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What's on the show Tuesday

I wonder if the President imagined his choice of Harriet Miers would cause such a stir among the far right conservatives.  From the bloggers to the pundits, even Pat Buchanan is saying she's not the right choice for the job.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid says he likes her.  What do these people know that we don't?  And if President Bush has chosen a moderate intentionally, is it because he feels he lacks political capital or because he truly wants to preserve the balance of the Court as it was with Rehnquist and O'Connor still in place?  That seems a touch profound for W, but it would be something, wouldn't it?  And it would change his legacy without a doubt.

Today we'll hear about who Harriet Miers really is from a person who knows her well--a longtime colleague from Dallas.

Later in the show, a battle between evolution and intelligent design is being waged in the courtrooms of Pennsylvania.  We'll talk to two educators with very different views about what your kids should be learning in science class.

And in New Orleans, as we report about schools reopening and people going back to the French Quarter, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that there is much more work to be in done in that area.  The blogs are telling that story.  I'll share some images and tales from bloggers returning to find devastated homes and communities, but also a bit of that Big Easy spirit that no storm could drown.

Join us.