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What's on the show Wednesday

If you're a Seinfeld fan you have probably heard of, and perhaps celebrated, Festivus.  That's the Christmas alternative involving a steel pole, an airing of grievances and a feat of strength.  Well, liberal bloggers have added a new holiday of their own--Fitzmas, and 'tis the season.

Fitzmas is a play on the name of the Special Prosecutor investigating the CIA leak case, Patrick Fitzgerald.  A rumor spread widely last night on the blogosphere, sparked by Washington insider Steve Clemons, that indictments could be handed down today.  And, thus, last night was Fitzmas Eve.

Not to be a Scrooge, but it seems that all of this good cheer is based on speculation and guess work.  We have no idea if it will happen today or at all, but we are certainly keeping our eye on the matter.

As Cheney's office appears to be ground zero for this investigation, considering that his office was most directly responsible for building and defending the case for war, we'll be joined by two people with intimate knowledge of the work of a Vice President's staff--Ron Christie was an aide to Cheney in the first term and Roy Neel, Al Gore's former chief of staff.

And it was another violent day in Iraq.  Yesterday the nation marked its 2000th death in the war in Iraq.  We'll be joined by two vets of this war who are now running for office.  Paul Hackett, a blogosphere darling, is running for Senate in Ohio against Republican Mike Dewine.  Van Taylor, a Republican, is running for Congress in Texas.

Join us for a great show.

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