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Police Issue Warning To South Side Residents

Neighborhood watch. Youngstown Police issue a warning about rapes in one section of the city.
/ Source: WFMJ-TV

A series of reported rapes in an area of Youngstown's upper Southside is prompting special action by city police. Oct 25 - Authorities believe two different suspects may be responsible for the attacks and they've issued a warning and advice for women.

Police called a special news conference Tuesday, because they are investigating six reported rape

cases in one area of the city, five in just the past 30 days.

The problem area is bordered by Glenwood Ave, Midlothian Blvd, West Indianola and Market Street. The attacks has occurred on West Judson, Hudson, West Boston and Firnley.

Police are working on victims descriptions of two suspects.

"One is described as a black male, short with a baby face," says Robin Less with the Youngstown Police Department. "The other one is a very tall, thin black male between 30 and 40 and has been wearing a hooded sweatshirt."

Police believe the suspects may live in the area, or frequent the area and they are asking women to be extra careful.

"We're asking that women not go out after the hours of darkness unaccompanied. Look for persons who may be loitering about without any purpose or destination. Avoid secluded areas and be aware of areas where a suspect may hide."

The victims have ranged in age between 25 and 35, but there was also one teenager attacked.

Police believe there may have been other unreported incidents, and they are asking anyone who

has been attacked to call the crisis intervention center at 330-743-8812.