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Set on fire

Husband allegedly attacks wife after judge dismisses restraining order

A Maryland woman is in critical condition today after her estranged husband allegedly lit her on fire.

Yvette Cade suffered severe burns over half her body in the attack.

The husband has been arrested on charges including attempted murder. 

Cade’s family holds the husband, Roger Hargrave, responsible.  But, Michael Haynesworth, a cousin of Cade’s, also cites a judge as a “co-conspirator” in the crime.

Judge Richard Palumbo threw out a restraining order against Hargrave, dismissing Cade’s cries for help and telling her to take her claims to divorce court.

Cade filed a year-long restraining order against Hargrave that was supposed to expire next July.  Three months after that order went into effect, Hargrave asked a judge to allow him to see her for marriage counseling. 

While Cade went to court to fight the request, Judge Palumbo said, “I‘d like to be six feet five, but that‘s not what we do here.  You have to go to divorce court for that.”

Cade's sister, Jackson Shereen said the husband beat her on many occasions, kicked in doors and was generally a “violent tyrant around the home.”

According to Dorothy Lennig, a domestic violence attorney, the protective order should not have been dismissed. 

“This was a case where Ms. Cade got a protective order against her husband.  Mr. Hargrave agreed to the entry of the protection order and that should have stood for a year," said Lennig.  "In order for that to be changed, both parties would come into court and have a full hearing on any of the changes."

The Maryland Judiciary has re-assigned Judge Palumbo to administrative chambers duties until further notice.  The case is now under further review by Chief Judge of the District Court.

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