifters, a survey published Wednesday showed.
/ Source: Reuters

Britons are the most prolific shoplifters in Europe, a survey published on Wednesday showed.

They stole $6.29 billion (3.58 billion pounds) of goods from their nation’s shops last year, the equivalent of 1.59 percent of British retail turnover.

Razor blades were the most stolen item followed by alcohol and toiletries, according to the British-based Center for Retail Research.

Finland had the second worst shoplifting problem followed by Portugal and Greece while the Swiss were the most disciplined shoppers, the survey showed. Theft accounted for 0.89 percent of Swiss retail turnover.

In all, Europeans stole $36.72 billion (30.8 billion euros) worth of goods from their stores last year -- 71.5 euros per person.

Customers were blamed for 48 percent of the thefts, staff for 29 percent and suppliers for 7 percent.

The survey covered 423 retailers in 24 countries, accounting for 20 percent of European retail turnover.