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What's on the show Thursday

Apparently it's not "Mission Impossible" after all. 

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, lovingly referred to as TomKat in the tabloids--think Bennifer--are expecting a child.  The baby is Tom's first natural offspring, and is, of course, Katie's.  Didn't she just turned 11?  Kidding.

The only thing bigger than a Hollywood ego is of course the rumor mill that generally surrounds it, and Tom's case is no exception in the tabloids or on the blogs.

This announcement took some by surprise, as there have been many reports of possible fertility problems or other sexual issues in his previous marriages.  For example, after his first marriage to Mimi Rogers ended in 1990, Rogers gave an interview to "Playboy" in which she stated Tom was becoming "a celibate."  She later clarified and said that they had sex throughout their years together.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise adopted two children but never had any biological kids.

As for Katie, or "Kate" as Tom prefers, the UK's "Mirror" reports she took a "True Love Waits" vow back in high school, pledging to remain a virgin until marriage.  So much for that.

But this is hardly the most important story of the day.


Today on the show, more on Harriet Miers, the President's pick for Supreme Court.  She is dividing conservatives in a way few expected.  Yesterday on his radio show, conservative Evangelical guru James Dobson was practically begging God to give him an answer--should he support this candidate?

We'll get takes from two well-known right of center speakers--Bob Dornan and Bob Newman.

And later, John Miller joins us along with Brian Thevenot of the "Times-Picayune" to sort through the fact and fiction surrounding Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Join us.

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