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Polk reacts to murder of lawyer's wife

In an exclusive to Rita Cosby's 'Live and Direct,' Susan Polk, who is awaiting trial for the murder of her husband, reacts to the murder of her lawyer, Daniel Horowitz's wife, Pamela Vitale.
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After Daniel Horowitz found his wife Pamela Vitale murdered last Saturday at their home in Lafayette, Calif., a judge declared a mistrial in the high-profile Susan Polk murder trial, in which he was the lead defense attorney.

Polk is a California housewife accused of stabbing her own husband, a therapist, to death. 

‘Live and Direct,’ caught up with Polk on Thursday to get her exclusive reaction concerning her lawyer’s tragic loss. 

To read an excerpt of the conversation, continue to the text below. To watch the video, click on the "Launch" button to the right.

SUSAN POLK, ACCUSED OF KILLING HER HUSBAND:  I'm shocked, totally shocked, by the death of Mrs. Horowitz.  It was very clear from the way Mr. Horowitz spoke about Ms. Vitale in court that he really adored her, really loved her and was so very proud of her.

I just can’t imagine what that feels like for him to have lost his wife like this, and you know, just the brutality of this killing.  I mean, it must be very horrible to imagine how he feels.

What I heard is that the police went in and seized Mr. Horowitz’s computer that had all the work product related to my case on it, including personal statements by me, a timeline, I mean, everything.  And it’s the same investigative team that investigated my case.  And that doesn’t seem right to me.  I understand, too, that the coroner who did the autopsy on Mrs. Horowitz is the same coroner who did the autopsy on my husband.  And Mr. Horowitz had raised objections in the court and given notice that this coroner is going to be challenged for his unethical conduct, that his credibility is going to be called into question.

It doesn’t seem right that the same district attorney’s office that is prosecuting me would have access to all of this privileged material that was on Mr. Horowitz’s hard drive.

Watch the second part of Polk's exclusive jailhouse interview on Friday's 'Live and Direct.'

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