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What's on the show Thursday

I guess an "incomplete" is better than hearing that you flunked, but either way it's the sort of thing that happened to the kids who were always in detention and wore the same outfit three days in a row.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has put Harriet Miers in the Time Out chair.

Some of the members, including Sen. Arlen Specter and Sen. Patrick Leahy, felt she did not adequately answer some key questions on conflict of interest with the White House and whether or not she provided assurance to special interest groups that she would rule from a pro-life stance.

The legal bloggers are really dissecting this document -- a 57-page questionnaire that reads like that terms of agreement manual you get from your credit card company.

Blogger "Professor Bainbridge" points out that Harriet Miers was sold on her keen attention to detail.  But as he points out, she submitted this questionnaire late.  And -- she apparently let two law licenses expire -- one in Texas and the other in D.C.  Turns out she failed to pay her dues on time.  Deadlines are important details.

"Bench Memos" today has a posting on some incorrect dates Miers listed for board memberships in Texas.  She apparently also said she was on the board of Girls, Inc.  That group's national office has no record of her participation.  Oops.

But a blogger at "Outside the Beltway" gives us some perspective, particularly on the more substantial points like conflict of interest and the abortion questions.  This blogger is saying that she needs to be vague and is expected to be vague.  It's silly for the senators to pretend her answers were incomplete.  True enough.

Interesting to note that many lawyers on the web are criticizing her writing -- calling it sub-par and lacking in style.  So, I did some digging.

Turns out, the website "The Smoking Gun" has samples of her legal letters and briefs.  I found one that contained a seven-line run on sentence with 66 words.  But who's counting?

If you want to read the questionnaire yourself, I found it at  But a warning-read it before bed and do not drive or operate heavy machinery afterwards.

Today on the show: The latest on Hurricane Wilma as it whips around the Gulf -- will it head for Florida this weekend?  We'll also take a look the woes this second term White House is experiencing -- Rove, Miers, and lagging support for the war in Iraq.  We'll be joined by former Reagan political director Frank Donatelli and former Clinton aide Mickey Ibarra.

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