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What's on the show Wednesday

Yesterday Tony made a reference  to "The Great Influenza" - a book the President was said to be reading this past summer.
Well, a bug of another sort has bitten our good friend Tony hard - he's spending this grey, rainy day beneath the covers.

Feel better, Tony.

In the meantime,  there continues to be a steady drumbeat in Washington over the so-called Plamegate investigation into the release of a CIA operative's identity.  
New York Times reporter Judith Miller is talking to the Grand Jury today - and Karl Rove is expected to do so soon. And there
continues to be murmurs of possible indictments. We'll get the latest from MSNBC's Chief Washington correspondent Norah O'Donnell.

Then - Dr. James Dobson.  A year ago, Slate Magazine's called him the religious right's new "king-maker." But exactly what did the king know, and
when did it know it, when it comes to President Bush's Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers.

Oh, and exactly who was it who told him what he knew?

We hear what Dobson is telling his radio listeners today -- and we'll talk to the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, and "Washington Monthly's" religion writer Amy Sullivan.  

And then there's that subway alert a week ago in New York City. Moms were suddenly afraid to take their baby carriages on the underground
trains. But now - some are saying the alert was all based on faulty intel. This uncertainty raises a new round of questions and concerns - particularly regarding how 
terror-related information is shared between local and federal officials. We'll get two perspectives, from terror expert Rich Miniter and former 9/11 Commission member
Tim Roemer.

And if there's time, Ron has a few things to say about potty training tiny infants. It isn't pretty.

I hope you'll check us out, and remember -- we always love to get your emails! 

--Sharon Newman, Executive Producer