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What's on the show Monday

The referendum vote on the new Iraqi Constitution was relatively peaceful -- fewer attacks than expected, and a decent turnout.  At some point this week we will know if the document has been adopted.

Yesterday on "Meet the Press," Condi Rice told Tim Russert that the democratic process prevails whether the Constitution is ratified or not.  In other words, democracy means giving the people what they want, and if they reject this document it still means democracy has been served.

True.  But we all know that isn't the goal here.  After all this hard work and bloodshed, would we really accept a fundamentalist regime that restricts people's rights just because that style of government gets the most votes?  It's an interesting question.

We'll take a look at the vote today with a reporter from Baghdad as well as two Senators.

And we're also going to ask those Senators about Harriet Miers -- as President Bush meets with members of the Texas Supreme Court today, what do conservatives and liberals alike need to hear to assuage fears about this nominee?

And later, Arianna Huffington and Joel Mowbray join us to discuss the latest in Plamegate.

I will be talking with military blogger Patrick Campbell today, as well.  He and I spoke while he was in Iraq, just days after Katrina hit the Gulf.  Patrick is with the Louisiana National Guard, and obviously he and his colleagues serving in Iraq were worried about friends and family here in the States.  Well, Patrick has returned and we intend to have the conversation we were planning to have before Katrina happened -- blogging from Iraq, and soldiers views on MSM.

Join us. 

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