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Behl finds closure

Father of murdered college student discusses case

Taylor Behl was last seen leaving her dorm room at Virginia Commonwealth University the night of September 5.  Police discovered her remains last Thursday about 70 miles from Richmond in Matthews County, Virginia.  The ex-girlfriend of the chief suspect lead police there.

While Behl's body was found, many questions remain surrounding her disappearance.

The only suspect in the murder case now sits behind bars, but has yet to be charged with any crime.  The suspect, 38-year-old Benjamin Fawley, admits to having a sexual relationship with Taylor, saying he last saw her at 9:30 the night she disappeared.  He also says he was kidnapped the same night she went missing.

Matt Behl, Taylor‘s father, talked to MSNBC-TV's Dan Abrams about the ordeal and how his family is coping with the loss.

DAN ABRAMS, ABRAMS REPORT HOST: Thank you for coming on this program.  I know this has to be a difficult time and week for you, so we appreciate you taking time.  How are you holding up?

MATT BEHL, TAYLOR BEHL‘S FATHER: Good sometimes, bad, you know.  It comes and goes.  A lot of different things remind me of Taylor and can choke me up a little bit.

ABRAMS: What do you make of this Fawley guy?  Had you ever heard of him before this all started?

BEHL: I had met Ben Fawley in February of this year when I took Taylor down to look at VCU as a possible school she might want to attend.

ABRAMS: What happened at that meeting?

BEHL: Well, I was dropping Taylor off.  She was actually staying in that townhouse with a friend that she knew from Madison High School where she graduated from.  Him and his girlfriend lived there and Ben Fawley was their roommate.  Frankly, I didn‘t get a sense of urgency at that point because I had no idea of his age and thought he was just a student at the school.

ABRAMS: So, it was a very brief meeting?

BEHL: About 10 or 15 minutes.

ABRAMS: All right.  Now that you know so much more, have you heard anything from the authorities about if and when they are going to charge him in connection with this case?

BEHL: No.  It‘s my information that they are still processing evidence from the crime scene as well as evidence from Taylor‘s body.

ABRAMS: From the beginning it seems to me this guy had to be the chief suspect.  This silliness about he was kidnapped on the same night she went missing, etc.  Have you gotten the impression from the beginning he was the one they were looking at?

BEHL: I don‘t know if he‘s the only one they are looking at or if there is other people that they are looking at other people.  Certainly, my presumption is he would be considered a primary suspect.

ABRAMS: George Peterson is the attorney for Taylor‘s mother.  He is speaking there.  What he said was we certainly believe it was the strongest suspect they already have.  He was talking about someone else who has apparently been cleared as a suspect in this case.

Tell me about the rest of the family.  Is there some level of — I hate the word — closure.  It makes it seem like it‘s over and I know it‘s not and the pain continues.  But was there a sense of relief, closure, I don‘t know what the word is to use, when you heard that finally they had found Taylor?

BEHL: For me there was.  It was, you know, rather than sitting around waiting for a phone call or wondering why she hadn‘t called her mother or I, it was closing that at least we knew where she was and a what had happened to her to some extent.  There was a reason for her not calling us.

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